New DotA Heo - Sun Wukong

Alright then! IceFrog has introduced yet another interesting hero! Don't forget to catch up.

Interesting Facts about Pudge's Hooks!

Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

Dota v6.79 Released!

The much awaited new map has now been released and Beta downloads are not avaliable after nearly 5 months of v6.78

Razor - Lighting Ravent's Ultimate Build guide

This is one of the most popular builds for razor out there.You better know this.

Dota2 is now Free!

Great news to all fellow gamers! Dota2 is now free and Ultra better than Dota!

Dota Heroes and Items Database | Dota Heroes and Items Guide

I found an amazing handy tool/software for Dota Allstars, Its actually a Database in which you can find Dota Heroes strategy Guides and Dota Items build. This Dota Allstars database is really cool. Its great for new players who want to learn Dota-Allstars skills and items details.It is great to have this software. It feels like Dota Encyclopedia in your hand. This Dota Database program can be

Piriform CCleaner - How to make PC fast?

Most of the gamers PC becomes slow due to installation of new high FPS games because they leave unnecessary and unwanted registry entrires & files in your computer's Temp folder, This makes computer too slow that you can't run games properly. But there is a software that can delete these files, registry from your computer easily . CCleaner is the software that I am talking about It is 100% Free

MouseSports back in action

Few months ago the Mousesports DotA Leader Kim "Drayich" Larsson announced his temporary absence from his team, Now he is back in action with some new good players. The German multigaming organization Mousesports also back.The new team consists of eight more or less known Scandinavian DotA Players.The new roster will look like this:Kim "Drayich" Larsson (Captain)Saman "Penguin"

Warcraft 3 1.22 Dota Maphack working on Garena

Working Garena Maphack, Dota 1.22 Maphack, Warcraft 3 HackHey guys I've found a Working (Undetected) Warcraft 3 Dota 1.22 Maphack , which will allow you to maphack in Garena without getting banned :).MAPHACKS ARE ONLY FOR NOOBS :DHow to maphack in Garena Dota 1.22:-Dota Maphack:First do the following steps given below on a noob account. Becuase I do not recommend you to test it on your main

Dota Replay Manager/Parser Version 2 Released | Download and Changelogs

Dota Replay Manager Version 2, It is also called Dota Replay Parser becuase it analyzes/parse dota replays.A new release of Dota Replay Manager is now on air. Due to major changes this version is now Dota Replay Manager version 2.0.DotA Replay Manager 2.0 Download LinksProject page: via mediafire: replay

Vigoss Joins Rush3D

Last Couple of months were very big teams roster changes in competitive DotA, International players leaving their teams. These things also happen with Vigoss who was the No.1 player of 2007. But the good news is he left and joined Rush3d, they have a very good roster now. Vein also moved with Vigoss, ARS-ART is now captain of Rush3D instead of NS.The new roster of Rush3d

Azwraith Guide | Phantom Lancer Dota Guide

Here is the guide to Azwraith, The Phantom Lancer (by Dalejn) taken from Dota Allstars Forum.Hope it will help you in playing with Phantom Lancer, Most of the people dont like Item Builds so dont take it seriously, Now the guide begins !Note: This guide to Phantom Lancer might be out dated. ___________________________Table of Contents

Dota Tauren Chieftain Strategy Guide

Dota Tauren Chieftain Strategy Guide (Dota Allstars 6.60) - Cairne Bloodhoof, The Tauren Chieftain is newly added hero in Dota 6.60. This post is created you to give the Tauren Chieftain Hero Strategy Guide. You can read Tauren Cheiftain Guide, Strategy and Walkthroughs here and you can share you guides, thoughts and tips about this great hero.Note: This Dota Hero Guide of Carina

Zeus | The Lord Of Olympia Guide | Zeus Guide

Hi guide this is a detailed guide to Zeus, The Lord Of Olympia you can read item build and strategy of this hero. BTW Dont take Item build seriously ;). Here we go! Zeus - The Lord of Olympia (Kakaboo’s Guide) Range: 350 | | Move Speed: 290 | Primary: INTStr: 19 + 1.4 | Agi: 15 + 1.7 | Int: 20 + 2.5Damage: 41 - 49 | HP: 511 | Mana: 260HP Regen: 0.82 | Mana Regen: 0.81Attack Speed: 1.44 (+ 15% IAS

The Gaming Style in Warcraft 3 DotA

The Gaming style in Warcraft 3 Defense of the ancientsLast Few months there has been a lots of changes done by the IceFrog, along with 6.40 to 6.48b there was a mass ganking style and Team Virtus Pro was almost unbeatable in that version.But after that IceFrog decided to make changes and the gaming community also wants some changes and their wish was fulfilled

European Nation Championship Picks DotA

Good news for the DotA Lovers, A new season of European Nations Championship picks up DotA.The European Nations Championship was founded in 2004 and the sixth edition in 2009 is about to start soon. The ENC will start from March until August again and the finals event will possibly be located at the Games Com in Cologne.Besides the old game titles, ESL has announced DotA to the

