DotA 6.68c AI Beta Download

DotA 6.68c AI BetaDotA 6.68c AI Beta Download - Dota-Allstars 6.68c AI Beta. At first, i'm a little hesitate to post this map because it's not the official release.But since GreenSliche (the AI forum moderator on PlayDota) said that it is now "available", why don't we check the map! Before you start to download, please note that this map is a beta version, so expect bugs!

Download links:

Dota-Allstars v6.68c AI Beta Download
DotA 6.68c AI Beta

I don't know if we should happy or not for this leaked map. Happy, because we can try the map sooner. Sad, because now the official AI map will be delayed because now they are trying to find the leaker first (and maybe smash him ^^;;). At any rate, enjoy the beta version of the DotA 6.68c AI :)