Dota 6.64 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.64 Download News

Dota 6.64Dota 6.64 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.64 Download News and Update. IceFrog has just release Dota 6.63 with many balances. Now, what do you expect for Dota 6.64? What kind of new hero you wanted for Dota-Allstars 6.64? Or maybe you wanna new items? Share all your thoughts about Dota 6.64 in this post! ;)

Final Update: It's released! Check the Dota-Allstars 6.64 post!

Update 2 from IceFrog's blog (06 October 2009):
IceFrog stated that Dota 6.64 will be ready soon with some balance changes. Check the details on this post.

Update 1 from IceFrog's blog (23 September 2009):

I started working on 6.64 a couple days ago. At first we began experimenting with some number tweaks to the boots, and even some ideas for secondary bonuses that seemed interesting.

However, we found out that there is a technical issue with Phase Boots. They seem to prevent procs like crits, bashes, etc while phased. It was never as apparent before because it was not coupled with attack speed. This makes the Phase Boots a bit anti-synergetic.

While there may be workarounds for that bug, most would probably come at the cost of some functionality. So while still keeping with the primary no armor concept, I am exploring a new buildup for Phase Boots and Power Treads. Keep in mind that numbers are still at an early stage and this change is by no means final, but I'd like to share one version of what we are experimenting with.

Phase Boots:
Boots of Speed (500)
2x Blades of Attack (1000)
Recipe (none)

+70 Movement Speed
+26 Damage
Phase (Active)

Power Treads:
Boots of Speed (500)
Boots of Elvenskin or Belt of Giant Strength or Robe of the Magi (450)
Gloves of Haste (500)
Recipe (none)

+60 MS
+10 Any Attribute
+30 IAS

Again, we usually go through many different concept revisions before a final change is decided (if one even happens) so don't take this as a decided change for 6.64 yet.

So, that's mean we'll going back to the usual boots but with the armor removed from the Phase Boots. I think that's a good news for those who hate the latest changes on boots :)

Update: It's released! Check the Dota-Allstars 6.64 post!