New DotA Heo - Sun Wukong

Alright then! IceFrog has introduced yet another interesting hero! Don't forget to catch up.

Interesting Facts about Pudge's Hooks!

Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

Dota v6.79 Released!

The much awaited new map has now been released and Beta downloads are not avaliable after nearly 5 months of v6.78

Razor - Lighting Ravent's Ultimate Build guide

This is one of the most popular builds for razor out there.You better know this.

Dota2 is now Free!

Great news to all fellow gamers! Dota2 is now free and Ultra better than Dota!

Happy New Year 2011!

Just wanna say Happy New Year guys!

Hope 2011 will be a good year, both for DotA and our life :)


Dota 6.70c Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.70c Download & Changelogs

Dota 6.70c
Dota 6.70c Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.70c Official Map coming out! Just a day after DotA 6.70b released, another patch is coming out. I guess there's some important bug that must be fixed immediately. Without further ado, here are the DotA 6.70c!

Dota 6.70c Changelogs:
* Fix a couple of important bugs

Dota 6.70c Download Link
Dota 6.70c Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.70c Download - GetDota Mirror

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Yeah, i guess new contents really prone to bugs. Glad IceFrog can fixed it fast. Enjoy the new map guys!

DotA Wallpaper & DotA Loading Screen

DotA 6.70 Loading Screen
DotA Wallpaper & DotA Loading Screen / Loadscreen. This post will contain all the wallpaper/loading screen on DotA and will be updated every time there's new loading screen. Check it out!

DotA 6.70 Loading Screen
DotA 6.69 Loading Screen
DotA 6.63 Loading Screen
DotA-Alltoons Loading Screen

DotA 6.70c Map Download - Dota v6.70c Released!

IceFrog has released another bug fix patch, DotA 6.70c. This is the second bug fix patch within a week after Dota 6.70 release. This patch continues to address the bugs and errors which were left in 6.70b.DotA 6.70c Map Download:DotA v6.70c.w3x (7.75 MB)DotA 6.70c Changelogs:* Fix a couple of important bug We hope DotA 6.70c map remains a fix release so, IceFrog can continue his future projects

Smoke of Deceit, Medallion of Courage & Ancient Janggo of Endurance Guide

Smoke of Deceit, Medallion of Courage & Ancient Janggo of Endurance has just introduced in the DotA 6.70. Lots of players is trying to figure out the best use of these new items. Let's give it a check, shall we?

Ancient Janggo of Endurance
Bracer (525), Robe of the Magi (450), Recipe (750)
+ 8 All Stats, + 8 Damage, + 5% MS and AS Aura
Comes with 3 charges. When used, grants nearby player controlled units an extra 10% MS and AS buff. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Cooldown: 30

Without a doubt, this items will come handy when you're ganking someone or on the team clash. The speed and AS buff will let you chase and kill the enemies with ease. Even though it only contains 3 charges, the aura will still remain there.

Medallion of Courage:
Chainmail (550), Sobi Mask(450), Recipe (200)
6 Armor, 50% Mana Regeneration
Target an enemy unit, both you and the enemy lose 6 armor for a duration.
Cooldown: 7, Duration: 7, Cast Range: 800

Another ganking items. A ganker like Vengeful Spirits will surely have the benefits both from the Mana Regeneration and the targetable armor reduction from this item. Just make sure you put the armor reduction on your team target. Another perfect wearer is Balanar (Slow + Silent + Armor Reduction = GG) and maybe Tidehunter (Gush). If you have more suggestion for which hero that fits this item, share it on the comment section.

Smoke of Deceit (Consumable)
Cost: 100, Charges: 1
Stackable in inventory
Store Stock Max: 3
Store Stock Replenish Time: 10 minutes

Places a buff on all allied player controlled units in 900 aoe. Makes them invisible, grants 10% movespeed bonus, and prevents them from appearing on minimap to enemy players. If you get within 900 aoe of an enemy hero or tower, the buff wears off. If you attack creeps or Roshan, it dispells.

Buff lasts up to 40 seconds,90 Cooldown

At the first glance, i really confuse with the purpose of this item. Invisibility which will break if you're around 900 AoE of enemy hero or tower is seems useless. And so what if you disappear from Minimap? You're invisible after all. Geez, is IceFrog make the wrong item?

But wait! After giving it more thought, i think i know the main purpose of this item.

Let me ask you, as a ganker, what is your biggest obstacle? Ward, ward and ward. No matter how cautious you are, if you're getting caught by the enemies ward on the river or forest, your gank will likely to fail. However, the Smoke of Deceit will allow you to get through with ease.

The invisibility will counter the Observer Ward and Dominated Creep which placed on the river. And even if the enemies put Sentry Ward, you still won't appear in the Minimap. Yihaaaa! Moreover, the speed buff will let you go into another line faster. Neat huh?

All in all, i dare to say that Smoke of Deceit is by far the Ultimate Ganking Item. And it is very possible that this item will be popular soon on competitive scene (which is full of Ward and Counter Warding).

Do yo have different thought with me? No problem, let's discuss! :)

DotA 6.68c AI Beta by PBMN

BuffMePlz successor PleaseBugMeNot has just came up with new DotA 6.68c AI Beta. This is the second beta AI which is directly released by the developer as a Christmas present. The previous beta map had some bugs and memory leaks but this 2nd beta map is 100x times better than previous map posted here, as PBMN says. This new map contains -alldagon mode and several other improvements to AI

Dota Tuskar Guide | Ymir, Tuskarr Strategy, Gameplay & Item build - Dota 6.70

Ymir, Tuskarr is the Christmas present from IceFrog to all Dota community along with Dota 6.70 map. Ymir, Tuskarr is basically a strength based hero which is also added in sentinel like Icarus Pheonix. The detailed guide of Ymir Tuskarr is given below. So check out the full Dota Tuskar Guide | Ymir, Tuskarr Strategy, Gameplay & Item build.Tuskarr Introduction:

Dota Phoenix Guide | Icarus, Pheonix Strategy, Gameplay & Item build - Dota 6.70

Icarus Phoenix is the newly introduced hero in Dota 6.70 map by Icefrog. It's a strength based hero which is added in sentinel. Icarus Pheonix is added in strength pool which is an strange act by Icefrog but anyway it's a great hero with good spells and eye candy graphics. You can read Icarus Phoenix hero details, Item builds and skill builds here.Phoenix Introduction:Ancient scriptures spoke of

DotA 6.70 Changelogs | Read DotA Allstars 6.70 Changelog

IceFrog has finally released the highly anticipated DotA 6.70 map which contains two new heroes, Tuskar, Phoenix and 3 new amazing items along with new loadscreen. The new map has a lots of balancing changes to the heroes gameplay, this map undoubtedly one of the best map release so far.DotA 6.70 Changelogs:Heroes- Added a new hero, Tuskarr.- Added a new hero, Phoenix.Abaddon- Frostmourne bonus

DotA 6.68c AI Beta Download by PBMN (Official)

DotA 6.68c AI BetaDotA 6.68c AI Beta Download - Dota-Allstars 6.68c AI Beta. PBMN has just released the official DotA 6.68 AI Beta just couple hours after IceFrog release the DotA 6.70. He claimed that this map is 100 times better than the previous leaked map. However, the beta means that there's still some bugs. Anyway, i guess this is another gift for DotA fans on the Christmas day. Check it out!

Download links:

Dota-Allstars v6.68c AI Plus (CIPD )Download
DotA 6.68c AI Plus CIPD via GameWebZ
DotA 6.68c AI Plus CIPD via FileSonic

Dota-Allstars v6.68c AI BMP Download
DotA 6.68c AI BMP via GameWebZ
DotA 6.68c AI BMP via FileSonic

Dota 6.68c AI BETA Changelogs
1. Added Io the Guardian Wisp, Gyrocopter, Thrall, Eredar heroes
2. Warlock`s Rain of Chaos modified.
3. Added -il as a shortcut for -invokelist
4. Increased Anti-Backdoor Tower regeneration rate
5. Day-Night now cycles at 25% faster rate
6. Pudge
- Flesh Heap is now retroactive (Meaning it keeps track of your kills and is always updating your str based on your current level of flesh heap)
- Reduced Flesh Heap aoe from 525 to 450
- Meat Hook damage type changed from physical to pure
- Meet Hook damage adjusted from 100/200/300/400 to 90/180/270/360
7. Fixed Slayer`s skill build.
8. Added Arcane Boots and Venom`s orb to she shop
9. Added Eul`s func for double clicking.
10. Added the new 5 skills upgraded by Scepter and the 5 new scepters to the map.
11. Heroes with modified ultimates upgraded by Scepter: Viper, Obsidian Destroyer, Warlock, Razor
12. AI Heroes with modified ultimates to use the Aghanim`s Scepter: Viper, Obsidian Destroyer
13. Added death animation for Throne.
14. Fixed another bug with Diabolic Edict. It should hit towers now.
15. Blade Mail - Damage Return's duration increased from 3.5 to 4 seconds.
16. Ethereal Blade
- Removed Wraith Band from recipe (same bonuses still though)
- You can now target yourself
17. Leoric`s Hellfire Blast reworked.
18. Added Magic Wand to items usages and item builds.
19. Dagon usage refining.
20. Mekansm - AoE of Restore increased from 450 to 750
21. Urn of Shadows
- Heal no longer dispels from neutral creep damage
- Added a team notice when someone buys Urn of Shadows recipe
22. Eye of Skadi
- Orb of Venom added as a component. Final bonuses are the same as before.
- Recipe price decreased from 750 to 300
23. Alchemist
- Unstable Concoction manacost from 90 to 120
- Unstable Concoction damage rescaled from 150/200/250/300 to 120/180/240/300
24. Jakiro
- Macropyre travel range from 600/750/900 to 900
25. Luna
- Eclipse now turns day into night for 10 seconds
26. Priestess of the Moon
- Moonlight Shadow's cooldown rescaled from 160 to 180/160/140
- Moonlight Shadow's duration rescaled from 7/9/11 to 11.
27. Added Hook and Arrow Accuracy information to replay data
28. Fixed Invoke from triggering last word
29. Fixed X Marks The Spot when used on an ally carrying Linken Sphere
30. Added -ad (AllDagons mode). In -ad mode AI gets random level Dagon (if hero level 20-24 the Dagon is 4th or 5th level, if hero level is 25th the Dagon is 5th level).
The hero gets a Dagon every time when there is no cooldown of the item and there is an enemy to attack. It gets it only for one attack and it vanishes.
If there was an item on that slot it gets switched temporarily. If there is no attack there are conditions to change back to the switched item or keep the dagon until a use on enemy hero.
31. Added a visual effect for the int stealing event on Silencer's Last Word (9993)
32. Fixed a bug with Curse of the Silent
33. Tauren Chieftain
- Natural Order aoe from 250 to 275 (old value was 275 now it is 300 in the 6.68c latest, prolly a typo)
34. Furion
- Teleport now has a tp scroll style indicator displayed for your allies
35. Added an extra visual effect for Nether Swap
36. Lanaya
- Psi Blades spill range from 320 to 320/340/360/380
37. Axe
- Battle Hunger now slows the target by 8% until it runs out or kills another unit
38. Treant`s -aid behavior refined
39. Spectre
- Desolate damage increased from 15/25/35/45 to 20/30/40/50
- Dispersion reflection increased from 5/10/15/20 to 10/14/18/22
40. Fixed a bug with the interaction of Ion Shell and Focus Fire
41. Added Aghanim's Scepter to Tiny and WarClub usage count from 6.69 (Lasts for 6 strikes). WarClub also adds an extra level of upgrade to your toss damage that your ultimate normally does.
42. Added new mode (Low Dodge Mode). It affects Pudge`s MeatHook, Nerubian Assassin's Impale, Demon Witch's Impale, Fissure, and Ice Path. It is activated during the game from the hoster player. Write -old to enable or disable it and you`ll see a message with current status of the mode.
43. Major item builds overhaul (all of them). Thanx to Deel.
44. Fixed issues with Kaldr`s IceBlast usage.
45. Added basic AI for Razor.
46. Added basic AI for Thrall (needs more work).
47. Added a TP scroll system from "air" when bots try to return to the fountain. That way we don`t have to edit all the item builds as the bots must have an open space for TP scrolls most of the time.
48. Improved Viper`s 'Viper strike' usage.

