WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.86 | DotA - You Think You Know Me | DotA - Burning Souls

Been Awhile without WoDota And to start this week off "WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.86"

10: Storm Spirit kills Vengeful Spirit kill Invoker and Wind Runner with the help of Fog and get away from Rouge Knight’s Stun Escaping Death and Getting a Triple Kill

9: Sand King And Ancient Apparition Clears The Entire Sentinel Team Allowing Ancient Apparition to get a Rampage
8: ClockWerk and Tiny helps Each other out escaping death.
7: Sniper Using on off Armlet and with the help of Abaddon ‘s Apotic Shield help him kills Blood Seeker , Furion , Anti-Mage and Sealth Assassin
6: Puck Kills Spectral and Earth shaker for a Double kill and escapes Death from Tower and Meepo’s Net With Timely Phase Shift .
5: Pudge Hooks Venomancer to Prevent Morphling from killing Veno and allowing the 2 of them to kill Shadow Priest , Morphling , Rouge Knight and Abaddon
4: Troll Kills Furion , Ursa ,Earth Shaker and Furion Again for an Ultra Kill
3: Rubick doges Bounty Hunter’s Toss With AntiMage’s Blink to avoid Death
2:Tiny Tossing Invoker For the Kill on Slark at the same time dodging Skeleton King’s Stun and killing him With the help of Invoker
1: Perfect Engage From Scourge Team with Engima BlackHold and Venomancer ulti Clearing the Sentinel Team .
Special : Ursa Suicides xD

 DotA - You Think You Know Me
DotA - Burning Souls