DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.4 Map Download | 25+ Fun Heroes!

Love the previous DotA AI Fun map? If you like it, than we got a good news for you. Overflow keep updating the map and adding even more fun heroes. Now, there's 4 fun tavern with a total of 17 additional heroes!

Here are the tavern list:
1. Remade Tavern. The old version of remade heroes. (3 heroes)
2. Extinct Tavern. The heroes that no longer exist on the current DotA. (3 heroes)
3. Concept Tavern. Fun heroes. (5 heroes)
4. Tribute Tavern. Yet another fun heroes. (6 heroes)
Plus 3 more heroes on version 2.2!
Plus 3 more old heroes on version 2.3!
Plus 3 more old heroes on version 2.4!

Tired waiting for the latest AI map? Why don't you have some fun with those heroes? :)

Here is the download link:

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.4
DotA v6.67b AI Fun v2.4 via GameWebz

DotA 6.67b AI Fun v2.3b
DotA v6.67b AI Fun v2.3b via GameWebz

Oh, don't forget to type -fun in the start of the game to enable the fun tavern. Enjoy the map and i hope the latest AI will coming out soon.. :)