Source: PBMN Blog

Enjoy the latest DotA 6.68c AI guys! Hope this is a sign that next year will be a great year for DotA :)

Dota 6.70 Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.70 Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.70 Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.70 Complete Changelogs. If you don't have the map yet, go to this post to download it :) Below is the full changelogs of DotA 6.70, behold!

Dota 6.70 Changelogs

* Added Ymir the Tuskarr

* Added Icarus the Phoenix

- Frostmourne bonus movement speed increased from 10 to 15%

- Spell Shield magic reduction from 15/25/35/45 to 26/34/42/50%

- Berserker's Call bonus armor from 5/10/15/20 to a constant 30

Bane Elemental
- Reduced Fiend's Grip cooldown from 120 to 100

Bounty Hunter
- Increased Track's movement bonus aoe from 800 to 900
- Increased armor by 2

Centaur Warchief
- Hoof Stomp stun duration from 1.25/1.75/2.25/2.75 to 2.0/2.25/2.5/2.75

- Persuasion cooldown from 30 to 30/26/22/18

Death Prophet
- Increased base damage by 5
- Removed healing cap (was 1000) on Exorcism
- Strength gain from 1.8 to 2.2

- Decay damage from 30/60/90/120 to 40/80/120/160

Doom Bringer
- Scorched Earth damage and health regeneration reduced from 15/20/25/30 to 12/16/20/24

- Improved base attack damage by 6

- Sun Strike kills now give XP to Invoker

- Rebalanced base damage from 42-54 to 46-54

- Healing Ward movement speed increased from 150 to 300
- Banished units are no longer immune to Blade Fury

Keeper of the Light
- Blinding Light's cast range increased from 600 to 900

- Base damage increased from 45-55 to 53-59

- Split Earth damage increased from 70/140/210/290 to 120/180/240/300
- Lightning Storm cooldown reduced from 6 to 5.5
- Diabolic Edict no longer uses cast point

- Dark Ritual cooldown reduced from 55/50/45/40 to 30/27/24/21
- Frost Armor manacost increased from 25 to 50
- Frost Armor armor reduced from 3/6/9/12 to 3/5/7/9
- Frost Nova primary target damage increased from 50/100/125/175 to 50/100/150/200

- Shapeshift form critical strike improved from 1.5 to 1.7x
- Wolves critical strike improved from 1.5 to 1.7x

- Poof cooldown decreased from 16/14/12/10 to 14/12/10/8

Naga Siren
- Base damage increased by 5

- Open Wounds team life steal increased from 10/15/20/25% to 15/20/25/30%

- Degen Aura now also reduces attack speed (same values as the movement speed reduction)

Pandaren Brewmaster
- Drunken Brawler Crit chance increased from 5/10/15/20 to 10/15/20/25%
- Drunken Brawler Evasion chance increased from 6/12/18/24 to 10/15/20/25%

Phantom Assassin
- Blur evasion increased from 15/20/25/30% to 20/25/30/35%

- Waning Rift cooldown from 20 to 16

- Eye of the Storm can now target Ancients (not roshan)
- Eye of the Storm no longer ignores magic immune units

- Ether Shock cooldown from 10 to 8

- Living Armor regeneration from 1/2/3/4 to 2/3/4/5

Sand King
- Strength gain from 2.3 to 2.6
- Caustic Finale buff duration from 0.25 to 2 seconds

Shadow Priest
- Shadow Wave damage aoe increased from 155 to 170

- Increased Glaives of Wisdom damage from 15/30/45/60 to 30/40/50/60
- Glaives of Wisdom cooldown from 3/2/1/0 to 2/0/0/0
- Rebalanced cooldown on Curse of the Silent from 14 to 20/18/16/14

- Increased agility gain from 1.9 to 2.4
- Increased base armor from 4 to 5

- Adjusted the timing on Dark Pact. Instead of starting after 2 seconds and pulsing (damage and buff removal) over 0.5 seconds, it now starts after 1.5 seconds and pulses over 1 second. Same overall damage but now has a longer duration for the buff removal period.
- Dark Pact self damage is now dealt to himself as he deals it to the area around him instead of at cast time

- Reworked Dispersion

Old Dispersion:
Damage is split amongst the number of heroes in the area.

10/14/18/22% of damage taken is reflected
1000 AoE

New Dispersion:
Damage reflected decreases based on how far heroes are from you. Full damage at 300 range then decreases gradually till 1000 distance away.

10/14/18/22% of damage taken is reflected

Storm Spirit
- Intelligence growth increased from 2.2 to 2.6

- Thunderstrike manacost increased from 100/110/120/130 to 130

- Grow bonus movement speed increased from 10 to 20 per level

- Fatal Bonds damage from 15 to 20%

- Minor increase to visibility around The Swarm units when they are attached to someone

- Lightning Bolt cooldown from 7 to 6.5


* Added a new recipe item (Ancient Janggo of Endurance)

Ancient Janggo of Endurance
- Bracer (525)
- Robe of the Magi (450)
- Recipe (750)

+ 8 All Stats
+ 8 Damage
+ 5% MS and AS Aura

Comes with 3 charges. When used, grants nearby player controlled units an extra 10% MS and AS buff. Lasts for 6 seconds.

Cooldown: 30

* Added a new recipe item (Medallion of Courage)

Medallion of Courage:
- Chainmail
- Sobi Mask
- Recipe (200)

+ 6 Armor
+ 50% Mana Regeneration

Target an enemy unit, both you and the enemy lose 6 armor for a duration.

Cooldown: 7
Duration: 7
Cast Range: 800

* Added a new consumable item (Smoke of Deceit)

Inspired from 373247

Smoke of Deceit:
Cost: 100
Charges: 1
Stackable in inventory

Store Stock Max: 3
Store Stock Replenish Time: 10 minutes

Places a buff on all allied player controlled units in 900 aoe. Makes them invisible, grants 10% movespeed bonus, and prevents them from appearing on minimap to enemy players.

If you get within 900 aoe of an enemy hero or tower, the buff wears off. If you attack creeps or Roshan, it dispells.

Buff lasts up to 40 seconds
90 Cooldown

Blade Mail
- Cooldown from 25 to 22

- Mana regeneration increased from 150 to 200%
- HP regeneration increased from 6 to 8

Chain Mail
- Added to sideshop

- Chance to land a Critical Strike increased from 10 to 15%

Khadgar's Pipe of Insight
- Recipe cost reduced from 1000 to 900

Mask of Death
- Lifesteal increased from 10 to 15%

- Bonus strength increased from 6/10/14 to 8/12/16
- Manaburn cooldown reduced to 20 seconds

Orb of Venom
- Cost reduced from 550 to 500

Orchid Malevolence
- Cooldown reduced from 25 to 18

Planewalker’s Cloak
- Cost increased from 500 to 550 gold

Quelling Blade
- Cooldown reduced from 10 to 5 seconds

Soul Booster
- Mana increased regeneration from 50 to 100%
- HP increased regeneration from 2 to 4

Gameplay and Cosmetics

* Added a new loadscreen by Kunkka

* Reworked Tavern Layout

* Added a 4 minute cooldown to Buyback
* Updated hero icon representation on the minimap (364977)
* Creep vision decreased from 1100 to 850
* Consumable Items no longer automatically fuse with ones you don't own (except for wards)

* Added Gyro, Weaver, Clinkz and Ancient Apparition to CM
* Fixed default selection order for Necronomicon (Manaburn unit first)
* Fixed default selection order for Panda's Split Earth units (Earth -> Storm -> Fire)

* Added a new model for Furion

* Restored Lina's old projectile
* Added various Christmas themed visuals

* Added Santa hats for couriers, roshan and aegis holder
* Replaced Cheese with candy cane (appears on your hero visually as well)
* Ironwood branch model to christmas present
* Secret Shop is now Santa
* Added some other misc christmas doodads

