New DotA Heo - Sun Wukong

Alright then! IceFrog has introduced yet another interesting hero! Don't forget to catch up.

Interesting Facts about Pudge's Hooks!

Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

Dota v6.79 Released!

The much awaited new map has now been released and Beta downloads are not avaliable after nearly 5 months of v6.78

Razor - Lighting Ravent's Ultimate Build guide

This is one of the most popular builds for razor out there.You better know this.

Dota2 is now Free!

Great news to all fellow gamers! Dota2 is now free and Ultra better than Dota!

IceFrog Q&A Session #4 - Woot! Icarus the Phoenix!

IceFrog has just made another Q&A session. And do you know what? He give us a hint that one of the new heroes on the Dota 6.68 is Icarus the Phoenix! Wow! That's also mean he confirmed that there will be more than one new heroes on the next map. See it for your self ;)

Q: When will we hear more about you and Valve? Some people say it will take 2-3 years, can you give us any clues? (from Zeyall)

A: It certainly won't take that long. There are a lot of very talented people here at Valve that are working hard on it every day to ensure high quality in a timely manner. We'll be making an announcement soon actually, and based on the feedback I've been getting since the last mention, I'm sure you all will be as excited as I am.

Q: Can you tell us how you first met Valve and how you like it so far? (from Sodoes)

A: It started off with an email from Valve where they mentioned that they were big fans of DotA wanted to fly me out to spend some time with them and visit their studio. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the trip. After arriving and chatting with them, the first thing I noticed was how much of their decision making process was like mine. They shared the same aspirations towards building a long term and sustainable community without having short sighted business goals that end up hurting the quality of the game. One of the most important things for me though was that there wasn't going to be anyone standing above telling me how I should be doing things. They trust the developers that have experience to make the best decisions for their playerbase. The atmosphere at Valve allows everyone to be very comfortable and able to focus on what they love doing. It also doesn't hurt that they are huge DotA fans.. until their favorite heroes are nerfed, then I'm the bad guy for a week!

Q: How popular is DotA these days? (from china_white)

A: I can only give estimates based on usage, because I can't track ingame downloads or fansites or downloads from China. It is roughly estimated (based on the statistics from popular Chinese sites) that the Chinese DotA audience is about 40-50% of the worldwide audience. Not counting China, the playerbase is estimated to be somewhere between 7-11 million. I expect the audience to grow even more in the not too distant future.

Q: Is your goal to make everything picked the same amount of times? (from j.walsh)

A: I don't think about it that way exactly. Sure it's good if there is a nice distribution and that is something to work towards, but really the goal in DotA's development is, first and foremost, to make the gameplay quality the best it can be. It is the combination of all the heroes, items and mechanics together that makes DotA what it is and not the individual elements alone. Sometimes that means certain things are carefully adjusted to be more frequent than others, sometimes it doesn't, but ultimately the main judge of a game's quality is not in some artificial balance metric, but in the overall gameplay quality and depth that it has.

Q: Can you tell us something about 6.68? (from Carlos)

A: It is still a work in progress and needs some time, but it will have new heroes, more balance improvements, and some new features as well. Here is one of the new heroes in development: Icarus, the Phoenix

Q: What do you think about DotA's future, will it continue to grow? (from Amir)

A: Definitely. I think players like to spend their time on something they both enjoy and trust. While DotA has a lot to offer now in terms of content and gameplay quality, I will always be working hard to improve it and all that work will be maintained when it matures to something that solves all the other non-gameplay elements that it needs to go to the next level. I think it is a good option for players that want to spend time on a game that will grow with them. It also has a very bright future in the competitive scene. In addition to the already announced SMM ($32,000), ESWC ($24,500), a soon to be announced online ($30,000) event and another huge offline event that will be revealed soon, there will also be an even bigger set of opportunities in the future for players that are dedicating their time and energy into DotA. I think players on all levels of play will be satisfied with their choice and experience with the game.

Q:Why are some heroes unavailable in -CM mode? (from Brandom Lim)

A: It is a largely experimental idea so it may or may not remain for the future. There are a lot of different reasons for it though. In some cases it's balance or bug-potential related. Other times it is done to limit the number of simultaneous changes so that certain changes can be more easily measured. In a lot of cases where the above aren't a factor, it is actually done to give enough opportunity for players to understand how to play with and against them and understand the strengths and weaknesses better. This also makes new versions less destabalizing for competitive gaming while still providing a continuous stream of fresh content. That being said though, I've gotten a lot of requests from players that use the mode for casual or semi-competitive play and miss omitted heroes, so I may add a subcommand to unlock all.

