New DotA Heo - Sun Wukong

Alright then! IceFrog has introduced yet another interesting hero! Don't forget to catch up.

Interesting Facts about Pudge's Hooks!

Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

Dota v6.79 Released!

The much awaited new map has now been released and Beta downloads are not avaliable after nearly 5 months of v6.78

Razor - Lighting Ravent's Ultimate Build guide

This is one of the most popular builds for razor out there.You better know this.

Dota2 is now Free!

Great news to all fellow gamers! Dota2 is now free and Ultra better than Dota!

Get Quelling Blade on Kunkka - DotA 6.64 Bug

Dota 6.64 Bug & Exploit - Normally, Kunkka - Admiral Proudmoore is not allowed to have Quelling Blade item which increases your damage against non-hero units. But, you can actually get Quelling Blade on Kunkka by performing a simple trick/bug. Kuarinofu has posted a video of it on YouTube, watch it below and just follow the simple in DotA steps to get quelling blade working on Kunkka :)

Dota 6.64 OMG 1.04e | DotA Allstars 6.64 OMG Map Download

Dota 6.64 OMG 1.04e Map. BoB has released Dota 6.64 OMG 1.04e due to bugs & crashes caused in the previous map (OMG v1.04d). In this version BoB has fixed the bugs and problems that occurred. Hopefully, this release will have less bugs than previous one. You may check changelogs and download link of it!Dota 6.64 OMG v1.04e Changelogs:* Added feature from 1.04, but lost in 1.04d port, which made

Dota 6.64 Bug & Exploits - Kunkka's Quelling Blade

Dota 6.64 Bug & Exploits. Even though the Dota 6.64 is already a stable map, it still contain some bugs/exploits. Watch this out!

If you don't want to see the video, here's the step:
1. Your friend must be the host.
2. Ask your friends (the host) to pick Kunkka.
3. Pick a melee hero and buy a Quelling Blade for yourself.
4. Swap with Kunkka.
5. You got a fully functional Quelling Blade on Kunkka with 32% bonus damage to non-hero unit.

Don't ever drop it or you won't be able to pick up your Quelling Blade again. And it seems only the host that can swap Kunkka to the other safely. Aside that, the Quelling Blade will drop. With the same tricks, you can use Kellen's Dagger on Vengeful Spirits or Pudge. Enjoy!

Credits: Kuarinofu for the awesome video ;)

Dota 6.64 OMG v1.04e Map | Dota-Allstars 6.64 OMG Download

Dota 6.64 OMG v1.04eDota 6.64 OMG v1.04e map released just few days after Dota 6.64 OMG v1.04d. Looks like there's some bugs on the previous map. Here is the complete changelogs:

Dota 6.64 OMG v1.04e Changelogs:
* Added feature from 1.04, but lost in 1.04d port, which made many unstable working pairs of abilities.
* Fixed ultimates' gold cost (6 -> 10).
* Fixed wrong English (thx DCX, Console and PS2MAN).
* Fixed Howl, Refraction, Black Hole and Open Wounds.
* Something else, but I forget what

Dota 6.64 OMG v1.04e Download Link:
Dota 6.64 OMG via Warcraft Maps
Dota 6.64 OMG via MegaUpload
Dota 6.64 OMG via PlayDota

To activate the OMG mode, you can add one of below commands on the game mode:

Random Draft
type -ra with other game modes. Examples: -ardmra (random heroes, random skills and death match)

Abilities Draft
Type -ad with other game modes.

Happy choosing skills! ;)

Dota-Blog Forums are Open!

Hello guys! ^^
After several weeks working on it, i'm proudly present the Dota-Blog Forums! A new media that will help this blog grow as a nice place for Dota-Allstars community. I hope this forums can be a friendly and comfortable media to discuss about Dota. As a short introduction, here is some place that you should check :)

1. Tired after having Dota Match? Go to the Dota Lounge to chat and have a relaxing discussion.
2. Discuss your favourite hero with ease. Each hero have their own forums so you can have more focused discussion.
3. You can go to the Underground Bar and discuss "dangerous" things like bugs, exploit and other stuffs. Enter with your own risk! ;)
4. Beginner Help Desk will be a friendly place for those new to Dota and want to learn more. If you feel yourself a Pro and have a spare time, go to this forum and help the newbies growing :)
5. Do you play on Garena? You can discuss more about Garena on Garena Guild.
6. You can find a worthy opponent and arrange a match on the Death Match Rings.

