Valve's DotA Update, Preview Coming Tomorrow!

For those who are waiting for the Valve's version of DotA, we've just got a news from the IceFrog's blog. Check it out!

Hey guys, Game Informer dropped by the office last week to take a look at what I've been working on with the rest of the team over the last year.

They are going to post an article about it tomorrow on their website. I'll give you guys a link to it as soon as it is published.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys think!

Seems like we'll finally be able to take a peek on what IceFrog doing all this year. I hope the Game Informer will put some screenshots or maybe even a video :) Let's cross our fingers and hope it will be awesome :D

Until then, let's try the brand new DotA 6.69! And don't forget, DotA 6.69 have a Phoenix Hidden Quest inside, check out our guide for the details.

Update: It's officially announced, check it here.