* Added a visual effect for Furion's Aghanim Scepter
* Added an Aghanim visual effect for Chen
* Minor increase to Metamorphosis model size
* Removed Courier Upgrade button from courier
* Fixed Flying shadow for Obsidian Destroyer, Visage and Viper (182678)
* Improved Double Edge visual effect (323845)
* Added an ally only visual effect for a hero carrying Gem (371567)
* Added a -bounty command to see the total gold gain by Track
* Improved the quality of the following item icons: Mjollnir, Platemail, Chainmail, Helm of the Dominator, Boots of Travel, Blademail, Assault Cuirass, Monkey King Bar, Sentry Wards, Diffusal Blade, Guinsoo and Desolator (280720)
* Added a new icon for level 2 Diffusal Blade (366531)
* Added a new icon for Skeleton King's Critical Strike (146417)
* Improved the quality of the following ability icons: Surge and Naga Siren's Mirror Image (280720)
* Added a new icon for Empower (206290)
* Added a new icon for Skewer (206290)
* Added a new icon for Reverse Polarity (206290)


* Fixed Armlet triggering Last Word
* Fixed Deafening Blast status icon
* Fixed Rupture status buff icon sometimes lingering on you after you respawn (visual only)
* Fixed a recent bug that caused Death Prophet's Ghosts to behave incorrectly with Stout Shield based items.
* Fixed rare cases where omnislash wouldn't ministun the target
* Fixed a bug with the interaction of Call Down and Nether Blast
* Fixed The Swarm units sometimes falling off the target
* Fixed multiple Quelling Blade stacking bug
* Fixed some silences not properly disabling Silencer's Last Word
* Fixed a bug with Frostmourne bonus being given to attack attempts by the enemy heroes
* Fixed Split Shot dispeling Curse of the Silent
* Fixed a possible fatal error with Static Link when targeting ground in some areas
* Fixed Aghanim Echoslam cooldown not appearing on scoreboard

Wohooo, lots of new contents! C'mon guys, let's try the awesome Dota 6.70!

DotA 6.70 Loadscreen Download | Wallpaper Version

DotA 6.70 Loading Screen

The above picture is the brand new DotA 6.70 Loading Screen! It seems that this picture is a sign that there's no longer Neutral heroes since the DotA 6.70. Love it? Share your thought here and give your feedback to Kunkka at Enjoy!

PS: Click the image for the full resolution of the new loadscreen and you can save it for your desktop :)

Dota 6.70 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.70 Official Map Released!

Dota 6.70
Dota 6.70 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.70 Official Map has just available! 3 new items, 2 new heroes (Phoenix & Tuskarr) and another cool loading screen is added. Moreover, there's a lots of cosmetics with Christmas themes. Check it out!

Dota 6.70 Changelogs:
The changelogs is really huge so i place it on Dota 6.70 Changelogs post.

Dota 6.70 Download Link

Dota 6.70 Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.70 Download - GetDota Mirror

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Yeah, can't wait to try the Phoenix and other new stuffs! As usual, let us know what do you think about this brand new map. Enjoy!

PS : For AI map update, check out the Dota 6.70 AI post.

Update: New patch! DotA 6.70b released!

Dota 6.70b Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.70b Download & Changelogs

Dota 6.70b
Dota 6.70b Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.70b Official Map has just available! As expected, the new version contains some bugs. But surprisingly, IceFrog nerfed a Hero on this version. That's pretty unusual because usually balancing is done on the next version. Anyway, let's check it out!

Dota 6.70b Changelogs:
>> DotA 6.70b Changelogs <<

Dota 6.70b Download Link
Dota 6.70b Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.70b Download - GetDota Mirror

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Nice response from IceFrog to overcome the bugs. Hope it will make the map more stable. At any rate, enjoy the new map!

PS : For AI map update, check out the Dota 6.70 AI post.

Update: New Patch! Check out the DotA 6.70c!

Dota 6.70b Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.70b Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.70b Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.70b Complete Changelogs. You can download the map on the this post. Check out the full changelogs of DotA 6.70b!

Dota 6.70b Changelogs

* Added support for Turkish language
* Fixed Essence Shift interaction with Tuskar and Phoenix
* Fixed some bugs with All Int/Agi/Str and SD modes
* Fixed Techies Land Mines not triggering on Phoenix
* Fixed various misc bugs with Supernova
* Fixed Sunray and Last Word/Hex interaction
* Fixed Degen Aura working against towers
* Fixed Janggo killing Forged Spirits
* Fixed some attack modifier (Feast, Backstab, etc) interactions with Supernova
* Fixed a minor visual effect issue when picking up a Gem with full inventory
* Fixed Item drop commands interaction with Sunray
* Fixed various tooltips
* Fixed a fatal error if Phoenix dies while using Sunray against Blademail/Dispersion
* Walrus Punch cooldown from 18/16/14 to 30/24/18
* Walrus Punch landing damage from 100/200/300 to 75/150/225
* Walrus Punch crit from 2.5 to 2.25
* Snowball max chase duration from 4 to 3.25 seconds
* Snowball no longer dispels negative buffs on you and your allies while rolling
* Fixed an old bug with Call Down instantly killing Forged Spirits

Well, i hope this fix can make the map more enjoyable. Enjoy guys!

Dota 6.70d Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.70d Download Update & News

DotA 6.70dDota 6.70d Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.70d Download News and Update. After DotA 6.70b and DotA 6.70c coming out, i won't be surprised if there is DotA 6.70d. This post will cover up all the updates about DotA 6.70d. Stay tune!

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DotA 6.70 Map Download & Changelogs

Dota 6.70 has now officially released by IceFrog. The new version brings a lots of new changes such as, 2 new heroes in Sentinel Tuskar & Phoenix with a stunning loading screen by Kunkka. The new version also introduces 3 items which were pretty expected in this release. There is a lot of balancing changes done as well. Download DotA 6.70 map with it's changelogs & enjoy the Christmas!Official

DotA 6.70b Map | DotA Allstars 6.70b Map Download & Changelogs

IceFrog has released another patch Dota 6.70b short after the 6.70 release. This map adds support for Turkish Language and fixes a lots of bugs with Tuskar and Phoenix abilities and visual glitch while picking up Gem of True sight with full inventory. So, download the latest DotA 6.70b map and enjoy playing without bugs.DotA v6.70b Download:DotA v6.70b.w3x (7.76 MB)DotA 6.70 Changelogs:* Added

New HolyHexor & Blurpi Video

It's been a while since those two make a new DotA video, so i'm pretty happy when they make one. Without further talk, here they are, a video from HolyHexor and a video from Blurpi.

i, DotA Blurpi's tale is the title of the above video. Pretty cool videos :)

DotA in Your Blood is the new HolyHexor video above. It's got pretty long duration with some awesome scene. Check it out! :)

Hope those videos can help us wait the DotA 6.70. Enjoy!

Credit: Thanks to Joon Kiat as always ;)

2010 DotA-Blog Polls of the Year

New year is already near and 2010 reaching its end. In this particular year, IceFrog has release DotA 6.66~DotA 6.69c with a total of 4 new heroes, lots of skill remakes and 4 new items. Surely those changes will affect your favorite things on DotA and DotA-Blog would like to catch your thought in a form of Polls of the Year. Let's get started!

Here are the polls:
1. Who is your favorite heroes on 2010?
2. Who is your favorite new heroes on 2010?
3. Which new items do you like the best on 2010?
4. Which skill remake do you like the best on 2010?

Click on each question to participate in the polls. The polls will be closed on Christmas (December 25) and we will publish the result before new year :)

Cast your vote now guys!

Dota 6.71 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.71 AI Plus Map Download News & Update

Dota 6.71 AIDota 6.71 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.71 AI Plus Map Download News and Update. DotA 6.71 will come really soon with some balance, and hopefully DotA 6.71 AI will coming soon after it.

Nevertheless, DotA-Blog will update this post with all the Dota 6.71 AI news ;)

Note: You can subscribe our feeds so we can inform you if Dota 6.71 AI map already released.

Update: The map already released! Check out the DotA 6.71b AI

DotA 6.69c OMG-Like, DotA BYS & DotA LoD

DotA 6.69c OMG maybe one of the most long awaited custom DotA map. But we're still don't hear any news from ~BoB~ since the DotA 6.67 OMG. Fortunately, some people is trying to create their own version of DotA OMG and there you go, now we have DotA BYS and DotA LoD.

Both version is almost the same. You pick 4 hero skills and then ended up with picking your desired hero if you are using AP mode. Or, you can have totally random skill and hero if AR mode is used instead.

Here are the download link:
DotA 6.69c BYS v4 via GameWebZ

DotA LoD
DotA 6.69b LoD v6 via GameWebZ

Enjoy and please let me know if there's something missing in this post :)

DotA 6.71 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.71 Download (Released!)

Dota 6.71Dota 6.71 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.71 Download News and Update. IceFrog has gave us 3 new items and two new heroes in the previous map. Usually, there will be another patch which will balance the new contents. DotA 6.71 will surely coming out with a lots of balance changes. This post is dedicated as the place of the news and updates for DotA 6.71.

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Final Update: It's released! Get it on DotA 6.71 Download 

DotA 6.69c is Now the Stable Map!

