DOTA 2 Going Public for the First Time!

Yeah! That's right! DOTA 2 will be shown up to the public for the first time. Not now, but at August 17-21 2011. At that time, Valve will held an international DOTA 2 tournament with 1 Million USD prize money!! 16 teams from more than 10 different countries will fight for the winner.

You can check the details of the tournament on the DotA 2 Blog, our sister site which is dedicated for DOTA 2 News.

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Here the latest thing from the DotA 2 Blog:
- DOTA 2 will have Channeling Bar
- DOTA 2 Tournament Invitation Letter
- DOTA 2 Leaked Changelogs

Stay tune guys! DOTA 2 is near! :)