DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Lion Special Vol.75 | DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.23,22,21

Enjoy the Top 10 Lion Weekly Special and 3 WoDota Funny Times.

10: Lion killing Tormented Soul and with magic stick and timely hex killed Witch Doctor and Treant Protector.
9: Lion Stunning Night Stalker and Blood Seeker together and with the help of tower killing both of them For a Double Kill

8: Lion doing a timely hex on Shaker to prevent dying then a timely Force Staff to Prevent himself from dying
7: Lion doing a timely stun forcing Sladar to stun at the tower then doing another nice stun , Stunning Both of them Together kill them both with the help of the tower For a Double Kill
6: Lion doing a timely blink to avoid Shakers Stun and Ulti Killing Queen Of Pain First With Finger and killing Shaker After that For a Double Kill
5: Lion helping Bane to kill Wind Runner and running out safely by juking Puck and Rouge Knight
4: Lion Getting 2 kills with a stun and normal hitting the rest of his opponents with a Double Damage Rune for a Rampage.
3: Lion Luring Pudge and Mirana to the Tower and Stunning Them causing Mirana to die then hexing Pudge to kill him
2: Lion survives a last hit by Bottling and killing both Tuskar and Invoker for a Double Kill
1: Lion with Double Damage Rune Gets a Triple Kill and a Fog Stun on Invoker For a Ultra Kill