I didn't see a thunder or storm today, but DotA 6.69c finally has been put as the stable map on GetDota. Is this a sign that DotA 6.70 will emerge very soon? I surely hope so! ;)

DotA 6.68c AI Map Download | DotA Allstars 6.68c AI Plus Download

DotA 6.68c AI is the upcoming DotA AI map which is under development process and expected to release very soon. Harreke & PleaseBugMeNot are currently working on DotA v6.68c AI Project. Harreke is developing his own AI script and PleaseBugMeNot is following BMP's AI script. So there may be two versions of 6.68c AI this time.Update #5 Official Map :-The Official version of Dota 6.68c AI Map is

Dota 6.70d Map Download

We are now informing you that the release of Dota 6.70d map is near. The previous sentence was said because some bugs have already showed up in the Dota 6.70c map. Dota 6.70c map was released in a hurry and that was clear chance that there could be some bugs & errors which were left to remove. So the release of Dota 6.70d map is expected within few days.DotA 6.70d Map Download:Dota 6.70d.w3x (

DotA 6.69b LoD v6 Map Download - 'Formerly DotA OMG'

DotA 6.69b LoD map is basically the unofficial continuation of DotA OMG mode which was formerly developed by ~BoB~. This map is based on same concept as the previous DotA 6.67b OMG but its an improved version with more spells and ported on Dota 6.69b. As usual, You get custom or random skills on any hero you want for fun. Check the DotA 6.69b LoD v6 map!Download Dota 6.69b LoD v6 English 1.1

DotA 6.68c AI Beta Download

DotA 6.68c AI BetaDotA 6.68c AI Beta Download - Dota-Allstars 6.68c AI Beta. At first, i'm a little hesitate to post this map because it's not the official release.But since GreenSliche (the AI forum moderator on PlayDota) said that it is now "available", why don't we check the map! Before you start to download, please note that this map is a beta version, so expect bugs!

Download links:

Dota-Allstars v6.68c AI Beta Download
DotA 6.68c AI Beta

I don't know if we should happy or not for this leaked map. Happy, because we can try the map sooner. Sad, because now the official AI map will be delayed because now they are trying to find the leaker first (and maybe smash him ^^;;). At any rate, enjoy the beta version of the DotA 6.68c AI :)

Garena Universal Maphack 11 for Warcraft 1.24e Patch

GarenaHack-er has released a Garena Universal Maphack v11 which does not modify any Garena files nor it requires any Garena Hack/Crack. This Garena Universal maphack supports the latest Warcraft v1.24e/1.25b Patch and previous versions. It is currently undetectable in Garena. Check the Download Link & Guide of using GUMH.Download Links:GUMH v11 for Warcraft 1.24e:GUMHv11.rar (works as of 10th

DotA 6.70 AI Map Download

Recently, the DotA developer, IceFrog released Dota 6.70 with a lots of new changes consisting of new items and heroes. Now it's time for DotA 6.70 AI to come as there are a lot of players waiting waiting for it.The current DotA AI makers, Harreke and PleaseBugMeNot are already working on DotA 6.70 AI project. They are working very hard and diligently to port all the heroes and items to the new

Dota 6.70b Map Download

As the 6.70 gone live in the public with a massive number of changes and ultra balancing. There is a quite a big chance of bugs & errors in this current release. So, Dota 6.70b is going to be released soon as a bug fix patch.Update: The DotA 6.70b is now released.It will fix all the DotA 6.70 bug & errors that were detected and reported by the Dota community. We hope Dota 6.70b Map will be the

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.4 Map Download | 25+ Fun Heroes!

Love the previous DotA AI Fun map? If you like it, than we got a good news for you. Overflow keep updating the map and adding even more fun heroes. Now, there's 4 fun tavern with a total of 17 additional heroes!

Here are the tavern list:
1. Remade Tavern. The old version of remade heroes. (3 heroes)
2. Extinct Tavern. The heroes that no longer exist on the current DotA. (3 heroes)
3. Concept Tavern. Fun heroes. (5 heroes)
4. Tribute Tavern. Yet another fun heroes. (6 heroes)
Plus 3 more heroes on version 2.2!
Plus 3 more old heroes on version 2.3!
Plus 3 more old heroes on version 2.4!

Tired waiting for the latest AI map? Why don't you have some fun with those heroes? :)

Here is the download link:

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.4
DotA v6.67b AI Fun v2.4 via GameWebz

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.3b
DotA v6.67b AI Fun v2.3b via GameWebz

Oh, don't forget to type -fun in the start of the game to enable the fun tavern. Enjoy the map and i hope the latest AI will coming out soon.. :)

Dota 6.70 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.70 Download (Released!)

Dota 6.70Dota 6.70 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.70 Download News and Update. Icarus the Phoenix became the Dota 6.69 quest' boss and as the tradition continues, Phoenix will likely added on the DotA 6.70. Some new contents will also added to the map. Stay tune, all the DotA 6.70 updates will be placed on this post. Also check DotA 6.70 AI news.

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Final Update: The map is out! Check it out: DotA 6.70 Download

DotA 6.67b AI Fun Map Download | DotA v6.67b AI +Fun

DotA 6.67b AI +Fun Map Download. That's right, the fun map of DotA 6.67b AI is here. Overflow (BuffMePlz's buddy) has modified the current DotA 6.67b AI Rev2d and added some additional fun stuff for us. He added 26 new heroes and a recipe shop which contains some items similar to Ancient Medallion reward in DotA 6.69 Quest.• Fun ModeEnter "-fun" command to enable both Fun heroes and Items.•

Dota 6.70 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.70 AI Plus Map Download News & Update

Dota 6.70 AIDota 6.70 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.70 AI Plus Map Download News and Update. DotA 6.70 is yet to come, but with Phoenix in there, many people will come looking for DotA 6.70 AI.

Don't worry though, because this post will updated with all the Dota 6.70 AI news ;)

Note: You can subscribe our feeds and if Dota 6.70 AI map already released, we'll send you a mail.

Update: DotA 6.70c AI already released! 

DotA Quiz - Test Your Knowledge About DotA!

Tired with all the tense when playing DotA? Take a break and test your DotA knowledge. This unique map is developed by Nothing, a fellow member of PlayDota. On this map, you are playing a quiz. The Quiz Maker will throw a random question about DotA and the fastest player with right answer will got 2 point. If you give the wrong answer, your point will be reduced by 1 and you will be muted for 5 seconds. The interesting thing is you can gain 1 gold for each right answer. And you can spend those gold to cast some skill to the another player.

Download Link:
DotA Quiz v1.0 via GameWebZ

Enjoy the map and share your impression here :)

Dota 6.68 AI Entering the Second Beta Stage Soon!

Dota 6.68c AIPleaseBugMeNot (PBMN) has just posted a great news on his blog! It seems he succeed to fix the crucial bug on the AI map. And, he will release the DotA 6.68c AI beta into the public if no more critical bug appear.. Wow, nice! It's been a while since there's an update in the AI development. Check out what he said!

Second BETA stage
After some testing, the most crucial bug is not appearing. Now i`m starting to make some AI changes and another BETA will be rolling. If no crucial BUGs appear... we can release 6.68c BETA map to the public. I also got 6.69`s changes and i`ll begin working on moving the 6.69`s content into the AI map.

Keep up the good work PBMN! And let's help him by not throw any whining about the DotA AI map on the net :)

Dota 6.69c Map | Official Dota-Allstars 6.69c Download & Changelogs (Released!)

Dota 6.69c
Dota 6.69c Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.6bc Official Map has just came out. It seems there still some important bugs on the DotA 6.69b and IceFrog decide to release another patch to fixed it. Looks like IceFrog is aiming another stable map. Check out below for the DotA 6.69c changelogs and download links.

Dota 6.69c Changelogs:
Fixed a few bugs

Dota 6.69c Download Link

Dota 6.69c Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.69c Download - GetDota Mirror

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Well, sure it will great to have another stable map, especially for the competitive scene. Hope this map will be a stable one soon. Enjoy!

PS : For AI map update, check out the Dota 6.69c AI post.

DotA 6.69c Map Download - Dota v6.69c Released!

Just a few moments ago, IceFrog has released another bug fix patch in the form of DotA 6.69c. The changelogs of this patch are not mentioned by the developer but, he addressed some major bugs such as Syllabear, Linken Sphere & Manta Style bug . Dota 6.69c Map is likely to be a stable release and may be considered in leagues and tournament matches.DotA 6.69c Changlogs & Notes:Fixed a couple of

Dota 2 Q&A, IceFrog Answer Your Question!

Today, IceFrog has just post a new Q&A regarding DotA 2. Lots of questions answered, but some key points are that DotA 2 will support reconnection and more importantly, as long as the community want, IceFrog will continue update DotA map even though DotA 2 already launched! Yippeee! Check out the complete Q&A! :)

Dota 2 Q&A
November 1, 2010 - IceFrog

Q: Is there reconnect support for DotA 2? (by Vanes-UT)
A: This was actually one of the very first things we added early on, before the game was stable, in order to help with testing. You’ll also be able to have a friend of similar skill level substitute for you in case you have to leave. Players that want to improve their reputation in the game and community will also be able to help out by joining ongoing games that are missing players.

Q: Can I still play with my friends from America even though I am European? (by Adam Mosley)
A: Yes, a lot of people have friends in different regions and we want to allow them to easily interact. One of the things that makes DotA special is how big the community is, so we will do our best to make it easy to connect and communicate with one another.

Q: How are you going to handle delay and lag between players? (by Alex)
A: This is something we are putting a lot of time and resources into. Minimizing delay to servers, along with optimizing networking code, is very important to being able to enjoy DotA on both a casual and competitive level. We’re expanding the Steam infrastructure around the world so the matchmaking service for DotA 2 is able to provide the lowest possible ping wherever you are playing. There will also be some uniquely located servers that are optimized regionally for handling longer distance matches.

Q: What kind of hardware requirements will the game have? (by S.Hong)
A: We don’t have an official minimum spec just yet. The goal is to make sure that people with older computers and the PCs at LAN centers will be able to support the game, while also allowing for newer computers to scale well.

Q: I heard there was going to be an AI feature for when a player leaves. Is there going to be an option to take direct control of the hero? (by Stephen)
A: The AI features will be optional to the players in the game. You can have teammates use it, send it to the base, or give it AI modes and behaviors to follow.

Q: Will there be anything like the AI maps in DotA or a “training mode” with difficulty levels? (by L.Pham)
A: Yes there will be bot support if you just want to play by yourself, or you can create a party of friends and fill the rest of the slots with bots. There are a variety of different settings you can use in order to configure the bots, ranging from selectable difficulty levels to specific behaviors that you want to practice against. For example, if you want to practice your lane control, you could configure the bots to be stronger at denying, last hitting, and harassing. We’ll also have some specially crafted challenge scenarios, similar to things like Pudge Wars, which I’ll elaborate on in the future.