Q: What do you think about the fan support of competitive teams? (from Mooseman)

A: Fan support is, for the most part, very good. I think it's great how passionate many of them are about competitive DotA. At times, though, some of them can be a little too judgmental towards teams based on their last few consecutive wins or losses. They have a lot of pressure on them and sometimes they make mistakes or just want to relax and try something different. I don't think it is always fair to judge them for that. They also face top competition regularly, so its hard to win every time. Teams have a lot of pride and spend a lot of time practicing, so it can be demoralizing to them when some fans change their attitudes towards them so fast.

Q: Are we going to see more visual effects in the future? (from Zikaro)

A: Visual upgrades can be a good thing (and they will come in the future) but is extremely important to not add too much visual noise. You want a scene that has a nice atmosphere and theme but isn't too cluttered or shiny that it negatively affects gameplay by making it hard to tell what is going on.

Q: Should we expect to see any more loadscreens by Kunkka? (from 27302)

A: Yes, he is planning a new one now, but I can't tell you when it will be done since it depends on his free time.

Q: Do you use WC3 Editor by itself or other things as well? (from Sasha200)

A: Most of the map development is done outside of the editor actually. There are a lot of separate script files and program tools that are used together to create the map file.

Q: Any interesting bugs or features that were in beta maps? (from OpyyuRDs)

A: We once had a different ability for Techies that used the same visual art and sound effects from starcraft one for the ghost nuke. When he used it, a red indicator would appear on the ground like in Starcraft and then it would play the classic "Nuclear Launch Detected" audio. It sounded a lot cooler than it played out in practice and it was near the end of a beta cycle and had some balancing and design issues, so we decided to remove it instead of rush it in. As far as bugs go, Chaos Knight could pull towers in one beta version, so you were able to have a line of towers pushing on the enemy side!

Q: Will more heroes get an Aghanim upgrade to their ultimate? (from Akder)

A: Yea, I usually try to add some more every version or two. I think it's a good idea to add them in slowly though, instead of too many at once. I've also gotten more requests for extra graphic animations for the ones that already have, so I'll try to find suitable ones for those as well.

Q: What is the hardest part when developing dota? What risks are there? (from Bannion)

A: The hardest part is actually not the development itself, but in how to measure success. The thing I always try to work on the most is increasing the measurability/prediction of a successful patch. The goal is to be able to improve the development process and feedback systems for better accuracy to what reasonates best with players. The riskiest thing is making a change where it might take too long to discover its true impacts on the game where it becomes hard to reverse. We work really hard to eliminate that stuff early on in the theory phase with either careful analysis or specific beta testing.

Q: How do you decide when to release a new patch? (from VinceX)

A: There are two separate considerations for this. The first is frequency. If you update too frequently players do not get a chance to settle into the previous changes and learn the game, if you update too slowly then you aren't providing enough fresh content. It is a balance between the two that I'm always trying to find a happy medium between as I get more feedback from players. The second is when it's "ready". I usually release it as soon as I feel that the value we get out of more internal testing is too low compared to external feedback we'd get from the larger community. If we are still in the experimenting phase where we are trying out ideas then it's not ready. Once it feels like it needs external testing to be able to make more good decisions, then it is released. From my perspective, the game is in constant development and improvement regardless, it just becomes a matter of what is the most effective way to improve something.

Q: What takes the most time each patch? Researching, Balancing, Implementing or Bug Hunting? (from Enders)

A: The two most time consuming are usually research and experimentation. Research involves more than just playing the game, it's also watching replays, reading a wide range of feedback and talking with players. Experimentation is the other time consuming part. It would be fast to just reproduce a patch if I already knew exactly what to do, but the hard part is usually figuring out what you want to do and doing the proper testing before making changes.

Q: What are you most happy about with regards to DotA? (from Artem)

A: I am really thankful for all the support players have given this game, it is more than I could ask for. I see a vibrant community that, despite the very hard learning curve DotA has, grows through the dedication and passion of its players. That shows me how much more potential the game has and encourages me to work harder.


