DotA - Top 10 Garena Vol 24 & WoDotA Funny Time Vol.16

Its not WoDota but i will like to bring you another Top 10 of Garena.

10: Nevermore surviving Spirit breaker’s last hit and hitting 2 raze for a Double Kill
9: Shadow Demon saving Blood Seeker by using disruption from Sniper’s assassinate then denying him with the disruption’s illusion
8: Weaver lured opponents together allow Anti Mage to hit his ulti for a Rampage!
7: Magnataur use this ulti allowing Rasta to get a Rampage!
6: Mirana hitting an arrow on Venomancer for a Mega kill then avoiding Morphing’s wave and arrowing him for an Unstoppable, Juking Necrolyte kill Luna for a Wicked Sick. Lastly with the help of Ancient Apparition’s ulti for a Monster Kill Streak
5: Witch Doctor used force staff to avoid Tiny’s stun and then Pudge’s hook killing Pudge and Tiny with the help of Medusa then force staff himself to kill blood seeker and killing Earth shaker for an Ultra Kill with the help of urn and stick
4: Mirana juking Anti mage 3-4 times and using manta style with moonlight shadow to get away.
3:Spectral escape death returning to help his team by luring Rouge Knight, Furion and Night Stalker killing Furion in the process and getting away
2: Dazzle and Abaddon helped each other with timely heals, Grave, Death Coil and Aphotic shield luring Slardar and Faceless Void to death
1: Sentinel Heroes, Lycan Rasta Enigma Nevermore, all brought Boots of Travels and with the help of Lycan’s Wolf all TP to enemies’ base destroy the Throne and winning the game
Special Scene: Alchemist flying.

WoDotA Funny Time Vol.16

Enjoy the New videos =)