WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol.50

Well, the release of DotA 6.72 and DotA 6.72b made us skip the usual edition of WoDotA Top 10 Weekly in this blog. But here it goes, let's watch the WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol.50!

10: Anti Mage getting a Rampage with one ulti!
9: QoP save himself by blinking away from Gondar's Toss twice
8: Neutral Creep Got A Triple Kill!
7: Storm Spirit killsteal Roshan, getting Aegis and got a double kill
6: Dying Meepo save himself by using Poof and Net, what a micro!
5: Morphling avoid a stun from Ogre Magi by using Waveform and Tping to base in the fog. He then using Replicate to return and kill Ogre Magi
4: Puck avoid Venge’s stun and Sniper's Assasinate with Phase Shift. Ended up kill all the chaser
3: Invoker got an Ultrakill With the help of Neutral Creeps Centaur Warchief's Stomp
2: Great team work from Sand King, Kunkka, Faceless Void, Magnus And Lina.
1: Sven using Armlet to prevent himself from dying and gets a double kill with ES help

Special: Nevermore is dancing to the death!

Thanks to JK for the time line :)