WoDotA Top Ten Week 43

Here you go! Another top ten moves of the week!

10 : Shadow Fiend manage to avoid a stun from Venge with Smoke of Deceit and manage to kill her instead
9: Zeus doing a rampage with his ultimate
8: A timely Shallow Grave from Dazzle allow Mortred to get a triple kill
7: Dazzle used Shallow Grave to save Earthshaker and Magic Stick to save himself. Raigor then does a Fissure and blocked Pugna allowing Spectre to get the kill.
6: Meepo using Poof to free himself from Rasta’s Wards and Mekans to save himself and doing a triple kill
5: Kunkka predicted the movement of BH and killed him with TideBringer by hitting a neutral creeps
4: Lion avoid being killed by a gang from Juggernaut and Ogre Magi. Juggernaut ending up died by the help of the tower and Ogre Magi killed using a fogged Impale

A: Storm Sprit predicting the movement of Clinkz and manages to kill him. If this done without MH, then it's really a cool move ;)

B: Faceless Void used Time Walk to avoid Tide’s ulti and Tuskar’s Snowball and manages to kill them both with the help of SF to get a double kill. He also avoid Sniper’s Assasinate with a timely TimeWalk to avoid death

C: Shadow Fiend manages to predict and killing Clinkz With 3 razes. Same comment with the A part

Enjoy the vids!

JK: Thanks for the time line!