WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol. 57 & DotA Fail Scenes Vol. 39

More awesome moves and funny scene! Enjoy!

10: Venomancer use the wards to help him get a double kill.
9: Pugna use Decrepify at the last minute to save himself and blind blast Phantom Lancer.
8: Furion got a triple kill from his ultimate and teleport to get a Rampage.
7: Syllabear use his bear summon to block Rhastam, killing him and Death Prophet.
6: Pudge uses Force Staff hook to kill Windrunner then Abaddon, biting QoP for a Triple Kill then Force Staff Hooking Magina for a ultra kill and ended with a Rampage killing Doombringer with a help from PotM.
5: Shadowfiend got a Triple kill and a blind raze Bounty Hunter for ultra kill (fail move by Pudge Hooking Rikimaru).
4: Rubick uses Force Staff and Spell Steal to get Pudge’s Hook, killing Pudge then blind Hooking Nerubian Weaver.
3: Mirana juking Nevermore, cast Elune Arrow backward when Leaping and killing him with timely Manta to avoid a Raze.
2: Lanaya using Meld to avoid Gondar’s toss and killing Rubick, Gondar, Barathrum and Clockwerk for an ultra kill.
1: Sandking got a Rampage with the help of Clockwerk with a timely Hookshot and Cog.

Tired with awesome moves? Relax and watch these funny scenes :)

Enjoy the movies! Thanks to JK for the time line as always :)