DotA Movie: TerrorBlade's Revenge

A truly epic movie! This video got 1 hour duration, yes, 1 hour duration just like the regular movie. Despite the long duration, the movie actually make me stay still in front of my monitor watching all the scenes. The main characters in this movie is TerrorBlade and Magina. Other characters involved is Mirana the Priestess of the Moon, Keeper of the Light, Balanar, Chen, Lich and some other heroes with minor appearance.

The story wrapped around TerrorBlade who get bullied by his own tribe because he cannot master the energy, unlike his younger brother Magina who called the genius. Those brother then also seem love the same person, Mirana. And later it was revealed that actually TerrorBlade is a genius who appear among 1 billion people and can master the soul. The problem is, soul mastery is forbidden around the tribe.

Curious? Watch out the rest yourself on the video above. Another nice movie from WoDota :)