World Cup 2010!

I'm writing this post at the halftime of Argentina vs Nigeria match. Yes, the World Cup 2010 now is being held on the South Africa! And i'm pretty sure, most of the Dota players who loves football/soccer are watching the same scene as i do. For those who doesn't watch, Argentina is lead the match with Gabriel Heinze goal ^^

Well, i just wanna say happy watching for all the football fans in this blog. Hope the best team win the World Cup! :)

PS: My favorite team is Spain, what about you? Share it in this post ;)
PPS: I wonder if IceFrog also watching the World Cup.. If he does, i hope he watch it while working on the Dota 6.68 ^^ Just kidding Icy, you also deserve your own time ;p

Oops, the second half already begin, got to go!

Update: Yeah, Spain goes to final! Can't wait for the final match :)