WoDotA Top 10 Moves of the Week

Another video of WoDotA's Top 10 Moves of the Week. Check out the videos and if you want, you can read the details below.

10. Sven managed to survive and even killed Rooftrellen, Panda and Broodmother.
9. Using Force Staff twice from his allies, Pudge managed to hook Phantom Lancer and executed him.
8. Even though Yurnero (i assume) already dead, he still helps his team by using the healing ward to block the enemies when Skeleton King trying to escape.

7. Invoker saves the dying Sven by baiting the enemies (Nevermore). He managed to escape with almost no HP left by dodging Shadowraze calmly and the proper use of Wand.
6. Mirana, barely killed Akasha but she left with only around 20 hp left with Akasha's poison. She then escape from the death by taking the Stats and left her with only 2 hp.
5. Kunkka using well spotted Torrent which help him kills almost all enemy heroes.
4. Dying Nevermore juked Bone Clink and cast ultimate in the blind spot combined with Blink Dagger and Raze. Nice one!
3. Clockwerk killed Morphling from afar with Rocket. What a skillful timing!
2. Obsidian Destroyer saved frozen Magina from the Ancient Appariton and proceed to killed him.
1. Dying Storm Spirit escaping Luna's Eclipse while keep casting Static Remnant. Luna end up got little hp and killed by the blue panda. After then, Storm Spirit escapes from Earthshaker's Fissure with just a little mana, juking his Totem and with the help of his team mates managed to kill him.