DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.76 | DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.24 | [China] Fail Scenes Vol. 57 by 77

10: Pudge hooks Juggernaunt In the middle of his ulti to save him
9: Kotl uses blinding light to save himself from Gondar
8: Witch Doctor Fogs Doom and Phantom Lancer Killing them both for a Double Kill
7: Rouge Knight Steals Ursa’s Cheese and Ageis and Got away Safely with blink dagger
6: Meepo Uses awesome microing skills to avoid death and kills Tiny
5: Bat Rider manages to kill a invis Sealth Assassin
4: Rasta uses Wards to trap Taruen Killing him the Earth Shaker for a Double Kill
3: Destroyer out running Ursa, Nevermore and Vengeful by Dodging a Stun from Vengeful
2: Mirana Avoid Death From Doom By Fogging him and a Timely Leap to avoid the Level Death from Doom
1: Kunkka Kills Anti Mage With the Help of the Neutral Creeps.
Special Scene: Beast Master’s Hog Gets a Triple Kill

Sorry its in Chinese only could get this trans
6:04 Naix : *faints* Where the fuck is my hero? 6:09 Naix : Is it gone? 6:10 Centaur : Did you use your ulti already? 6:12 Naix : Yes 6:15 Centaur : In the scourge's creep!6:22 Naix : Unable to click the creep 6:23 Naix : ?? 6:27 Naix : This is weird. 6:28 Naix : I'm bored. 6.29 Centaur : Which creep did you infest? 6.33 Centaur : It's on the creep you infested! 6:33 Naix : ....