Dota 6.68 AI Entering the Second Beta Stage Soon!

Dota 6.68c AIPleaseBugMeNot (PBMN) has just posted a great news on his blog! It seems he succeed to fix the crucial bug on the AI map. And, he will release the DotA 6.68c AI beta into the public if no more critical bug appear.. Wow, nice! It's been a while since there's an update in the AI development. Check out what he said!

Second BETA stage
After some testing, the most crucial bug is not appearing. Now i`m starting to make some AI changes and another BETA will be rolling. If no crucial BUGs appear... we can release 6.68c BETA map to the public. I also got 6.69`s changes and i`ll begin working on moving the 6.69`s content into the AI map.

Keep up the good work PBMN! And let's help him by not throw any whining about the DotA AI map on the net :)