DotA 6.70c AI R2 Fun v2.5 Map Download | More than 25 Fun Heroes!

This map already came out for quite some time, but the release of DotA 6.72 overshadow it. SuperWaitSum is the creator of this map and he continue the work of the previous AI Fun map maker. You can check out the download link and tavern list below!

Here are the tavern list:
1. Remade Tavern. The old version of remade heroes.
2. Extinct Tavern. The heroes that no longer exist on the current DotA.
3. Concept Tavern. Fun heroes.
4. Tribute Tavern. Yet another fun heroes.

Right now PBMN is still working on the DotA 6.71b AI, while waiting for him to finish, why don't we play Cloud Strife in this map :D

Here is the download link:

DotA 6.70c AI R2 Fun v2.5
DotA v6.70c AI R2 Fun v2.5 via GameWebz
DotA v6.70c AI R2 Fun v2.5 via SuperWaitSum

To activate the fun mode, just type -fun in the start of the game. Enjoy! :)