IceFrog Q&A Session #4

Few weeks ago IceFrog blogged that he will do Q&A session #4 soon, Now it's here. In this Q&A session IceFrog has briefly answered some of the questions that DotA Fans asked. It's very interesting to read this Q&A Session as compared to the previous ones. Also, IceFrog has revealed about the upcoming new hero Icarus, The Phoenix in DotA 6.68. You must read it!Q: When will we hear more about you

Leviathan the Tidehunter Guide, Build & Strategy

Leviathan Guide & Build, the Tidehunter Strategy. Leviathan is one of the great tanker who has good self-defend mechanism and also can be a good initiator in a big war using his ultimate skill: Ravage. This post contains Leviathan the Tidehunter guide, item build, skill build and strategy.

Greatest of the sea giants, Leviathan was sealed away in the aftermath of the war between the Old Gods and the Titans in ancient times. Now released by the Lich King to aid in his crusade against the Sentinel, he cleaves through waves of enemies with his mighty anchor, breaking enemy sieges before they even begin. As terrible a foe on land as he is in water, those who stand before the Tidehunter are swept away in a sea of spikes, eviscerated as he closes in to pulverize those left to receive his wrath.

Strength - 22 + 3 (Primary)
Agility - 15 + 1.5
Intelligence- 16 + 1.7

Base damage 47-53
Attack range of 100 (melee)
Base Armor 3.1
Movement speed of 310

Tidehunter Skill Descriptions

Gush (G)

Summons a spirit of the tides to damage an enemy unit. Reduces the movement speed by 40% and armor of the enemy unit. Lasts 4 seconds.

Level 1 - Reduces armor by 2, deals 110 damage
Level 2 - Reduces armor by 3, deals 160 damage
Level 3 - Reduces armor by 4, deals 210 damage
Level 4 - Reduces armor by 5, deals 260 damage

Mana Cost: 120
Cooldown: 12

Take the advantages of this skill in early minutes: short cooldown, movement speed reduction, high damage and armor reduction which gonna deal more physical damage with your mate. In late game, this skill is still useful with its short cooldown and movement speed reduction.

Kraken Shell

Creates a thick armor shell around Leviathan that protects him against attacks. Whenever he loses 600 hitpoints from player based damage, it removes negative buffs. Damage counter gets reset if no damage taken in 6 seconds. Damage block doesn't stack with Stout Shield, Poor Man's Shield or Vanguard.

Level 1 - Reduces attack damage by 7
Level 2 - Reduces attack damage by 14
Level 3 - Reduces attack damage by 21
Level 4 - Reduces attack damage by 28

This skill is similar to free Vanguard, make leviathan can alive in early minutes since it has attack damage reduction. With this skill, leviathan can't killed by his enemy using negative buff skill like Shadow Strike and others.

Anchor Smash

Leviathan swings his mighty anchor with a vengeance. Gives a 20% chance to deal bonus damage to nearby enemies.

Level 1 - Deals 75 damage in a small radius
Level 2 - Deals 115 damage in a small radius
Level 3 - Deals 155 damage in a small radius
Level 4 - Deals 200 damage in a small radius

This skill almost works like a free Battlefury, but instead it's percentage-based. It is more useful when he has high attack speed, his DPS will increase.

Ravage (V)

Slams the ground, causing waves of spikes to ring the hero in all directions. Deals damage and stuns. Area increases per level.

Level 1 - Deals 250 damage. 1.5 seconds stun. 850 AoE
Level 2 - Deals 350 damage. 1.8 seconds stun. 950 AoE
Level 3 - Deals 450 damage. 2.25 seconds stun. 1050 AoE

Cooldown: 150
Mana Cost: 150/225/325

This skill is used to initiate team battles. With big Area of Effect, it is easy to land and will cause every enemy around him stunned.

Tidehunter Skill Build

Level 1: Gush
Level 2: Kraken Shell
Level 3: Gush
Level 4: Kraken Shell
Level 5: Gush
Level 6: Ravage
Level 7: Gush
Level 8: Kraken Shell
Level 9: Kraken Shell
Level 10: Anchor Smash
Level 11: Ravage
Level 12: Anchor Smash
Level 13: Anchor Smash
Level 14: Anchor Smash
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Ravage
Levels 17-25: Stats

Gush is his main nuke, so it is important to take early. Kraken Shell helps him with its survivability early on so he can avoid going back to the fountain. When he has reached level 10 and has high enough attack speed, Anchor smash will be useful to increase DPS. Ravage is his ultimate skill, so it is important to take whenever possible.

