My Dota 6.68 Prediction - No Phoenix?

Well, as the title said, this post is my Dota 6.68 prediction :) You can also participate by telling me what you know based on the Preview #1, Preview #2 and Preview Video.

1. There will be at least 4 new heroes. The Wisp, Thrall, Gyrocopter and Gnoll Warden. (Preview Video)
2. Phoenix, which is the most anticipated hero on Dota 6.68, is somehow not showed on the Dota 6.68 trailer. This could mean that Icarus is not yet ready for the Dota 6.68 and maybe put on the next version. But there's also a possibility that Ice just doesn't want to show him on the trailer. Let the time answer that. (Preview Video)

3. At least 1 new item, which is the Orb of Venom. (Preview #2)
4. Tiny's Aghanim will let him take the tree and maybe increase his range. (Preview Video and Preview #2)
5. Kinetic Field is Thrall's skill which makes heroes trapped on the circle. (Preview Video and Preview #2)

6. Warlock's Aghanim will let him summon multiple Golems? Still unsure about this. (Preview Video)
7. New Skeleton King Vampiric's Aura. The cosmetics is changed, but no information about the effect. (Preview Video)
8. New Captain Mode (Preview #2)
9. New Gold System  (Preview #1)
10. New Cosmetics for Puck's Aghanim (Preview Video)
11. The Wisp have a kinda Teleport skill which allow to teleport a hero with him. (Preview Video)
12. The Gyrocopter has missiles as his skills. He is mech-themed hero just like Tinker. (Preview Video)
13. The Gnoll can levitate a hero with purple circle. Or maybe he gain something from enemy heroes death. (Preview Video)
14. ...

Wanna help me add the list? ;)

PS: Updated with the leaked skill from Leaky, who commented on this post.
Please note that this is from unconfirmed source, but based on video, it seems real ;)

Gnoll - INT
--- 1st skill: Banishes target like Obsidian, upon returning, create 2 illusions of that target
--- 2nd skill: Target an area, but only one? (not sure) is affected, that unit takes more damage... the animation where the heroes levitate in the video is just them having this buff.
--- 3rd skill: a low cooldown spammable "nuke"; via Shockwave style, only it deals 50 damage, and every time a unit is hit, they are given a charge. after 10 seconds of not being hit, or activating the "poison" itself, deal damage depending on number of charges. very hard to aim since aoe similar to Windrunner's arrow
--- Ulti: single target purge, stunned then slowed... after those buffs are gone, the target is dealt 200/300/400 damage.

Gyrocopter - AGI
---1st Skill: Upon activation, randomly fire 30 rockets around you, 10 rockets per second, lasts 3 seconds, just very weak damage, no stun... though like Leshrac, if there is only 1 target within the area, he will take ALL rockets
---2nd Skill: Homing Missile; launches a missile; inactive for 2 seconds first... afterwards, it starts to home in on the target; ignoring fog. The missile can be destroyed, and it will stun the target upon impact, and deal damage depending on distance traveled (max of 400 damage on lvl 4)
--- 3rd skill: limited self orb effect: your attacks damage all units within 800 AoE of you. Lasts for a certain time limit or for 3/4/5/6 attacks. yes this is full damage, but again, no orb effect *have not tested all other orb effects*
--- Ulti: NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED... target an area, after 2 seconds, a missile damages all enemies and slows them, then after 2 seconds after the 1st missile, another one is launched, weaker damage.

Far Seer: INT
--- 1st skill: Target an enemy, putting a cloud above them. Every second? (maybe 1.5 seconds), the cloud strikes the target, dealing damage, will also damage any units near the affected units. Lasts for 3 strikes
--- 2nd skill: Time Lapse, only this time you target your enemy... after some time, the target will return to where he was 4 seconds ago. Cast range and cooldown? improves per level
--- 3rd skill: Plamsa Field: Similar to Furion's Sprout, but bigger AoE, and your allies can go in and out
--- Ulti: Think Riki's smoke, but there's also DPS. DPS is low at first but if you stay to long, the DPS grows

Wisp: STR?!? (may change, 500+ range)
--- 1st skill: target an ally, you are "hooked" towards that ally, and both of you gain bonus MV SPD (and maybe other benefits? didn't check). The 2 of you have a "tether"/link. Any enemies that pass by this tether are stunned.
--- 2nd skill: Upon activation, every few seconds, an orb circles around the wisp. Any enemy units hit by the orbs are slowed and damaged. I think you can grow/shrink the radius of the orbs circle around you. Supposedly creeps do not consume the orb but are also dealt damage.
--- 3rd skill: Drains 2.5% of MAX HP and MP to grant bonus ATK SPD and damage?. Can cancel. The tethered unit you have from the 1st skill also gets the bonus.
--- 4th skill: Teleport to any location for a limited time... if you have a tethered unit with you, he is also teleported. After 12 seconds, you are teleported back to where you 2 were.

Final Update
It released guys!! Check out the Dota 6.68 Download Links and the Dota 6.68 Changelogs.