And many more.. ^^ The forums is new and still growing it's member. But you'd better be hurry before your favorite nickname is used by someone else :p If you have a friend, we'll happy if you introduce the forums. Enjoy! :)

Dota 6.64 OMG v1.04d Map | Dota-Allstars 6.64 OMG Mode Download

Dota 6.64 OMGDota 6.64 OMG v1.04d map has just released today by ~Bob~. Fiuh! At last we got another OMG map. It's been several weeks since his latest map, Dota 6.62 OMG. As we already know, Dota OMG map allow you to choose or randomed your skills on any hero. So you can literally have Puck with Pudge's Hook ^^ Anyway, here is the download link:

Dota 6.64 OMG Download Link:
Dota 6.64 OMG via Warcraft Maps
Dota 6.64 OMG via MegaUpload
Dota 6.64 OMG via PlayDota

To activate the OMG mode, you can add one of below commands on the game mode:

Random Draft
type -ra with other game modes. Examples: -ardmra (random heroes, random skills and death match)

Abilities Draft
Type -ad with other game modes.

Enjoy the map! ;)

Warcraft 1.24c Patch is Live on WestFall!

Looks like the Warcraft 1.24c Patch has been live on Westfall server (PTR) since November 12. As usual, this means that the new Warcraft 1.24c Patch is entering the Beta phase and on a couple of days/weeks it will be released into the other server. This patch intended to optimizing the map editor and fix some other bug. Especially the "Chapter Six: The Culling" human campaign map that cannot be loaded on the previous Warcraft 1.24b Patch.

Warcraft Patch 1.24c Changelogs

- Fixed a problem with the "Chapter Six: The Culling" human campaign map
that was preventing it from loading.
- Fixed an issue that allowed JASS functions to return incorrect values
under certain conditions.
- Fixed an issue that caused the TriggerEvaluate native to return
incorrect values under certain conditions.
- Fixed a minor memory leak when using GroupEnum natives.
- Fixed a crash when using the CreateImage native on PPC Mac.
- Updated Mac World Editor to work with recent JASS changes.

Hopefully this patch will make the Warcraft III more stable. There's no exact release date yet, so we cannot know if this patch went into public server before Dota 6.65 come out or not. Happy waiting! ^^

Note: You can subscribe our feeds and if Warcraft 1.24c patch released, we send you a mail.

Update: The Warcraft 1.24c Patch is officially released!

Dota 6.65 will have an Updated Loadscreen, Kunkka

Kunkka, the LoadScreen artist announced that there will be an updated version on LoadScreen in Dota 6.65. He said changes will be based on cosmetics and some Dota fan arts. Also, he made a smoking fan art of Traxex, The Drow Ranger. Looks like Dota 6.65 will come along with many great surprises. Anyway, read more to check his post.Update: DotA 6.65 is now released.Quoting Kunkka @ PlayDota:Hey

Kunkka Updated The Dota 6.65 Loadscreen + Traxex Picture

Today, Kunkka (the Dota loading screen maker) has just made a post in the PlayDota. He said that he'd just made some cosmetic update in the Dota 6.65 loadscreen. Wow, does that means Dota 6.65 is drawing closer? Other than that, he also made a great picture of Traxex. If you're a fan of her, enjoy the picture :) Here is his post:

Hey guys,

just letting everyone know that the next version will have an updated loadscreen. edits are mainly cosmetic, nothing major. so look out for it in the next release..

Also, I finally got to painting single heroes of DOTA, (epic battles are way too tiring ) which are much more fun to do.
Who better to kickstart it than Traxex the Drow Ranger.
She is one of the most iconic heroes in Dota. also partly due to Icefrog's unhealthy obsession with her...
(haha, just kidding Ice)

Check the full size picture by clicking it or go in here.

Dota 6.65 Icefrog Replies to all rumors and Fake Changelogs

Many Dota Allstars fans are eagerly waiting for Dota 6.65 map and most of them are searching updates. There have been a lot of rumors and false information of floating on the internet especially the fake changelogs of 6.65 on chinese forums. Today, IceFrog clarified that those are totally fake and created by an unknown person. That's the reason why IceFrog came into the scene and replied to all

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Moving Into

After two years, this blog got many changes here and there. Well, almost everything, except for the address.. ^^ I know some people get annoyed to type "" just to get into this blog, because i also felt it -_- But that's the past, now you can simply type in your browser and you're here ;)

In this chances, let me say thanks to all the people who help to keep this blog alive.. All the people who contributes or just simply support this blog. It's been 2 years already since i start write this blog. And when i made it, i never though it will reach this kind of traffics with 4000+ subscribers. Thanks to you guys..

Back on topic. I already mentioned that now this blog will use as it address. And since the address is new, i'm really grateful if you can put "" into your blogroll to help the transition smoother. And if you already have "" in your blogroll (thanks again), now you can update it into "" :)

Enjoy this blog!

