DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.39

Recently, i just stumbled upon a site which posted a compilation of cool replays in a week, WoDotA. It's a Chinese site though, so don't bother go to the site if you can't read Chinese. Anyway, WoDotA publish a great video each week and i decide to repost the video here with some description. Check it out!

PS: Just skip the ads and go to minute 0:46 :)

10. Keeper of the Light (Ezalor) make a perfect timing Blinding Light and push enemy heroes to the Kunkka's Torrent.
9. Invoker is evade from the Dagon by self casting Euls. Combined with Ghost Walk to escape from the death.
8. Venomancer juking and trap Rikimaru between the trees with his ward.
7. Nevermore and Rhasta, both dying because of Venomancer's poison, denied each other succesfully. Awesome!
6. Harbringer, the Obsidian Destroyer, escape from 3 enemies gank with self casting Astral Imprisonment. After then, he counter the gank with his ultimate and Earthshaker assist. An ultra kill awarded!
5. Storm Spirit blindly chased Nerubian Assassin which is going invisible with Vendetta.
4. Mortred with red health make a comeback and killing her enemies which a combination of BKB, Wand and Lifesteal.
3. Morphling come into the war in the right time and start killing, ended with Town Portal in the right time.
2. Pudge make a triple kill. Even though the third hero (Morphling) try to kill him, Pudge manage to suicide and Pudge's illusion still there to finish the job.
1. Lion survive from 3 heroes gank and with the help of his team mate, killed all the ganker instead.

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What do you think? Do you like the video? Enjoy! ;)