Q: Will the replay system allow me to move freely backwards and forwards in time rather than having to watch a whole replay? (by Luciando)
A: You’ll be able to jump around to any point in the replay, add bookmarks for easy referencing, view detailed stats and graphs while the game is going, and watch through a specific player’s view (with regards to their camera movement). You’ll also be able to watch replays with friends if you want to review a game or learn from your mistakes. To aid videomakers, the replay system will have flexible camera angle and speed controls. There will also be a bunch of commentating and editing features you can add to your replays.

Q: Don’t you think you should make a lot of changes to the gameplay? (by Robert)
A: Significant changes would not necessarily make it a better game. There are countless features we are building around the game that will make the experience a much better one. The gameplay itself, though, has always evolved step by step, and it will continue with that methodology. We consider this a long term project, in the same way DotA has always been. We want to provide a quality experience and not just change for the sake of change. You’ll naturally see additions and improvements to the game as time passes, but it would be a natural progression aimed at improving the game for the players and not for other arbitrary reasons. Valve and I strongly believe that the player focused development process the game has gone through is what will allow us to continue making the best decisions with regards to where we spend our development time.

Q: Can you spectate an already ongoing DotA 2 game? (by Valo)
A: A lot of the game will be built around spectating and shoutcasting support. You will be able to join most ongoing games (unless the players marked it as private) and just watch them. You can join a game your friend is in, see what your favorite clan is doing, or simply pick a skill level and a hero you like and it will find you one to watch. We also have a system in place that automatically distributes the load to multiple servers so that the game itself won’t be affected by users joining to spectate. Our distribution network will allow us to support any number of users that want to watch, by dynamically assigning more servers to the task. There will also be special tags and search options to help you find live or old shoutcasted games. Shoutcasters will be able to operate as directors, so anyone watching will have his camera looking at the same things the shoutcaster is viewing. There is also an optional anti-cheat mechanism built in so that the game you are spectating can be time delayed by any amount of time to reduce potential abuse.

Q: Will you keep loyal to casting times like Torrent and will it still be possible to do the advanced tricks, like animation canceling, fog of war tricks we’ve learned, etc? (by Lycan)
A: Yes, those mechanics are implemented. They are a very integral part of the game and it wouldn’t feel the same without them.

Q: How will we manage replay files? (by Nikos)
A: They will be automatically saved with your identity online utilizing the Steam Cloud storage system, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. You’ll be able to use the replay browser tools to search, sort, tag, rank, and favorite them.

Q: Are you going to work on DotA after DotA 2 is released? (by Jack Lee)
A: I plan to keep DotA updated for as long as the community wants. That being said though, I think that DotA 2 represents the long term future for the game.

Q: How will development change with regards to your role, current beta testers, community feedback, etc? (by Basel)
A: All that stuff will remain the same, except that now I also get to work with the developers at Valve. All of our current playtesters and even contributors like Kunkka are helping. One of the most important things for me has always been getting input from the community. There will be a lot of opportunities, throughout the next year, to give your feedback on all the things we are working on, ranging from features to visuals.

Q: Are the upgraded graphics going to be distracting? New graphics are great, but when there’s too much, you can’t see what’s going on anymore. (by Lycan)
A: Gameplay is definitely the most important aspect, everyone on the team understands this concern. The number one priority is making sure players can quickly and easily tell what’s happening on the screen at all times. Fine tuning the right visual balance with each ability, effect, hero, etc., will be an ongoing process as the game is playtested and we get your feedback. A clean and understandable visual representation of the action is important to everyone from experienced players, spectators, to new players.

Q: Will I be able to help test DotA 2? (by Sing Liu)
A: There will certainly be an opportunity to get involved with beta testing DotA 2 and help us with your feedback. We’ll release more information about how to sign up in the future.

Q: Are you going to do anything to make it easier for new players to get into the game and feel welcome? (by Arvin)
A: Some of what makes it hard, in current DotA, stems from the lack of services around the game that can help foster a better relationship between players and that it’s hard for players to be matched up with equally skilled allies and opponents. Things like tutorials, matchmaking, AI bots, identity, coaching, and community contribution will go a long way to making it easier for new players to fit in.

Q: What hotkey setup will exist in DotA 2? (by Stany Kaff)
A: We have a few default templates that cover the most popular configurations, but you’ll also be able to fully customize them to your liking. You can customize it on a global level or on a per hero basis if you choose. The hotkey configuration will include everything, not just heroes and items, but also how you navigate in the game, control the camera, autocast, set control groups, etc. Your settings are saved to your identity online, so if you go to a LAN center you will not have to reconfigure your keys.

What do you think guys? Do you think DotA is appealing? Share your thought here :)


DotA 2 Q&A - DotA 2 FAQs Revealed!

IceFrog, the main character behind the development of DotA 2 has recently answered some important questions about DotA 2 which were asked by the community. He revealed some major information before the release of the game such as, reconnect feature, replay viewing, lag & delay issue, hardware requirements etc.DotA 2 Q&A:Q: Is there reconnect support for DotA 2? (by Vanes-UT)A: This was actually

Dota 6.69b Bug - Summon 2 Spirit Bears!

Our favorite DotA bug poster, Kuarinofu has made a new video of Lone Druid's Spirit Bear Bug in DotA 6.69b. By abusing this bug, you can summon 2 Spirit Bear which will give you extra 6 inventory slots, mass lane pushing, greater entangle chance and opponent's rage. This bug is kinda easy to do, you'll figure it out by seeing it the clip below.DotA 6.69b Bug - Spirit Bear Abuse:Guide:Pick

DotA - youBoat the Movie & DotaNation2

It's being a while since a good DotA movie released out there. But for those love watching DotA clips, here are some recently added DotA video which maybe deserve some attention :) The first video is youBoat the Movie, enjoy!

Another video is the DotaNation 2. Check it out!

Credits : Thanks to JoonKiat as always :)

Dota 6.68c AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.68c AI Plus Map Download News & Update

Dota 6.68c AIDota 6.68c AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.68c AI Plus Map Download News and Update. Seems that lots of bugs forced IceFrog to release the Dota 6.68c, even when the Dota 6.68 AI is not yet finished. So, it's very likely that the AI map developer just go straight into DotA 6.68c AI.

All the Dota 6.68c AI news and updates will be placed here ;)

Latest Updates
27 October 2010 from PBMN Blog
Hello, guys.
Just a quick update on the status of the AI map.
The item builds for 6.68 series are ready. The AITeam are testing them. As you know in 6.69 there are changes in some items and recipes and that will need another item build overhaul. There is a new mode called -ld (Low Dodge Mode). Some users complained how AI (Normal and Hard) are dodging almost always Pudge`s Hooks and some other skills. The mode will compensate that problem... it will be available as a command from the hosting player. Writing -old once will enable that mode and writing it again will disable it. You`ll see a message with the current status of the mode.
That mode affects Meat Hook but also Nerubian Assassin's Impale, Demon Witch's Impale, Fissure, and Ice Path.

There are some weird bugs which we will address. Also i started renaming and deobfuscating a lot of functions and variables... i hope that will make the work on the script easier.
Nice! This is really a good news to the AI lover. Great job PBMN! :)

06 October 2010:
Seems PleaseBugMeNot has just finished porting the reliable gold system and updated the Dagon script for AI. He also showed us some picture about the new AI. Glad he was here when BMP resigned and Harekke is still trying to develop his own AI :)

28 November 2010:
PBMN succeed on fixing the crucial bug and will release a beta map into the public soon. Check it out in this post!

29 November 2010:
The DotA 6.68c AI Beta Map is leaked, get it on this post.

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DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.0 Map Download | Many Fun Heroes!

Cloud Strife on Dota-Allstars

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v1.6c Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.67b AI Fun v1.6c Map. Overflow has just released another version of his DotA Fun AI Map. The previous version only added Bastion, but this time you will have the chance to use 6 fun heroes, including Cloud Strife!
Here is the list of the fun heroes:
- Bastion (-bastion)
- Felguard (-felguard)
- Cloud Strife (-cloud)
- Terran Marine (-ricky)
- Hurricane (-frash)
- Offender (-offender)

Please note that you must type -fun on the beginning of the game to use them. After you allowed to choose hero (15 seconds), type the command above for each respective character.

Update 1: Start on version 1.7, you can pick fun heroes using the normal way.
Update 2: Version 2.2 is coming out with 20 heroes, check it on this post :)

Download Links:

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.0
DotA v6.67b AI Fun v2.0 via GameWebz

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v1.7
DotA v6.67b AI Fun v1.7 via GameWebz

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v1.6c
DotA v6.67b AI Fun v1.6c via GameWebz

Many thanks to Overflow for bringing this back! Like he said, let's wait the new AI with fun using -fun mode ;)

Blizzard DotA for StarCraft 2 Announced - BlizzCon

After having so many DotA Genre games like League of Legends, Heroes Of Newerth and Valve's DotA 2. The PC games giant Blizzard has announced 4 new maps for StarCraft 2 on the opening day of BlizzCon 2010. Surprisingly, Blizzard's DotA was one of it. Blizzard developers said that StarCraft 2 DotA will be based on Warcraft 3 DotA by IceFrog. All the heroes, items, farming even the whole gameplay

DotA 6.67b AI +Fun Map Download

DotA 6.67b AI +Fun Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.67b AI +Fun Map. This map is a customized version of the Dota 6.67b AI Rev2d versions. On this map, Overflow (a PlayDota member), import some fun stuff into the map. Check it out!

Additional Features

*Bastion, an additional hero that was created by BuffMePlz. Type -bastion after you allowed to pick a hero to create him.

*Fun Shop, type -fun to enable additional item shop which consist several additional items. It located on the right-bottom on the map. You don't need to buy any recipe from there, just buy the component ;)

Download links:
DotA 6.67b AI +Fun
DotA v6.67b AI +Fun

Thanks Overflow! Hope this can be another alternative while waiting for the newest AI map. At any rate, enjoy this map guys! :)

Dota 6.69d Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.69d Download Update & News

DotA 6.69dDota 6.69d Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.69d Download News and Update. IceFrog has fixed some important bugs on the DotA 6.69c. But who knows what will happen and there will be another bug. If that happen, without a doubt, DotA 6.69d will coming out for sure.

