Rubick's Unstealable Ability List

Confuse about which spell that cannot be stolen by Rubick the Grand Magus? This list which taken from PlayDota forums will help you about that.

List of abilities that Rubick cannot steal:
Useless abilities
- Example: Sub-abilities, or Quas/Wex/Exort/Invoke
Transformation abilities
- Example: Chemical Rage, Firefly, Flak Cannon, ect..Arrow abilities

- Example: Poison Attack, Glaives of Wisdom, ect..
- It's obvious!
Abilities with hotkey conflicts
Q: None!
X: X Marks the Spot, Shadowraze X, Tornado, Exorcism
Z: Shadowraze Z, Freezing Field, Alacrity
Abilities with technical issues:
Morph Agility/Strength, Summon Spirit Bear, Spin Web, War Club, Soul Assumption, Refraction, Borrowed Time, Overcharge, Spirits, Insatiable Hunger, Devour, Telekinesis, Fade Bolt, Spell Steal (!)

I hope this list will help you playing Rubick. I must say that he's a unique hero which can be compared with Invoker :) Anyway, have you ever use Supernova with him? :D