2010 DotA-Blog Poll of the Year Result!

Finally the DotA-Blog Poll of the Year is finished. Thousand players are giving their vote to their favorite heroes, favorite new heroes, favorite new items and favorite skill remakes. Thanks for all DotA-Blog readers who participated. And now let's check the result!

It seems the Arcane Boots are the most popular new items. Almost half of the players chose it. Meanwhile, Orb of Venom placed on the bottom with only 5% people chose it. Maybe IceFrog will need another tweak to make this item more popular :)

Without a doubt, the Doombringer remake get the first rank. No wonder, the remakes is really awesome. Devour allow you to get Neutral Creeps skill. And not only that, the remade Scorched Earth also allow you to chase will damaging  and healing at the same time.

Well, it seems from the 4 heroes introduced on 2010 (excluding DotA 6.70), they all got lots fans except for Io the Guardian Wisp. No wonder, not many people love being a support hero. At any rate, Shadow Demon get the first rank with 31% votes.

And here are the most interesting polls, the most favorite heroes! The above is the top 10 heroes. Nevermore is sit nicely on the top with 12% votes while Earthshaker following with only 1% difference. We'll see if in 2011 this gonna changes :) The only thing that surprise me is that Jah'rakal also got a place in there ;)

Now, after seeing the top, let's see the bottom list. 12 heroes got their rank in the bottom. Still don't know why the voters did not chosen them, but let's hope they will got their rank up on the 2011. Check out this link for the complete list of the favorite heroes rank.

Actually it's a shame that Phoenix and Tuskarr can't get into the poll because they are introduced when the polls already take place. Don't worry though, we will set another polls about DotA 6.70 really soon. Meanwhile, say your thought about this poll. And if you got another poll request, just say it in the comment section :) Cheers!