DotA-Blog Reaching More Than 10,000 Subscribers!

DotA-Blog is actually reaching more than 10,000 subscribers! Guys, that's really something for me.. Back then when i started this blog, i never imagine that the DotA-Blog will be this big. Heck, the blog's name is still using "". Anyone remember that ^^? And for this achievement, i wanna give my thanks personally to..

1. IceFrog, thanks for developing such amazing map. Without your map, this blog won't even exist.
2. DotA-Blog's Contributors. A lot of names here. Thank you for all of your email and updates. It really help this blog to post the latest updates about DotA.
3. DotA-Blog Forums' Staffs. Thanks for helping me maintain the forums :)
4. DotA-Blog's Readers. Yup, that's including you! It's you who make this blog still alive and keep growing. Thank you for reading this blog :)

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Thanks again guys.. Hope this blog will keep growing and able to provide you with the latest and fastest DotA updates :)