Tidehunter Item Build

1. Gauntlet of Strength, 3x Ironwood Branch, 1 set of Tangos, 1 set of Observer Wards
2. Optional: Quelling Blade
3. Finish Magic Wand, Bracer
4. Boots of Speed
5. Finish Power Tread
6. Kelen's Dagger

Your core item should be like this:

Quelling Blade is necessary for farming since it can increase Leviathan's damage to non-hero units by 32%. Energy Charge from Magic Wand can be casted when he is lack of mana to succeed landing his ultimate or to give a gush to an enemy.

Power Thread make him farming more effective together with Anchor Smash to increase his DPS. As alternative, it can be used to help his friend by gank enemies: visiting enemies faster and landing high DPS to them.

Dagger is very useful for perfectly landing Ravage to initiate a team battle.

Tidehunter Luxury Items

Refresher is very mana-intensive for him, however a double ultimate is game-breaking. Make sure that if he get this, he has enough mana to landing double ultimate.Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse is an extra disable. It also solves his mana problems, so this is a good item for Tide to have.

Heart of Tarrasque is an obvious choice for any tank especially for Tide. It gives him some much needed survivability and improves his tankiness by a lot. Assault Cuirass adds some massive survivability and IAS. Even though it is quite expensive, it helps his DPS and survivability a lot.

Dying a lot because of nukes? Khadgard's Pipe of Insight is for him. Those all out nukers will find it much harder to kill him and his team know.

Tidehunter Strategy

You can pick this hero whenever you want. In early minutes, you should put him in the top or bottom lane. Conserve your mana first, farm as good as possible and keep survive. If you and your teammate are confident to kill enemy, cast a gush to an enemy then your allies can follow up and proceed to take out the enemy.
Sometimes, you need to gank. Leave your lane and help another friend. Cast a gush and do the same to kill enemy, cast ravage too if possible and if you want.

In a big war, the most important role is initiating team battles. Here are some 'rules' to think about whenever getting ready to initiate:
1) Make sure your team is ready and fully behind you on this. You don't want to go in and then have your team back off, leaving you to die.
2) If you are blinking into the enemies (which you probably will), then always blink into the very middle of them. The reason is that you want to catch all of them in your ultimate, by initiating at the edge of the enemies, you will probably only catch a few.

Also know the AOE of Ravage. This is important because you want your positioning to be good so that when you Ravage you catch the most enemies possible. Gush the weakest hero after ravaging; most of the time this is their disabler or carry hero.

Based on: Playdota Guide

This post contain Leviathan Guide & Build - The Tidehunter Strategy. If you have different build or strategy, you can give your comments or make your own guide on the Tidehunter Forum.

Sven Guide & Build - The Rogue Knight Strategy

Sven Guide & Build, Sven the Rogue Knight Strategy. Sven is not the best STR tanker, but he is a good ganker and can be a good carry since his skills allow him to deal a lot of area of effect damage to several targets at once. This post contains Sven the Rogue Knight guide, item build, skill build and strategy.

Sand King

A follower of the great God of Order, Paladine, Sven has sworn to uphold the rights of all. Born of a Knight and a Night Elf and ostracized since birth, Sven has lead a solitary existence of meditation and training. He has come out of his wanderings determined to guard the innocent against evil. Armed with his blessed cleaving blade Justice, and harnessing the power to strike down his enemies with the might of God's Strength, Sven's wrath toward the unjust is a sight to behold.

Strength - 23 + 2.7 (Primary)
Agility - 21 + 2
Intelligence- 14 + 1.3

Base damage 54-56
Attack range of 125 (melee)
Base Armor 1.94
Movement speed of 295

Sven Skill Descriptions

Storm Bolt (T)

Targets an area around an enemy unit and releases a magical hammer dealing damage and stunning enemy units. 250 AoE. Stun lasts 2 seconds.

Level 1 - 100 damage.
Level 2 - 175 damage.
Level 3 - 250 damage.
Level 4 - 325 damage.

Mana Cost: 140
Cooldown: 15

This skill remains the same mana cost, cooldown and duration, but the damage increases. This is a nice skill to work on. This skill can be used to:
- set up a gank,
- stall time for allies to arrive,
- finish off a Lothar's Sniper,
- cancel enemy's channeling spell

Great Cleave (C)

Sven strikes with such force that all nearby enemies take damage.

Level 1 - 20% damage is splashed.
Level 2 - 30% damage is splashed.
Level 3 - 40% damage is splashed.
Level 4 - 50% damage is splashed.

