DotA-Blog Blast Through 50 Million Page Views

After 4 years, DotA-Blog finally reached 50,000,000 page views. We're really happy with this and wanna share some thanks to certain people:
1. IceFrog, thank you for providing us with a truly awesome custom map named DotA.
2. DotA-Blog contributors. Lots of people give us tips whenever there's something new on DotA scene. I can't named them one by one here, but we wanna let you know that we really appreciate that.
3. DotA-Blog Forums Moderator. They're the one who keep the forums alive :)
4. And most importantly, You! You are the main source of our energy. Seeing people coming in this blog is always raise our spirit..

Thanks guys, we hope that DotA-Blog will always manage to be your main source of DotA news and updates! Cheers!