2010 DotA-Blog Polls of the Year

New year is already near and 2010 reaching its end. In this particular year, IceFrog has release DotA 6.66~DotA 6.69c with a total of 4 new heroes, lots of skill remakes and 4 new items. Surely those changes will affect your favorite things on DotA and DotA-Blog would like to catch your thought in a form of Polls of the Year. Let's get started!

Here are the polls:
1. Who is your favorite heroes on 2010?
2. Who is your favorite new heroes on 2010?
3. Which new items do you like the best on 2010?
4. Which skill remake do you like the best on 2010?

Click on each question to participate in the polls. The polls will be closed on Christmas (December 25) and we will publish the result before new year :)

Cast your vote now guys!