This skill is like to free battlefury. It is used for clearing the faster and will be more effective when Sven has big damage.

Warcry (W)

With the righteous anger of one wielding Justice, Sven lets loose a mighty Warcry, heartening his allies for battle. Sven and nearby allies gain 12% movespeed and increased armor for 6 seconds. 450 AoE.

Level 1 - 12% Movement Speed. + 3 Armor.
Level 2 - 12% Movement Speed. + 6 Armor.
Level 3 - 12% Movement Speed. + 9 Armor.
Level 4 - 12% Movement Speed. + 12 Armor.

Cooldown: 36/30/24/18
Mana Cost: 25

This skill can be used before or after team battles for the armor or for the extra ms to chase down fleeing heroes. Be sure to cancel the animation!.

God's Strength (R)

Sven gets pumped up! Adds bonus damage for 25 seconds.

Level 1 - Adds 100% damage
Level 2 - Adds 125% damage
Level 3 - Adds 150% damage

Cooldown: 80
Mana Cost: 100/150/200

This skill makes Sven superman giving him lots of extra damage. Be sure to cancel the animation!

Sven Skill Build

Level 1: Storm Bolt
Level 2: Stats
Level 3: Storm Bolt
Level 4: Warcry
Level 5: Storm Bolt
Level 6: God's Strength
Level 7: Storm Bolt
Level 8: Stats
Level 9: Stats
Level 10: Warcry
Level 11: Warcry
Level 12: Warcry
Level 13: Great Cleave
Level 14: Great Cleave
Level 15: Great Cleave
Level 16: Great Cleave
Level 17: God's Strength
Level 18: God's Strength
Levels 19-25: Stats

Storm Bolt is his main skill in early minutes. It has high damage, 2 seconds stun and 15 s cooldown. If you don't want him lack of mana to cast his skills, give him enough stats. Warcry is needed in early minutes for chasing enemy once in a while. But in mid game, he needs it more often, short cooldown of Warcry will help him. One level of God's Strength is enough in early and mid game because increasing level of god's strength will cause him store more mana and is not comparable with 25% increased damage. When he has enough big damage with BKB, Satanic or Armlet, then Great Cleave will help him farming or clearing the way more effective.

Sven Item Build

1. 2 Set of Tangos, 3 x Ironwood Branch, Clarity Potion, Animal courier.
2. Finish Magic Wand
3. Flying Courier, Boots of Speed
4. Urn of Shadows & Soul Ring,
5. Mask of Death, Finish Power Thread
6. Kelen's Dagger
7. Scroll of Town Portal

Sven's core item should be like this:

Magic Wand is the most imba item in the game. The burst regeneration is useful in so many circumstances such as escaping a gank, turning the tide of a battle, or gaining back just enough mana to to kill somebody. Urn of Shadows is great item for dusting up after a gank, very important for him. Soul Ring Used in conjunction with Urn of Shadows can replace and work better than Bottle.

He needs courier a lot for shopping many cheap items, and that measly little walking slave won't be enough. Ask an ally to give it wings, or do yourself. Everyone needs boots, and He is no exception. Low MS and melee attack range force Sven to grab boots early, even with Warcry. Power treads gives the versatility of switching between stats when necessary and more damage, even with God's Strength.

Who doesn't want to steal life? It can be upgraded into either MoM or Satanic, either of which are very good for him. Blink is invaluable, seriously consider getting this item if his team needs an initiation.

Sven Late Game Items

Mask of Madness is great item because it gives Sven a steroids skill. Since he is carry, MoM should be equipped because of the huge IAS it gives. But if he is tanking, Satanic should be preferred.

BKB's stats are great and the avatar ability is insane. Without BKB he run the risk of being chain disabled, nuked to death, or simply having his buffs purged off with a diffusual blade. Get BKB right after core.

Although the damage and critical from Buriza is great, God's Strength doesn't benefit from raw +dmg. The cost is also very high, but this item can advantageous him since he has Great Cleave. Great Cleave + Critical is amazing.

With Assault Cuirass, he can kill his enemy faster since it lowers enemy armor and gives IAS. He will also become harder to die caused by high armor.

Armlet is awesome item, good on almost all STR heroes, it's just a little too risky to use on Sven. Unholy strength increases Sven's damage a shit load, seriously consider this item in conjunction with MoM if his team has enough disables to keep him alive.

