Blizzard DOTA Trailer Announced! Will They Rival Dota 2?

Blizzard DOTA trailer has just announced in the 2011 Blizzcon. As you may already know, Blizzard has working on its own Dota map on the Starcraft II for quite some time. And now, we can see a little glimpse of what the Blizzard Dota will looks like. Check out the Blizzard DOTA trailer!

After watching the trailer, i must say that it is quite amazing. The story lies between two Gods in the universe, the Red God and the Blue God (i must say that their names kinda lame -_-). They then kidnap heroes from across the time and universe to fight each other and amuse them.

We will see many heroes from Blizzard on the battle field, such as Queen of Blade and Nova from the Starcraft series, Thrall and Arthas from the Warcraft world, and much more. But the release date is yet to know. For those who are too lazy watching the trailer, you can check these images. Enjoy!

Thrall from Warcraft in Blizzard Dota

Nova from Starcraft!

More heroes from Blizzard's realm!

The legendary Arthas will also join the party!

Enjoy the Dota war in the Starcraft II realm!

Another battle field for ancient heroes!


Now, there's only one question remain, when will the map finished? ^^;; Will Dota 2 released before them? What do you think? And stay tune for more news of the DotA genre!