DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.73 | DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.74

After Nearly 3 weeks Without WoDota i would like to say They 're Back

10: Tiny gets a Triple Kill
9: Earth Shaker blink away at the last second by using soul ring to prevent the last hit from Anti mage
8: Pudge Manages to Hook an invisible Invoker allowing Nevermore to kill him w 2 blind razes
7: Lion Luring and Trapping Mirana and Invoker in the Tress and killing them both for a Double Kil
l6: Sniper Get Lucky Causing 3 miss hits by Rouge Knight and using manta to dodge the stun by Rouge Knight and killing him
5: Nevermore Kills Thrall and proceed with killing both Twin Head Dragon and Drow and a Ulti to finish off Viper for a Triple Kill
4: Puck timely blink from Vengeful Sprit’s Swap and users Phase Shift to dodge Vengeful Sprit’s Stun
3: Omni Knight Blink Healing to kill Lina
2: Tiny Gets Lucky with his Craggy Exterior Killing both Dark Seer And Tuskar
1: Rubrick Spell Steal’s Pit Load’s Ulti and manages to teleport away with Eul Scepter
Special Scene: Lich Timing Wisp’s Recall Time releases a Chain Frost causing Lich to get a Triple Kill

10: Storm Sprit Dodging Zeus’s Ulti
9: Techies Denying Chaos Knight and killing Weaver for a Killing Spree
8: Nevermore Killing Wind runner with a blind raze
7: Wind runner gets away from a 5 man gang and got away in enemies Fountain
6: Nevermore killing Tuskar, Kunkka and Tinker for a Triple Kill
5: Sealth Assassin dodges Death Prophet Swarm twice to save himself
4: Puck Fogging and blinking around killing Drow Ranger, Pandaren and Sand king
3: Centaur Get an Ultra Kill
2: Axe avoided last hit by using berserker call from tower then using his illusion to help save venomancer
1: Furion Teleport to deny Akasha and kills Lucifer
Special Scene: Lanaya Kills Weaver by hitting wards through psi blade

Enjoy =)