Sven Strategy

You should pick this hero when your team has enough support hero. These are the supports for Sven: Crystal Maiden, Lion, Witch Doctor, Ogre Magi, Magnataur, Vengeful, Darkseer.
Beware of his counters:
- Diffusual Blade carried by Phantom Lancer or Naga Siren,
- Rhasta or Athropos with their binding spell
- Krobelus with her ultimate, every melee hero should avoid her as enemy.

 In early minutes, just farm as best as you can, maybe even try for firstblood if you have an ally with a disable help you. Try not to die and just last hit/deny those creeps. Don't push the lane unnecessarily. When you reach level 7, you should have most of your core by now and maybe a kill or two. You can leave your lane and start hardcore ganking, or if your the carry for your team you can try to get in a little more farm. This is the point in the game when you make the decision on whether to make dagger or BKB first.

In mid game, go around ganking, participate in all the team fights, and farm whenever you have time, this is the stage of the game where TP scrolls really shine so make sure you always have 2 on you. Try to get together a few kills and farm your core as quickly as possible.

In late game, push with your team, and make sure your there for every single one of the team fights, pick off farming heroes with your allies and kill Roshan. Most important phase of the game, you should be done with your core and working on one or two of your late game items.

In ultra late game, try backdooring or pushing multiple lanes to gain victory.

Based on: PlayDota Guide

This post contain Sven Guide & Build - The Rogue Knight Strategy. If you have different build or suggestion, you can leave your comments or make your own guide on Sven Forum.

Dota Tricks V - Dota 6.67c Tricks, Bugs and Abuse

Kuarinofu has just made another awesome video that contains various Dota 6.67c bugs, tricks and abuse. Some awesome trick is how to keep the mana from Soul Ring after 10 seconds by using Power Treads. Another cool trick is to shot Mirana's arrow backward while you're leaping. Check out all that cool stuffs in this video. Enjoy the Dota Tricks V!

Credits: Thanks to Kuarinofu who always make us a great video!

New Heroes Coming In DotA 6.68

If you are waiting for the DotA v. 6.68 then there is a cool news for you! IceFrog has confirmed that there are new heroes coming in Dota 6.68. In the following image below you'll see IceFrog confirming the appearance of new heroes by commenting on his profile page.Well, IceFrog has not disclosed any information or teaser of the upcoming heroes as he is known for keeping secrets. This is very

New Heroes on Dota 6.68!

Are you still waiting for the Dota 6.68? Well, if you do, then i have a good news for you. Recently, IceFrog has just confirmed on his profile page at PlayDota that there will new heroes on Dota 6.68! What? You don't believe me? Check out the picture below! ;)

Wohooo! Even though there's no further information about the new heroes details from IceFrog yet, the new heroes news already makes me really excited! What about you guys? Do you have any idea what kind of heroes will popped out on Dota-Allstars 6.68? Share it here!

Credits: Thanks to Nikola and Aegis for the info! ;)

Update: IceFrog has just revealed on the Q&A #4 that one of the new heroes will be Icarus the Phoenix!

Final Update
It released guys!! Check out the Dota 6.68 Download Links and the Dota 6.68 Changelogs.

Krakko the Fire Panda Guide, Strategy & Build

Krakko the Fire Panda Guide, Strategy and Build. This post is made based on the rumor that saying Krakko the Fire Panda will be one of the new heroes on the Dota 6.68. Krakko the Fire Panda is rumored to be an Strenght hero. However, we got no more info about him. Until Icefrog confirm Krakko the Fire Panda, this post will locked for comments.

Four Nice Dota Videos for You This Week

And here we go, this week Dota videos. This time we got four -yes, four!- videos that contains lots of awesome moves and i hope it can cheer you up this week. Enjoy!

Dota - Untitled by TheZMusic. This video focusing on Hexor and Blan action. Lots of awesome stuff from them. Check out the highlights for more details.


0.20: Hexor's Nevermore blind raze on an escaping Batrider
1.11: Puck's smart way to destroy the tower
1.51: Force staff from danger and Euls for the kill
3.25: Bone Fletcher in the face of danger
4.39: Leveling up save
4.57: Force staff vs Sand King and Slayer
6.25: Lion goes up against Tiny and Naix

The second video is DotA - M² a.k.a Dota Mindplay. Nice music, effects and a lot of mind play.