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Dota 6.69b Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.69b Official Map Released!

Dota 6.69b
Dota 6.69b Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.6b9 Official Map has just released. The DotA 6.69 came with a cool quest inside it. And as usual, IceFrog is releasing the b version of the map which doesn't have the quest and of course also come with bug fixes from the DotA 6.69. Check out below for the DotA 6.69b changelogs and download links.

Dota 6.69b Changelogs:
Fixed a few bugs

Dota 6.69b Download Link

Dota 6.69b Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.69b Download - GetDota Mirror

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Well, if you hate playing the DotA 6.69 with some player summon the Phoenix and causing global stun on the whole map once in a while, DotA 6.69b is your cure :) Enjoy the map guys!

PS : For AI map update, check out the Dota 6.69b AI post.

DotA 6.69b | DotA Allstars 6.69b Map Download (Fix Release)

DotA 6.69b Map Download. IceFrog has recently issued a new patch, DotA 6.69b as a hotfix for v6.69. This patch addresses some bugs such as, Techies bug which caused Remote mines/Statis Trap to disappear when Aghanim's Scepter is equipped. He has also removed the traditional DotA 6.69 Quest which was added earlier.DotA 6.69b - DotA Allstars 6.69b Map Download:DotA v6.69b.w3x (mirror 1)DotA 6.69b

DotA 2 is Announced! Coming in 2011

Finally, after so many speculation and rumors, the DotA 2 is now officially announced! As the Game Informer mentioned, the game will be released next year on both PC and Mac platform.

Looking back a bit, IceFrog (the current DotA map developer on Warcraft III) is hired by Valve in 2009. Since then, many people starts wondering what kind of game they are working on. And as the curtain revealed, it appears they are bringing the DotA map into a full game based on the Valve's Source engine. That's mean many of the game limitation on Warcraft III is lifted. And with that, some new features are also introduced on the DotA 2.

Let's check it out!

In-Game Voice Chat

Ventrilo is no longer needed. Communication is the vital factor on the teamwork and typing sometime is not an option because our hand is already full controling the hero. The DotA 2 will cover that and have an integrated voice chat feature which will allow you to communicate during game easily.

Leaver AI Replacement

Awesome features. You will have less problem with the leaver. The disconnected players hero will be automatically taken control by an AI bots. However, don't get too excited and you decide to played it on a single-player game. Erik Johnson (the Project Leader) says, "Our goal with the AI is just that their experience isn't destroyed just because one person couldn't finish the game."

Cool Heroes Voice

The current DotA map is using the Warcraft III sound set which originally created for the Warcraft III campaign, not for DotA. The DotA 2 will have the heroes voice fit properly with the game. Amusing lines from heroes will coming out when you deny the enemy team last hits on creeps. Heroes who have related stories will trade quips when nearby. Maybe you will see Lina Inverse and Rylai teasing each other :p

Matchmaking System

Valve is using it's traditional Steamworks for the skill based matchmaking which will let you play comfortably.

In-Game Rewards

Valve is introducing a new system which will rewards you for participating in community forums.

Coaching System

Veteran players will be able to login as a coach and teach the newbies. The coach can see beginner's screen and can get private voice chat during the game. Still no words about how the trainer and trainee will be matched.

Wow, lots of amusing stuff there. I hope Valve can meet with our expectation. But i'm pretty disappointed with the fact that there's no screenshots of the game itself :( But hey, why ruin the surprise? Tell us what you think about DotA 2 on the comment box guys :)

Source: Game Informer

DotA 2 Announced, Coming in 2011

After a long wait and all the rumors Valve has announced official release of DotA 2 in 2011 which will be released on both Mac & PC. As you may already know, IceFrog was hired by Valve in late 2009 for the development of most popular Warcraft 3 Mod - DotA. Now, they are about to release Valve DotA 2 in which the whole DotA concept will be ported in upgraded manner.DotA 2 Utilities has been

DotA 6.69 Loadscreen Wallpaper - The Sentinels

DotA Loadscreen artist, Kendrick Lim (Kunkka) has now released the wallpaper version of DotA 6.69 Loadscreen. This is an epic loading screen, featuring all the Sentinel heroes in one place. The load-screen itself looks very neat and detailed, You can recognize every hero in first look. It must have took so much time for Kunkka to create this amazing artwork.New DotA 6.69 Loadscreen Wallpaper:Size

DotA 6.69 Quest Guide | Dota 6.69 Secret, Hidden Quest and Easter Egg

Dota 6.69 Quest, Secret, Hidden Quest and Easter Egg. DotA 6.69 contain a hidden secret which will allow you to fight Icarus the Phoenix. To fight him, you must destroy the PreRune, the Red Runes and then kill all the IceFrogs on the map.

OK, let's start with the PreRune:

After you destroyed, 2 Red Runes will appear on the map.

Continue with the first Red Rune:

After destroy the first Red Rune, 5 IceFrog on the Scourge area will appear. But this time we will go with the second Red Rune first:

After that, you can start killing the IceFrog on the Sentinel area. Let's start hunting! You will need Gem of Truesight (IceFrog is invisible) and Dagon (IceFrog can only be killed with magic damage) before start the hunt.

The above is the example of the IceFrog. It's very tiny and nearly transparent (after the Gem of Truesight). Enable the health bar to make them easier to see. Check out the map below for all the location of the IceFrog:

IceFrog#1 - Near top rune (power up/normal rune) spot on the hill to the hidden shop direction.

IceFrog#2 - Near the Prerune.

IceFrog#3 - Scourge bottom lane. At the spawn point of creeps a bit to the left.

IceFrog#4 - Near the Scourge low level Neutral creeps are.

IceFrog #5 - On the top Scourge camp, near the trees.

IceFrog#6 - Near the spawn point of Sentinel bottom lane. Next to the sea/waterfall.

IceFrog#7 - On the Sentinel's base, on the bottom of the the Hunter's Hall, among the trees.

IceFrog#8 - On the Sentinels middle lane middle leveled Neutral creeps spot. Behind the statue.

IceFrog#9 - Its behind the creeps near the #8.

IceFrog #10 - Near the Sentinel Neutral creeps spot on the bottom lane which nearest to the enemy tower.

After killed all the IceFrogs, suddenly you will be killed and a message appear: "Player has been killed by Phoenix". Well done, if that message appear, the Phoenix is already appear on the boss spot on the top left bottom of the map.

He's waiting for you, prepare yourself before go to the battle!

As you can see, he got 20,000 HP and very fast regeneration. Leave him for couple seconds and his health will be full again.

It's his skill, summon a Super Nova. When the Super Nova is falling, all units will be stunned (global) for about 10 seconds. Very annoying..

After you killed him, he will transform into an egg. Too bad i didn't manage to capture the picture of Phoenix on Egg form, because i thought i already won -_-;; Yes, we're not win yet people, in fact, the trouble start here.

Please welcome the Phoenix Reborn!

Honestly, i don't know how much HP he has, because the health bar won't budge no matter how many time i attack him :( I use "whosyourdaddy" cheat (which usually give you one hit kill) but i still need about 5 hits before i can actually kill the fire bird. After you defeated him, you will got 5 Ancient Medallion.

Ancient Medallion
gives you +75 all stats, 9 illusions (active), 3x critical and some evasions. Nice! You deserve it after defeated such a nasty boss.

Well, that's the end. So, do you satisfied? Share this guide with the other and let them know how scary is the Phoenix ;)

Credits: s.ops_Freak

Dota 6.69 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.69 Official Map Released!

Dota 6.69
Dota 6.69 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.69 Official Map finally released! As IceFrog promised before, there's a quest hidden on this map. Yeah! Let's find it and share it on the DotA 6.69 Quest post! Let's check out the download links and the Dota 6.69 changelogs below..

Dota 6.69 Changelogs:
The changelogs is really huge so i place it on Dota 6.69 Changelogs post.

Dota 6.69 Download Link

Dota 6.69 Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.69 Download - GetDota Mirror

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Yosh, let's find the secret! And i'm pretty sure the boss is indeed Icarus the Phoenix ^^ Enjoy the map guys! :)

Update : Just finished the Phoenix Hidden Quest Guide on DotA 6.69. Check it out!

Update 2 : DotA 6.69b has just released!

PS : For AI map update, check out the Dota 6.69 AI post.

DotA 6.69 Loadscreen Download | Wallpaper Version

Check out the above picture for the new DotA 6.69 Loading Screen! On this version, Kunkka decided to try a new style to draw all the Sentinel heroes for the loadscreen. What do you think? Share it here or you could also directly email your feedback to Kunkka at Enjoy!

PS: Click the image for the full resolution of the new loadscreen.

Dota 6.69 Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.69 Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.69 Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.69 Complete Changelogs. If you don't have the map yet, go to this post to download it :) Below is the full changelogs of DotA 6.69, behold!

Dota 6.69 Changelogs

This patch is focused primarily on balance improvements. Rather than wait until more content is finished for one bigger patch, I've decided to release a smaller patch first for general gameplay improvements while working on content for next patch. Let me know what you guys think and as always feel free to email me any requests.


- Unstable Concoction stun duration rescaled from 2.5/3/3.5/4 to 1.75/2.5/3.25/4
- Added an AoE effect indicator for the Alchemist player while he is charging his Unstable Concoction

- Battle Hunger slow increased to 10%
- Cooldown on Aghanim's Culling Blade reduced from 15 to 10 seconds

Bane Elemental
- Brainsap damage rebalanced from 75/150/225/300 to 90/160/230/300
- Enfeeble damage rebalanced from 30/60/90/120% to 40/60/80/100% (above 100% didn't work properly)
- Added -disablehelp for Nightmare, to stop direct casting on allies (3123839)
- Nightmare fixed so it properly stops enemy potions (3123839)

- Fixed a bug with Sticky Napalm overhead text (+1, +2, etc) that was recently added from being visible to the enemy

- Hawk's HP reduced from 100/200 to 50/100
- Invisibility on Hawk reworked. It now fades out automatically whenever it hasn't moved for 8 seconds.

