WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.78 | GosuGamers Top 10 Weekly: The Last Volume | WoDotA Funny Time Vol.25 |[China] Douma

Been 2 Weeks and Here you go

10. ClockWerk gets a Triple Kill with a Rocket
9. Nevermore razes to kill Mirana and then blind razing Weaver and killing Necrolyte for a Triple Kill
8. Morphing Avoid Death by dodging lina’s stun Barathrum’s Charge and Sniper’s Assassinate to avoid Death
7. Thinker smartly uses laser on weaver to kill him to avoid death and blinking out and with the help of clockwork rocket’s sight helping thinker to kill Tide Hunter
6. WindRunner uses timely BKB and windrunner to avoid death.
5.Geomancer Successfully jukes Clockwerk and Pudge killing both of them.
4. Vengeful Force Staff Centaur to get stuck on a cliff allowing his teammates to kill Centaur and uses timely Swaps to save Drow Ranger.
3. Wisp Saves Tiny with his Relocate and Pudge TPes back to prevent Wisp from going back.
2.Obsidian uses force staff to prevent pudge from hooking him kills BloodSeeker and banish himself at the right time dodging Bounty Hunter’s Toss and ForceStaffing Crystal Madien to kill Pudge and Banish himself again to save himself from Bounty Hunter.
1. Ancient Apparition uses Force staff and Eul Scepters to save his teammates and successfully killing 4 of his enemy
Special Scene: Sand King Got Toss Half Way cross the Map

Enjoy =)