1.27: AoE central
2.01: hyhy on Puck with timely Phase Shifts
3.02: Mirana lands an excellent Arrow and follows-up with a clever Manta escape
3.30: Nevermore on a rampage
4.00: Anti-Mage showing off Mana Void's AoE
4.28: Sword_777 and DIPS take on MYM
7.09: Ball Lightning jukes

The third one is DotA.Future 2, although it didn't use many effects, the scene and the song choice makes up for it.

The last one is DotA - Sweet Poison. Lots of short scene with nice move

All the videos is taken from Dota-Blog Media forums. Check out all the good stuff there. Thanks .|c000000ffJK! ;)

Akasha Guide & Build - The Queen of Pain (QoP) Strategy

Akasha Guide & Build, Akasha the Queen of Pain (QoP) Strategy. Akasha is the one who can annihilate creeps fastly, enter and leaving the combat as fast as she want and deal massive AoE damage. This post contains Akasha the Queen of Pain guide, item build, skill build and strategy.

Akasha is one of the many souls claimed by the blade, Frostmourne. Raised to serve the Lich King as a Banshee, she desired to become pure substance once more. Driving deep into the forests, she was able to subdue and possess a Succubus minion. Rightly bearing the title, Queen of Pain, she enjoys nothing more than inflicting massive damage on her foes, using both the poisonous strikes of her succubus host and the vicious howls retained from her Banshee nature. Akasha breaks her enemies' eardrums with torturing screams, some so loud they manifest into powerful waves that ripple across the lands, shattering all in their wake.

Strength - 16 + 1.7
Agility - 18 + 2
Intelligence- 24 + 2.5 (Primary)

Base damage 45-53
Attack range of 550
Base Armor 1.6
Movement speed of 300

Skill Descriptions

Shadow Strike (D)

Hurls a poisoned dagger which deals large initial damage, and then deals damage over time. The poisoned unit has its movement speed slowed for a short duration. Slow quantity increases per level.

Level 1 - 50 strike damage, 15 duration damage. 20% initial slow
Level 2 - 70 strike damage, 30 duration damage. 30% initial slow
Level 3 - 70 strike damage, 45 duration damage. 40% initial slow
Level 4 - 100 strike damage, 60 duration damage. 50% initial slow

Mana Cost: 80/100/120/140
Cooldown: 20/17/14/11

The main purpose to take this skill is for the slow. Cast it to the enemy who will run away from the death.

Blink (B)

Short distance teleportation that allows one to move in and out of combat.

Level 1 - 200 - 700 Range Teleportation
Level 2 - 200 - 850 Range Teleportation
Level 3 - 200 - 1000 Range Teleportation
Level 4 - 200 - 1150 Range Teleportation

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6
Mana Cost: 60

A really useful spell. You can use this to entering the cliff and even dodge spells like Skeleton King's Hellfire Blast. Be careful when use this skill for entering combat, she can die because can't run away while her next Blink has not ready yet.

Scream of Pain (F)

The Queen of Pain lets loose a piercing scream, damaging nearby enemies.

Level 1 - 85 damage per target
Level 2 - 165 damage per target
Level 3 - 225 damage per target
Level 4 - 300 damage per target

Cooldown: 7
Mana Cost: 140

This skill is used to harass the enemies with high damage & little cooldown. Really useful for farming. Remember the Scream range by watching the picture below.

Sonic Wave (W)

Creates a gigantic wave of sound which deals heavy damage to all units in a line.

Level 1 - 290 (340*) damage
Level 2 - 430 (530*) damage
Level 3 - 600 (725*) damage

Cooldown: 135 (120/100/80 *)
Mana Cost: 250/360/500
*) With Aghanim

This skill can be used for either opening or finishing a sequence of attack. It has huge AoE and can hit multiple heroes at once.

Akasha Skill Build

Level 1: Blink
Level 2: Scream of Pain
Level 3: Scream of Pain
Level 4: Shadow Strike
Level 5: Scream of Pain
Level 6: Sonic Wave
Level 7: Scream of Pain
Level 8: Shadow Strike/Blink
Level 9: Shadow Strike/Blink
Level 10: Shadow Strike/Blink
Level 11: Sonic Wave
Level 12: Blink/Shadow Strike
Level 13: Blink/Shadow Strike
Level 14: Blink/Shadow Strike
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Sonic Wave
Levels 17-25: Stats

 In the early minutes, she can harass her enemies using Scream of Pain for big instant damage and little cooldown. Maxed it as fast as you can. Level 1 Blink and Shadow Strike are enough in the early minutes to avoid from ganking or strike suddenly. Using Sonic Wave, she can finish her enemies using two nukes combined with the Scream. While ganking, leveling the Shadow Strike is necessary. As time goes by, her enemies become stronger and hard to kill instantly, so she needs to move as fast as possible to keep herself alive, that's why leveling up Blink will help her. It's your choice wether you want to maxed Blink or Shadow Strike first.