Bone Fletcher
- Death Pact attack damage rebalanced from 6/7/8% to 4/6/8% of targets HP

Bounty Hunter
- Jinada critical strike increased from 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0 to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25
- Track cast range increased from 750/950/1150 to 900/1050/1200

- Increased XP given for killing Broodmother's Spiderlings

- Movement speed increased from 310 to 315

Crystal Maiden
- Crystal Nova slow duration reduced from 5 to 3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds.
- Crystal Nova damage increased from 80/130/180/230 to 100/150/200/250.

- Shallow Grave now has a duration indicator for allies

- Fixed over-sized click boundaries for Tombstone

Doom Bringer
- Base armor reduced by 2
- Doom cast range reduced from 650 to 550

- Aghanim's Scepter added to Enchantress (Increases her attack and Impetus range by 150)

Aghanim Upgrade Ability Code: A1WB

- Eidolons HP reduced from 200/225/225/275 to 180/200/220/240

Faceless Void
-Strength growth increased from 1.4 to 1.6

- Wrath of Nature (Aghanim's version) max chain increased from 12/14/16 to 14/16/18
- Force of Nature Treants can now attack air units (275356)
- Sprout code improved to reduce the chances of heroes sometimes popping out of it
- Sprout targeting change from 6.67 removed
- Wrath of Nature can now be cast through the minimap and it will select the closest unit as the initial target (275356)

Ability Code: A1W8
Aghanim Upgraded Ability Code: A1W9

- Homing Missile now adds an ally only visual effect on targeted enemies
- Homing Missile cast range increased by 150
- Homing Missile cooldown from 20/18/16/14 to 20/17/14/11
- Rocket Barrage damage improved from 10/12/14/16 to 10/13/16/19

- Berserker's Blood attack speed bonus increased from 2/4/6/8 to 3/6/9/12

- Invoker now gains attribute points for each orb he levels

+2 Intelligence for Exort
+2 Agility for Wex
+2 Strength for Quas

- Increased Macropyre (Aghanim's version) travel distance

- Omnislash no longer wastes a strike by considering banished units in its search

Keeper of the Light
- Recall is now targetable through the minimap

Lone Druid
- Leash range increased to 1100
- True Form movement speed from 270 to 280
- The "-ms" command now shows the movement speed of your Spirit Bear as well (298418)
- Spirit Bear attack point improved
- Fixed common scenarios where Spirit Bear would miss its attack as the target was moving
- Casting Summon Spirit Bear while the bear is still alive will restore that bear's health instead of not allowing you to cast.

- Hellfire Blast damage redistributed to some on impact and some dps (312517)
- Scoreboard now displays Skeleton King's ultimate cooldown time
- Skeleton King will be automatically selected for you after he reincarnates

- Pulse Nova AoE increased from 300/350/400 to a constant 400

Lina Inverse
- Laguna Blade (Aghanim's version) damage increased from 600/875/1150 to 600/925/1250

- Eclipse (Aghanim's version) target limit increased from 5 to 6
- Strength growth increased from 1.75 to 1.9
- Movement speed increased from 320 to 330

- Shapeshift duration increased from 14/15/16 to a constant 18 seconds

- Strength gain increased from 1.3 to 1.6
- Improved Geomancer's base damage by 5
- Fixed some targeting issues with casting poof (300996)

- Skewer damage rescaled to 70/140/210/280

- Adaptive Strike damage type changed from Physical to Magical (248693)
- Replicate cannot target Morphling's own illusions anymore

- Attack range reduced from 600 to 550

Pandarean Brewmaster
- Cooldown on the Boulder ability on Primal Split's Earth Panda decreased from 10 to 7 seconds

Phantom Assassin
- Base Strength increased from 17 to 20
- Strength growth decreased from 2.05 to 1.85
- Phantom Strike cooldown from 30/20/10/5 to 20/15/10/5

Phantom Lancer
- Strength growth reduced from 2.0 to 1.7

Pit Lord
- Dark Rift AoE increased from 375 to 450

Priestess of the Moon
- Leap cooldown improved from 40/35/30/20 to 30/26/22/18

Queen of Pain
- Sonic Wave (Agahnim's version) cooldown improved from 120/100/80 to 100/70/40
- Shadow Strike cooldown rescaled from 20/17/14/11 to 20/16/12/8

- Static Link drains damage over 8 seconds instead of 10.
- Static Link damage per second rescaled from 5/10/15/20 to 7/14/21/28
- Plasma Field cooldown from 16 to 14

Sand King
- Epicenter (Aghanim's version) now gives one more pulse
- Fixed some lag with Epicenter
- Fixed a bug with Sand Storm if you recast it very quickly while still invisible

Shadow Fiend
- Added a new command (-souls) to see the number of souls you have collected

- Decreased base Agility from 21 to 15 and increased starting damage by the same amount
- Pounce damage rescaled from 50/75/100/125 to 40/80/120/160
- Dark Pact cooldown reduced from 10 to 10/9/8/7

Spirit Breaker
- Greater Bash no longer messes up the target's command
- Nether Strike mana cost from 200/250/300 to 125/150/175
- Nether Strike (Aghanim's version) now Greater Bashes everyone in 250 area around you when you teleport to the primary target (306008)

Storm Spirit
- Intelligence base and growth reduced from 26 + 2.6 to 23 + 2.2
- Electric Vortex mana cost increased from 100 to 100/110/120/130

- Base damage increased by 5
- Remote Mine autoselection removed
- Remote Mines cast time reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds
- Added a new sub ability Focused Detonate that you can use on the minimap or in an area to detonate all nearby remote mines (AoE of 700) (297625)

Ability Code: A1WF

- Laser's miss mechanic reworked.

Old Miss:
10/15/20/25% chance to miss affecting a 250 AoE for 9 seconds

New Miss:
100% chance to miss on the primary target for 2 seconds.

- War Club hit count and AoE increased

- Base Intelligence increased from 15 to 19
- Fixed melee/range item to update properly for Metamorphosis transformation
- Fixed Manta Style interaction with Metamorphosis (so he can use it properly now)

Ability Code: A1RI

- Static Storm cooldown increased from 60 to 75

Troll Warlord
- Battle Trance self duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds
- Fixed melee/range item to update properly for Berserker Rage transformation

Vengeful Spirit
- Magic Missile stun duration rescaled from 1.75 to 1.45/1.55/1.65/1.75

- Plague Ward's bounty increased from 3-9 to 14-17

- Viper Strike (Aghanim's version) mana cost reduced from 125/175/250 to 125

Guardian Wisp
- Tether Stun duration reduced from 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75
- Relocate cooldown increased from 80/60/40 to 90/75/60

- Increased Infernal movement speed from 320/330/340 to 320/340/360
- Immolation from multiple Infernals now stack (281065)

Wind Runner
- Night vision reduced to that of normal heroes (1200->800)
- Shackleshot's search angle reduced from 30 to 26 degrees

Witch Doctor
- Casks first bounce no longer stuns for additional duration, it now lasts the same as all the bounces
- Voodoo Restoration mana cost per second from 6/9/12/15 to 8/14/20/26


Animal Courier
- Automatically upgraded to Flying Courier when you put the recipe on it (148581)

Aghanim's Scepter
- Now requires all three +10 attribute items instead of 2 and a 1100 gold recipe

Armlet of Mordiggian
- HP regen and lifedrain increased by 2 (overall +2 regen while inactive, no effective change while active)
- Recipe cost decreased from 900 to 700

Boots of Speed
- Movement speed from 50 to 55

Bracer, Null Talisman & Wraith Band
- Added +3 bonus damage to Bracer/Null/Wraith
- Increased Bracer/Null/Wraith recipe costs from 175/150/125 to 190/170/150

Buriza Do Kyanon
- Critical strike factor from 2.4 to 2.5

Clarity Potion
- Double clicking on Clarity Potion causes it to be used on your hero

- Now requires a Null Talisman instead of a Blades of Attack

Ethereal Blade
- Slow on Ether Blast increased from 30 to 45%
- Cooldown on Ether Blast from 35 to 30

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
- Mana regeneration increased from 125% to 150% to match its components

Ghost Scepter
- Cooldown increased from 25 to 30
- Cost increased from 1500 to 1600

Eye of Skadi
- No longer requires the 300 gold recipe

Hand of Midas
- Transmute now gives 2.5 XP when used on a unit (2744725)

Healing Salve
- Double clicking on Healing Salve causes it to be used on your hero

Hood of Defiance
- Recipe changed from 2x RoR + Cloak + Helm to 2x RoR + Cloak + RoH (297602)

Magic Stick & Magic Wand
- AoE for gaining charges reduced from 1600 to 1200
- No longer give you charges if a spell was cast from the fog of war

Manta Style
- Increased recipe cost by 50 (Yasha recipe cost was reduced by 50)
- Rebalanced Manta Style for melee and ranged heroes

Old Manta:
Deals 33%
Takes 350%
Cooldown: 50

New Manta (ranged):
Deals 28%
Takes 400%
Cooldown: 50

New Manta (melee):
Deals 33%
Takes 350%
Cooldown: 35

- Static Charge changed from a chance on attacks to a chance on any damage
- Double click now activates Static Charge on yourself

Monkey King Bar
- Damage increased by 8 to be equal to the total damage from its components

- Base attack time improved on Necronomicon Warriors from 1.0 to 0.75

Orb of Venom
- Duration increased to 4 seconds
- Price from 600 to 550

Phase Boots
- Readjusted bonuses:

Base Movement Speed 70 -> 60
Phase Burst: 12% -> 15%
Phase Duration: 5 -> 4
Phase Cooldown: 10 -> 8

Power Treads
- Attribute reduced bonus from +10 to all attributes to +8 to all attributes

Ring of Basilius
- Armor bonuses rebalanced.

- Aura Armor decreased from +3 armor to +2 armor.
- Added +1 armor for the holder.

