DotA IMBA! Imbalance In Balance

actually already out there for quite some times. However, not many people are able to play it because the map is using the Chinese language. But lucky for us, Harekke paired with SII_112 recently has just translated the DotA IMBA map, which originally created by Mimya, into English version.

"Hey Alief, wait, what do you mean by DotA IMBA? I never play it before!" Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you. DotA IMBA is similar to the regular DotA. But there's one big difference, the skills are all IMBA (Imbalance). Imbalance is a term which means too powerful. Something which is avoided by IceFrog on the regular DotA map.

Want to know the example? Check out below pictures!

What? Purification deals 9999 damage to nearby unit?
  Woot! Super Giant Tiny!  

Wants more? Fissure has 4 times of the usual length. Ravage is casted 4 times in a row. And many more! And don't forget, Mimya also added Ice Phoenix and some additional items on this map. Cool!

Can't wait to try it? Check out the download link below!

DotA IMBA 3.77b EN Revised Download
DotA IMBA 3.77b EN Revised Download via GameWebZ

Enjoy the map! Don't forget that this map is come with AI, so you can try it by yourself. But i bet playing with your friends is a lot more interesting. Let's hope that when the DotA 2 finally came out, Valve will provide us with some fun custom mode like this :)