Downloads: Mefhisto Warcraft 3 Toolkit

Mefhisto Warcraft III Toolkit is another Tool for customizing Warcraft Spells and Inventory Hotkeys Like Warkeys and Lesco Warcraft Toolkit. This tools contains rich features such as (HP Viewer, Multiple Languages, Win Key disablers etc..) More features listed below!Features:Custom Keys SimplificationReplay Auto SaverHit Point ShowerBackpack HelperWindows Keys DisablerBuild-In Replay

Garena Payment Enquiry Center

Garena has launched his Payment Inquiry Center so you can report your issues, bugs with payments or GG Shells etc..Visit this page to contact, Garena Payment Support the form correctly by entering your UserID, Account Name, Account, Payment Gateway etc...Also provide 1-2 screenshot with it.Wait 2-3 working days, Garena will contact

Dota 6.60 AI | Dota 6.60 AI Plus Map Download

This post is created to give the latest news about Dota 6.60 AI Map. As of now Dota 6.60 AI Plus is not yet released. But the Dota 6.59 AI Map is now on air. You can check it here :). I will update this post soon as BuffMePlz (BMP) release updates about Dota Allstars 6.60 AI.Dota Allstars 6.61 AI MapDotA Allstars 6.60 AI Map - Update 1 by BuffMeplz:-Been a while since any sort of update or

Sourabhee Debbarama wins Indian Idol 4 - Indian Idol 4 Winner

Indian Idol 4 Winner "Sourabhee Debbarama".Want to know Who is winner of Indian Idol 4 2009 ? A girl came from Agartala , Sourabhee Debbarama beat other 2 finalists Torsha Sarkar and Kapil Thapa to be come the winner of Indian Idol 4 2009. Grand Final of Indian Idol 4 telecast on Sony Entertainment Television (Sony TV) on March 1, 2009.Sourabhee Debbarama is the 1st female Indian Idol winner

Heroes Season 3 | Heroes 18 "Exposed" Watch Online Review

Heroes Season 3 Episode 18 - We have got exposed review of Heroes Season 3 Episode 18 Exposed Online Free review on our site. Did You Watch “Cold Wars” episode on last week ? We know everyone in the world is waiting Heroes Season 3 Episode 18, the next episode of Heroes. Heroes Season 3 Episode 18 with the title “Exposed” will be aired on March 2, 2009. We know Heroes Season 3 Episode 18 will be

Gravity Amateur DotA-Allstars Tournament 2009

Gravity Amateur DotA-Allstars Tournament 2009Gravity Gaming Zone Presents "Amateur DotA-Allstars Tournament 2009" coming this March.Tournament Details:Starting Date: 1st MarchRegistration Fee: 1,000 RupeesVenue: Gravity Gaming Zone (Defence Phase 2, Khadda Market 'Near HotNSpicy')Game: Dota-AllstarsFormat: 5v5 (+1 subsitute allowed)GameMode: -cm (captain mode)Pools: Draw BasedMatches: Double

Dota Allstars 6.59c Free Download

Dota-Allstars 6.59c is available for Download this map is released because there were some bugs in the hidden Quest of 6.59b. The new map will be released in few days with lots of changes and also new heros. So enjoy playing new map. Here is the official link

Phase Boots Mania in Dota Allstars - Dota Media

6.57b - How many Phase Boots? A few posts ago I claimed that Phase Boots has changed the face of Dota forever. All right perhaps I exaggerated a bit. Nobody else has said much about this item, but contemplate what the following leaguers have done. Check out FIVE heroes (out of TEN) in yesterday's Dota-League Winners' Bracket Final ( vs MYM):Sand KingDid you notice how

Chinese New Year GG Shells Lucky Draw Winners | Garena

Today, Garena will announced the 8 lucky gamers who won 888 Shells from the Chinese New Year 09 Lucky Draw. There were several thousands of lucky draw ticket holders, Lucky 8 Ticket holders won 888 Garena Shells. Watch their names below in picture. Watch LIVE video coverage of the draw: Winner List:3217997 SG JunRu9006825

King Of The King DotA Championship 2009

King Of The Kings DotA Tournament will be starting from feb 7. The Dota giants will be participating in this event The format will be 5 groups with 4 teams each, the top 2 teams of each group will advance into the playoffs.You can get the team list Here. And check the groups and pools hereThe Prizes:1st Place: 500 $ 2nd Place: 350 $ 3rd Place: 150 $

DotA League Masters Feb 6 2009

Dota League Masters 2009 the huge event of DotA is starting from Friday 06.02.2009. You can get all the information on DotA League.

MYM Prime Defending Season 12 Coming

After a long waiting for the finals of Prime Defending 11 MyM Decided to Forfeit the Final as they lost from Mouz in the group stages. There were some issues in Mouz inactive and formed Ks Int. But the good news is Prime Defending Season 12 is starting in few days and the action will be continue.

DotA 6.59b Download Now

Dota 6.59b Official Map is released with the Dota 6.59b side quest. In the side quest you will find Tauren Chieftain that will be introduced on Dota 6.60. Share your find about Dota 6.59b quest.Here is the download link from