Same overall Armor for the item holder, 1 less for allies

- Added a 20% Attack Speed reduction to the slow on Maim
- Reduced recipe cost from 750 to 700

Sange and Yasha
- Increased the Attack Speed reduction on Maim's slow from 15% to 30%

Soul Booster
- Mana regen from 10% to 50%
- Health regen from 1hp to 2hp

Stygian Desolator
- Buff duration from 5 to 7 seconds

Urn of Shadows
- Soul Release now causes HP loss instead of magical damage when used on enemies (same overall dps as before, no longer disables dagger)

- Reduced recipe cost from 750 to 700

Gameplay & Cosmetics

* Added a new loading screen

* Rebalanced the assist Gold & XP system

Most recent versions (since 6.55) have an extra portion of the gold/xp that is not a pure split like standard XP usually is.

For XP "heroes" means the number of heroes in the area.
For Gold "Assist" means the number of heroes in the area besides the killer.

"Level" always means the level of the dying target


Bonus XP
1 Hero: 15*Level + 50
2 Heroes: 15*Level + 50
3 Heroes: 14*Level + 50
4 Heroes: 13*Level + 50
5 Heroes: 12*Level + 50

Bonus Gold
Hero Killer: 0
1 Assist: 10*Level + 45 (2 heroes involved in kill)
2 Assist: 9*Level + 40 (3 heroes involved in kill)
3 Assist: 8*Level + 35 (4 heroes involved in kill)
4 Assist: 7*Level + 30 (5 heroes involved in kill)
5 Assist: 7*Level + 30 (5 heroes involved in kill but no one got last hit)


Bonus XP
1 Hero: 20*Level + 120
2 Heroes: 15*Level + 90
3 Heroes: 7*Level + 30
4 Heroes: 6*Level + 15
5 Heroes: 5*Level + 10

Bonus Gold
Hero Killer: 0
1 Assist: 9*Level + 95 (2 heroes involved in kill)
2 Assist: 8*Level + 20 (3 heroes involved in kill)
3 Assist: 6*Level + 10 (4 heroes involved in kill)
4 Assist: 6*Level (5 heroes involved in kill)
5 Assist: 6*Level (5 heroes involved in kill but no one got last hit)

Basic Information:
This isn't changed, just overview information.

Streak Ending:
3 Streak: 50
4 Streak: 100
5 Streak: 150
6 Streak: 200
7 Streak: 250
8 Streak: 300
9 Streak: 350
10+ Streak: 400

Death Punishment:
Level * 30

Hero Kill Gold:
200 + Level * 5

Hero Kill XP:
Split evenly in 1000 AoE
Level 1: 100
Level 2: 120
Level 3: 160
Level 4: 220
Level 5-25: 100 * ( Level - 2 )
Level 10 = 100 * ( 10 - 2 ) = 800
Level 20 = 100 * ( 20 - 2 ) = 1800


Bonus XP
1 Hero: 8*Level
2 Heroes: 8*Level
3 Heroes: 8*Level
4 Heroes: 8*Level
5 Heroes: 8*Level

Bonus Gold
Hero Killer: 0
1 Assist: 40
2 Assist: 40
3 Assist: 40
4 Assist: 40
5 Assist: 40


Bonus XP
1 Hero: 12*Level
2 Heroes: 12*Level
3 Heroes: 12*Level
4 Heroes: 12*Level
5 Heroes: 12*Level

Bonus Gold
Hero Killer: 0
1 Assist: 5*Level + 30
2 Assist: 5*Level + 30
3 Assist: 5*Level + 30
4 Assist: 5*Level + 30
5 Assist: 5*Level + 30


Bonus XP
1 Hero: 15*Level
2 Heroes: 15*Level
3 Heroes: 14*Level
4 Heroes: 13*Level
5 Heroes: 12*Level

Bonus Gold
Hero Killer: 0
1 Assist: 10*Level + 45
2 Assist: 9*Level + 40
3 Assist: 8*Level + 35
4 Assist: 7*Level + 30
5 Assist: 7*Level + 30


Bonus XP
1 Hero: 15*Level + 50
2 Heroes: 15*Level + 50
3 Heroes: 14*Level + 50
4 Heroes: 13*Level + 50
5 Heroes: 12*Level + 50

Bonus Gold
Hero Killer: 0
1 Assist: 10*Level + 45
2 Assist: 9*Level + 40
3 Assist: 8*Level + 35
4 Assist: 7*Level + 30
5 Assist: 7*Level + 30


Bonus XP
1 Hero: 20*Level + 120
2 Heroes: 15*Level + 90
3 Heroes: 7*Level + 30
4 Heroes: 6*Level + 15
5 Heroes: 5*Level + 10

Bonus Gold
Hero Killer: 0
1 Assist: 9*Level + 95
2 Assist: 8*Level + 20
3 Assist: 6*Level + 10
4 Assist: 6*Level
5 Assist: 6*Level

* Added a couple of new juke spots

* Couriers can now carry Gem of Truesight (it loses its truesight while on courier)
* Reduced Glyph cooldown from 6 minutes to 5 minutes
* XP AoE increased from 1000 to 1200
* Added Slark, Chaos Knight and Magnus to CM

More heroes will be enabled soon.

* Added a new Ancient creep camp (Thunder Lizards, has Frenzy & Slam)
* Satyr's Purge no longer autocasts
* Added a sound effect that notifies allies near the location you are teleporting to
* Added 4 more options to -music (other6/7/8/9)
* Added a new soundset for King Leoric (279632)
* Added a rabbit courier
* Improved Shadow Raze visual effect to match the AoE a little more
* Added a new effect when you get a last hit with Necromastery on Nevermore (266930)
* Lich now has his icy hands effect only when he gets Aghanim's Scepter
* Sven now transforms into a red version when he casts his ultimate (Ability Code: A1WH)
* Added various small doodads around the map
* Changed Bristleback's model and hero icon (210183)
* Added sound effect for Meepo's attack
* Added sound effect for Troll Warlord's melee attack
* Added Scepter visual effect for Enchantress
* Various misc improvements on Phantom Lancer's model
* Added -disablehelp for Bloodrage (233159)
* Added a new icon for Call Down (315263)
* Added a new visual effect while casting Curse of the Silent
* Hand of Midas bounty text is now easier to see (258830)
* Added a ground effect when the water is gushing out from Torrent (146694)
* New ability icon for Spirits (296349)
* Changed the illusion creation visual effect on Terrorblade's Conjure Image
* Added new hero icon for Io (296349)
* Added new icon for Haunt (240283)
* Added new icon for Reality (240283)
* Added new icon for Flaming Fists (263836)
* Improved Greater Bash Icon (280720)
* Improved Track Icon (280720)
* Improved Amplify Damage Icon (280720)
* Improved Slardar's Bash Icon (280720)
* Improved Plague Wards Icon (280720)
* Improved Greater Bash Icon (280720)
* Improved Soul Rip Icon (280720)
* Improved Grow Icon (280720)
* Improved Lion Hero Icon (280720)


* Fixed Charge of Darkness showing a dummy unit with HP bar
* Fixed some issues with Shackleshot calculation where it could sometimes hit weird angles.
* Fixed visible caster units during Light Strike Array and Split Earth
* Fixed converted creeps from sometimes being slowed by Enchant
* Fixed Healing Ward to indicate the level to your allies instead of just for you
* Fixed Roshan's interaction with Familiars
* Fixed some issues with a small number of spells not properly detecting Meld and Ghostwalk as invisible
* Fixed Sonic Wave targeting mechanism when casting towards a location with an allied unit (298969)
* Fixed using Conjure Image while magic immune (298995)
* Fixed Roshan not dispelling Urn of Shadows
* Fixed some cast mechanism issues with Techie's Suicide (242147)
* Fixed Liquid Fire interaction with Siege units (263667)
* Fixed a rare situation where Relocate would fail to teleport you
* Fixed a bug with freezing a leaver Spirit Breaker
* Fixed Tango dispelling Urn of Shadows healing effect
* Fixed Static Storm scoreboard cooldown being a little off
* Fixed a bug with Scepter Dismember and Linken's Sphere
* Fixed some AI issues with Firefly
* Fixed lag on first cast of Adaptive Strike
* Fixed a couple of abilities with slightly incorrect cooldowns on scoreboard
* Fixed some courier tooltips
* Fixed Dragon Slave targeting mechanism when casting towards a location with an allied unit
* Fixed interaction between Level 3 Rupture and Force Staff
* Fixed the scourge Glyph not showing the new icon (Ability Code: A1WH)
* Fixed some inconsistencies in the visual AoE of some abilities (no balance changes here, just making the cursors more consistent for: Avalanche, Storm Bolt, Rocket Flare, Pit of Malice, Expulsion, Chronosphere, Earthbind, Spin Web, Dream Coil, Weave, Maledict, Vacuum, Sanity's Eclipse)
* Fixed damage AoE on Waning Rift being slightly less than the silence AoE
* Fixed a very minor visual glitch when attempting to buy a recipe for power treads
* Fixed very minor inconsistency between the armor reduction and the damage AoE on Acid Spray
* Fixed AoE on Strygwyr's thirst being off by 25
* Fixed Sticky Napalm triggering Linken Sphere
* Fixed interaction bugs with Soul Rip and Ethereal state
* Fixed AoE on Song of the Siren being off by 25
* Fixed a rare bug with Spirit Bear losing track of his items
* Fixed some minor duration inconsistencies with God's Strength
* Fixed some triggered spells from bypassing Last Will (on Necronomicon Warrior) damage return
* Fixed Sticky Napalm compatibility problems with Shiva's Guard
* Fixed some possible lag scenarios with Soul Catcher
* Fixed a very rare cause where you could Soul Ring usage could be lethal
* Courier can no longer use Ghost Scepter (to prevent some abuses)
* Fixed some minor incorrect behaviors when using burning spears at very low hp
* Fixed some rare damage cap issues with Dragon Slave and Sonic Wave
* Fixed some minor duration inconsistencies with Insatiable Hunger
* Fixed Sticky Napalm malfunctioning when cast on units in Fog of War
* Fixed a fatal error possible with Skewer
* Fixed a minor visual bug when Unstable Concoction explodes in midair

Great! Most of them are balances and game play improvements, but regardless, let's go play the Dota 6.69!