Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04g Map | Dota-Allstars 6.67c OMG Download

Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04g, the OMG version of Dota 6.67c is finally released. Lately, the OMG map is getting popular and i know many of you are waiting for the new map. If you never heard it before, OMG map is the same map as Dota but you have the liberty to pick (or randomize) your hero skills. Still confuse? Just imagine a Centaur with Chronosphere, Meat Hook, Blink and Land Mines. Got the point?

Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04g Changelogs:

- OMG mode is now based on DotA Allstars 6.67c. All features are saved.
- Abilities Draft is now compatible with Shuffle Players.
- Abilities icons in taverns no longer moves left when some are picked.
- Switch is disabled in Abilities Draft.

Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04g Download Links:
Dota 6.67c OMG via GameWebZ
Dota 6.67c OMG via MegaUpload
Dota 6.67c OMG via

As a reminder, you can activate the OMG mode by using one of these commands:

Random Draft
type -ra with other game modes. Examples: -ardmra (random heroes, random skills and death match)

Abilities Draft
Type -ad with other game modes.

Thanks for the map ~Bob~.. Enjoy the brand new Dota 6.67c OMG! ;)