DotA Tricks 7 | Awesome Tricks on DotA 6.68c

At last, Kuarinofu released his latest DotA Trick series, DotA Tricks 7. You can see some awesome tricks which you may not see it yet. Check out the detailed time line under the video. Enjoy!

1-0.18 Attacking illusions will not cause creeps to Attack you
2-0.30 Stacking Orchid to get Imba damage
3-0.45 Heroes are able to use instant click items during TP or getting silenced (except for Doom's Ulti)
4-0.55 BKB + Ethereal Blade will prevent you from getting any damage
5-1.05 You can blink towards Tidehunter to dodge his Ravage
6-1.13 Transfer Hp to Allies without losing any HP by using Eul's Scepter
7-1.21 Gyro's Missile can be Purged to destroy it
8-1.28 You can also Decrepify the missile to prevent enemies from attacking the missile
9-1.36 Stacking Venom Orb with Mana Burn by buying the Venom Orb before leveling up Mana Burn
10-1.47 Escaping Kinetic Field using Skills/Items with MS more than 550
11-1.56 Extending Wisp's Tether by moving further Away
11-2.08 Hooking Enemies/Allies to original location be casting hook before being teleported by Wisp
11-2.15 You can Tether to Beast Master's Bird to get away easily
12-2.25 Using Wisp's 1st and 3rd skill together on Syllabear's Bear to gain Imba Attack Speed
13-2.35 Using Wisp's Relocate to surprise gang your enemies
14-2.56 You can Sell item through Hero Circle when in need of money

Video by Kuarinofu
Time line by Joon Kiat