Dota 2 Coming Soon?

Most of us already know that currently IceFrog is working with Valve to develop a new game inspired by DotA. However, we got no further information about it yet. We still don't know anything , the game name (will it be DotA 2?), the release date estimation or even the platform (very possible on PC considering the Valve background, but hey, there's no official information yet!).

But recently, IceFrog has just made a post that his new game with Valve will be come on the near future.
Of course, as we know with DotA, near future is very relative. But considering from what usually happen on Dota, i think it could be around 3-6 months. Here's IceFrog post on the PlayDota forum:

What do you think guys? Will it be named Dota 2 or maybe it will come on totally different name and concept? Can it beat Heroes of Newerth or League of Legends which already come to public? I hope IceFrog will give us a sneak peek on what he worked right now really soon.. @_@

Credits: Thanks to a Good Friend for the email :)