Dota 6.68c 6v6 Ver. 2 Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.68c 6v6

dota 6.68c 6v6Dota 6.68c 6v6 Ver. 2 at last released. Now you can play the Dota 6.68c with 6 players on each side. And looks like we got a new developer, FuBaSh. Check out the links below for the download links.

Dota 6.68c 6v6 Download Link

Download Links
DotA_Allstars_v6.68c_6v6_Ver_2.w3x via GameWebz
DotA_Allstars_v6.68c_6v6_Ver_2.w3x via 6v6DotA

If you find a bug on this Dota 6.68c 6v6 map, report it directly in this post. Enjoy! ;)