DotA 6.72f AI will be Coming Next Week!

Dota 6.72f AIDota 6.72f AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.72f AI Plus Map Download. After several months without any news, PBMN has just made an update on his blog about DotA 6.72 AI. He said that everything is working out good and he planned to release the first revision next week. Here's what he said:

Hi, guys. Long time no see. If things work out good we may release the map next week. Loads of things changed, so more incremental releases may follow in short time with bugfixes and new AI additions.

Wohooo, it's really a good news to those who waiting for the DotA 6.72 AI map. Stay tune on this blog and don't forget to subscribe our feed so we can immediately tell you if the map already released! :)

Updates : The map got delayed for better AI! Check out this post!