DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.52

Another week of WoDotA Top 10 Weekly, here we go!

10: Pudge getting Triple kill by using Blade Mail to reflect Rhasta’s Wards and kill the dying Rhasta
9: Perfect timing from Kunkka and Rylai allowing her to get a Rampage
8: Lion avoided the First Blood attempt and killed Juggernaut with a blind stun and get the First Blood instead
7: Puck avoid getting killed with several timely Phase Shift or maybe it's auto cast
6: Clockwerk trapping 4 heroes with the Cog followed by Chronosphere and allowing Zeus to cast his skill clearing the opponent team
5: Kunka casting the ship to get speed boost and kills Morphing with Torrent and Splash
4: World luckiest Tiny?
3: Davion got a Triple kill with timely Armlet on/off
2: Tinker suicide! XD
1: ClockWerk got Ultra Kill with Missiles

Special: Shadow Demon is suddenly dead after killing Morphling. Anyone know what's really happen?

Enjoy the video!