Akasha Item Build

1. 3x Ironwood Branch + Mantle of Intelligence + 2 set of Tangos + 2 Clarity Potion or just empty Bottle
 2. Void stone if you can harass your enemies and can keep your hp full. Point booster / Ring of Health if you are harassed.
3. Point booster if you didn't have it + Boots of Speed + Finish Perseverance.
 4. Finish Power Treads (+ Town Portals) or Boots of Travel

Akasha's core item should be like this:

Perseverance is equipped for regenerating hp & mana. Point Booster is equipped to increase hp and mana little much more so she is little harder to die and can cast spells without lack of mana. Using Boots of Travel, she can help her friends killing enemies anywhere when needed. Empty Bottle (optional) is standard item in tourney game. It is used to restore hp and mana in few seconds and get the rune.

Luxury Items

+ + + +

Getting Linkens Sphere is your main target. With Linken and Blink, you will be really hard to kill. Aghanim is necessary to increase Sonic Wave's ability (increase damage and lower cooldown). If your team lack of disable, you can choose to get Guinsoo first. Eye of Skadi will be your luxury if the game dragged long enough. Shiva's guard increase her armor so she is harder to be killed and also to cast Arctic Blast for slowing enemies around her and clearing the way faster.

Akasha Strategy

You should pick this hero when your team need a good pusher, ganker and carry at the same time since she can clear the enemy creeps really fast, has Blink ability to enter or leaving the combat and can farm really quick. Try not to pick her when there are Doombringer, Enigma, Silencer, Traxex and/or Rooftrellen as your enemy.

She is needed in the mid game game to help your team harass/kill the enemy/enemies and clearing the way to reach tower. She need to level up as soon as possible. So, place her first in the solo lane.

In early minutes, harassing your enemy (if melee) using common attack is a good choice. Don't waste your mana, cast Scream of Pain to get lots of creeps kill and hurting your enemies at the same time. When she have reached level 6 or 7 and you're seeing enemy's hp is low enough to be killed, Blink near him, cast Scream of Pain, Shadow Strike and Sonic Wave. One thing that you must keep on your mind is beware of your mana capacity. When you Blinking in and you're miscalculated your mana, you maybe got in trouble.

In the mid game, you should start helping your team to gank the enemies. Cast Blink to initiate the gank, use Shadow Strike to slow your target and immediately cast Scream of Pain while attacking together with your team. You can use Sonic Wave for either opening or finishing attack. If your enemy try to run away with his low hp, follow him while attacking and waiting for the Scream of Pain & Blink cooldown which is very low. Most of the time you will get him killed for sure.

However, don't be too reckless. When you're Blinking in, that's mean you must wait another 6 seconds until you can Blinking out. A lot of Akasha players die because they taunted by the enemies and ended up dying because of the Blink cooldown. Observe the enemies heroes. If you don't see them anywhere in the map and someone with low hp just standing there in the wild, it could be a bait to kill you.

In the team clash, you should utilize Blink to make your enemies confused since it has little cooldown to make Akasha can either entering or leaving combat quickly. Depend on your team, you can use Sonic Wave as the opening attack (most of the time) or finishing attack. If there's Raigor on your team, let him open the attack because your Wave can clear the enemy creeps which is necessary for him. If you got Yurnero/Luna, use your wave to clear the creeps to let them deal massive damage to the enemy heroes with Omnislash/Eclipse.

After let your team initiator start the battle and once the enemies thrown all the ultimates, enter the clash and try to target their main carry. Cast Scream of Pain and Shadow Strike, cast Hex to the enemies carry and Arctic Blast if you have them. If they start focusing on you, use Blink to leave the combat while analyze the situation. Always, always, always try to think about your safety still though. Taking risks often results in your own death. You can entering combat again few seconds later, casting Scream of Pain and chase the low hp enemies. If the enemies is running away, you can chaseeasily using the Blink and finish them.

This post is contain Akasha Guide & Build - The Queen of Pain (QoP) Strategy. If you're having different thought about the build, feel free to comment. Don't forget, you can make your own guide at the Akasha the Queen of Pain forum.