DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.41

Here we are. Another edition of WoDota Top 10 weekly action. Check it out!

10. Shadow Demon trapped Storm Spirit with the illusion and killed him.
9. Another illusion trap by using the illusion Rune.
8. A single Waveform gives Morphling a triple kill.
7. Invoker using Deafening Blast, Tornado and Sun Strike to kill Nerubian Weaver.
6. Lina Inverse using Blink Dagger and Force Staff to kill Naga Siren in Siren's own base. And then escape with an awesome combination of Stun, Dagger and Force Staff from Morphling, Centaur and Batrider who chasing her.
5. Morphling which in the base suddenly come using Replicate and push Furion into the cliff before killing him.
4. Nerubian Assasin using Scarab from a really far away to give the killing blow to dying Nevermore.
3. Invoker blindly cast Tornado to kill invisible Gondar. Not too special in my opinion.
2. Awesome! Alchemist ganked by Weaver and Tuskarr on his own tower, escaping into the trees and turned the tide.
1. The funny one! While people ganking Roshan, Chen is having a persuaded creep which manage to take the Roshan last hit :D

And yeah, don't forget to watch the last week video!