Special Thanks
IceFrog, without him, this blog will never exist..
PluginBaby, who gave me support when this blog is still small and growing :)

Murloc Nightcrawler - Slark, the Unfinished Hero?

After the recent post from IceFrog about Nightcrawler video, i make some search and find some interesting facts. Looks like the Nightcrawler is already appear on Dota 6.55 Beta hidden on -SD mode. And some people manage to capture a screenshots and write some explanation about his skills. Of course, the upcoming Nightcrawler on Dota 6.65 can be a totally different from that version. But, who knows ^^?

Here is some screenshots and skill explanation from Dota 6.55 Beta (the first picture above is also from Dota 6.55 Beta version) :

Murloc Nightcrawler – Slark

Strength – 23 + 1.9
Agility – 26 + 2.1
Intelligence – 20 + 1.7
Base Movespeed is 310, and the attack range is 128 ( Melee )

The first skill is an enemy unit targeteable, about 1000 range, and you charge against the enemy unit with windwalk, a lot of movespeed and leave a dark trail behind. When you charge the unit and you go across any enemy unit, it gets some kind of "curse" and it deals 10/20/30/40 damage every second for 6 seconds. And there is more, you can cancel the charge and run away, so you can go windwalk for about 20 seconds and lots of ms (25 seconds cooldown) (he has a base ms of 310, with windwalk it gets 465 oO) but then you can't spread this "curse".

Well, seeing the description of Nightcrawler skills from back there, it looks similar to the video on IceFrog blog although not completely same. On the video, we know that the Nightcrawler attacking the victim without revealing himself. But, i think it's worth to mentioned because there are some similarities, become invisible and leave a dark trail. However, we'll never know the true form of the Nightcrawler until IceFrog release the Dota 6.65 (or there's a Dota 6.65 beta leak xD). If you have any other information, just comment on this post ;)

Frozen Hunter, thanks for reminding me there's such a comment back there :)

Update: The Dota 6.65 already released, check out the official Slark the Murloc Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler - Dota 6.65 New Hero?

IceFrog has just post a Dota 6.65 teaser on his blog today. And inside, there's only a video without any comment. But the title is enough to explain everything, that the new hero inside this video is named Nightcrawler. The hero is somehow invisible and has a brown cloud above his head. Geez, i'm curious what kind of hero is that. If you wanna find out, watch below video! ;)

Curious? For your information, Nightcrawler is taken from X-Men character. His ability is able to turned himself into a cloud/smoke. Watch below Nightcrawler video, maybe IceFrog will take the original character into the model :)

Dota 6.65 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.65 Download (Released!) News

Dota 6.65Dota 6.65 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.65 Download News and Update. IceFrog has just announced that he will make some balance changes on Dota 6.64. And he also stated that maybe some new hero or hero will be included on Dota 6.65. Which hero do you want for remake on Dota 6.65? Or do you have a hero that you wanted for Dota 6.65? Share all your thought about Dota 6.65 in this post :)

Final Update - Dota 6.65 released!
Check the changelog and download link on Dota-Allstars 6.65 post.

Update 5 - 2 New Heroes On Dota 6.65
IceFrog inserting hidden image about 2 new heroes on GetDota. Check the images here.

Update 4 - Visage Remake
IceFrog close the Visage remake thread and say all set! Dota 6.65 is near!

Update 3 - Visage Remake
IceFrog said that he want some input on remaking Visage

Update 2 - From IceFrog Blog: Nightcrawler
He didn't say anything on this post, but the video inside the post already answer it. Looks like the new hero will be named Nightcrawler. Check the video here.

Update 1 - From IceFrog Blog: 6.65 Development
Just a quick update to keep you guys in the loop. The 6.65 development cycle is underway and I'm hoping to make it an enjoyable update. It will have some fresh new content in addition to the usual improvements. I'll try to post more information about it later.

Nice! Looking forward for Dota 6.65 ^^

PS: You can subscribe this blog and we'll send you email if Dota 6.65 map already released :)

DotA 6.65 Teaser by IceFrog - Nightcrawler

IceFrog is known for keeping the map changes hidden then he surprises the DotA Fans on map release. But Today, IceFrog has released a teaser video of the changes in upcoming map Dota 6.65. In the video there is a dark big cloud (maybe a hero) killing Sniper & Viper by backstabbing them. The cloud looks so fast and damaging. Guess what it is :)Update: DotA 6.65 is now released.

DotA 6.65 coming this Christmas!

Today, IceFrog confirmed that DotA 6.65 map will be released on Christmas as a present to the DotA community around the world. You can see the visitor message IceFrog quoted in his own profile on PlayDota Forums, here is a permalink to the message.Update: DotA 6.65 is now released.Prepare to play Dota Allstars v6.65 with the exciting changes and a new loading screen!!!