DotA 6.69c OMG-Like, DotA BYS & DotA LoD

DotA 6.69c OMG maybe one of the most long awaited custom DotA map. But we're still don't hear any news from ~BoB~ since the DotA 6.67 OMG. Fortunately, some people is trying to create their own version of DotA OMG and there you go, now we have DotA BYS and DotA LoD.

Both version is almost the same. You pick 4 hero skills and then ended up with picking your desired hero if you are using AP mode. Or, you can have totally random skill and hero if AR mode is used instead.

Here are the download link:
DotA 6.69c BYS v4 via GameWebZ

DotA LoD
DotA 6.69b LoD v6 via GameWebZ

Enjoy and please let me know if there's something missing in this post :)