New DotA Heo - Sun Wukong

Alright then! IceFrog has introduced yet another interesting hero! Don't forget to catch up.

Interesting Facts about Pudge's Hooks!

Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

Dota v6.79 Released!

The much awaited new map has now been released and Beta downloads are not avaliable after nearly 5 months of v6.78

Razor - Lighting Ravent's Ultimate Build guide

This is one of the most popular builds for razor out there.You better know this.

Dota2 is now Free!

Great news to all fellow gamers! Dota2 is now free and Ultra better than Dota!

DotA - hexOr the movie 2.0 | Elements | Funny Memories | The Chronicles of Invoker

Lets take a Break and Enjoy Non-WoDota videos for this Week . Enjoy the Last Video Dota 1 Video Of HolyHexor Edited by RazingLikeNp , Enjoy =)

DotA - hexOr the movie 2.0

Dota - Elements

DOTA - Funny Memories

The Chronicles of Invoker

DotA 6.74c | Official DotA v6.74c Map Download & Changelog

DotA 6.74c Map Download & Changelogs. IceFrog has released yet another map to address a remaining bug with Batrider's Flamebreak which was not functioning properly on creeps. Other than that, DotA 6.74c is now officially a stable map for tournaments and league matches. Get the latest map now!DotA 6.74c Map Download:- DotA (mirror 1)- Download the zip file and extract it's contents in

Dota 6.74b Map - Official Dota 6.74b Map Download

DotA 6.74b Map Download & Changelogs. The developer IceFrog has unleashed another map for v6.74 series. Being a secondary release, it has brought major fixes with Aghanim Scepter, Fog of War bug in SP mode and other miscellaneous fixes. Download the latest Dota 6.74b map below and read it's patch notes.DotA 6.74b Map Download & Changelogs:- DotA (mirror 1)Download the zip file from the

Dota 6.74b 6v6 Map Download

dota 6.74b 6v6Dota 6.74b 6v6 came out just couple hours after DotA 6.74b released! Nice work GoDTony! Without further ado, if you want to play DotA 6.74b with one more player on each side, just download the DotA 6.74b 6v6 map below! :)

Dota 6.74b 6v6 Download Link
DotA_v6.74b_6v6.w3x via GameWebz
DotA_v6.74b_6v6.w3x via 6v6DotA

Find any bugs? Go to this post to report it directly. Enjoy the 12 players clash on this map! 

Dota 6.74b Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.74b Download (Released)

Dota 6.74b
DotA 6.74b Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.74b Official Map has just released! Just like we guess before, a map with new contents will always get some bugs ;) Anyway, this map fix some bugs that occurs on the DotA 6.74. The most noticeable one is that Ogre Magi still have the additional skill even after sold the Aghanim Scepter! *Ooops, i think some of you are gonna try it on the public games really soon :p* Anyway, check out the download links and the changelogs below!

Dota 6.74b Changelogs:
>> DotA 6.74b Changelogs <<

Dota 6.74b Download Link
Dota 6.74b Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.74b Download - GetDota Mirror

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After looking the changelogs, i'm quite sure that this map will be the stable map very soon :) Enjoy the new map guys!

PS : For AI map update, check out the Dota 6.74 AI post.

Update: DotA 6.74c is released!

Dota 6.74b Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.74b Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.74b Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.74b Complete Changelogs. Check out the full changelogs of the DotA 6.74b in this post. Don't have the map yet? Download it here :)

Dota 6.74b Changelogs

* Fixed a rare bug that could cause Panda Brewmaster to not respawn after death
* Fixed Ogre Magi keeping the Aghanims bonus after selling it
* Fixed Aghanim's secondary Fireblast from being unable to target flying units
* Fixed Flamebreak not interrupting channeling
* Fixed Flamebreak affecting Magic Immune units
* Fixed Fog of War in -sp mode
* Fixed a rare chance for EMP to cause a suicide

Enjoy the new map!

Dota 2 The International 2012 Tickets Are Now Available

Valve Corporation is reorganizing 'The International 2012' Dota 2 tournament with a huge prize pool (more than 1$ million). The 16 top notch Dota 2 teams from all over the world will participate in this offline gaming event in Benaroya Hall at Seattle, Washington. The International 2 (2012) event tickets will be available at Dota 2 Store for 49.99$. It will allow you to enter the event venue

Dota 6.74 6v6 Map Download

dota 6.74 6v6Dota 6.74 6v6 has just came fresh from the oven! For you who think that 5v5 is not enough, GoDTony is kind enough to give you an option to play a DotA map with 1 more player on each side! Check out the download link below and don't forget saying thanks to GoDTony :)

Dota 6.74 6v6 Download Link
DotA_v6.74_6v6.w3x via GameWebz
DotA_v6.74_6v6.w3x via 6v6DotA

If you find any bugs on this map, you can report it directly to this post. Enjoy the epic war between 12 players on this map! 

Dota 6.74 AI - Official Dota 6.74 AI Plus Map Download

Dota 6.74 AI map is going to be the next version of AI series. It will be having the same changes which occurred in the official map. The AI development team has already started working on it. Moreover, PleaseBugMeNot blogged that DotA 6.73c AI has been skipped and Dota 6.74 AI is now focused instead. You can expect the new AI map in the near future.Final Update (April 2, 2012):DotA 6.74c AI v1.3

DotA 6.74 AI Coming Soon!

DotA 6.74 AIFinally we got some good news regarding the AI Map. PBMN on his blog saying that their team will skip the DotA 6.73 AI and go straight to the Dota 6.74 AI. He also said that if everything goes well, the release date is close, check out what he said!

By looking at the changes made for 6.74 DotA release, we decided to jump directly to that release. All heroes Item Builds are done, the new item build system is in place and things looks like working smoothly. Well there maybe some unusual stuff going on from time to time.. but that`s considered normal. The new items system tries to mimic human behavior. Builds are being built by stages: starting, core, luxury stage. After core, AI picks up random luxury items... more variations. Cloud_str, Green, gaibo and Simple went to hell and back making that system working.

Well, release date is close... if nothing crucible happens after 6.74 porting ofc. Stay tuned, wait is almost over.


Update: It's released! Download the DotA 6.74c AI Map

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DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.88 | DotA - Burning Souls | DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.30/31/32/33

Lets Take A Break From 6.74 and Enjoy Some Dota Video and distress yourself with 4 eps of WoDota Funny Time Enjoy =)

DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.88

10: Wind runner hits a Timely Shackle shot preventing Nevermore from dying and getting the Triple Kill
9: Axe Uses ulti on Creeps to for Movement Speed. Banes Saves Axe from Gondar’s Toss by casting nightmare on Axe and killing Gondar after.
8: Phoenix uses Sunray to prevent enemies from killing him. Omni knight Saves Phoenix with a Heal And Guardian Angel. Phoenix then uses Smoke to make Warlock invisible from Panda‘s Primal Split and then killing Panda Afterwards.
7: Nevermore Blinks from Sladar’s Stuns killing Clinks, Sladar, Goblin Shredder and Phantom lancer for An ultra-Kill
6: WindRunner Escapes Death w Force Staffs and Get a Ultra Kill from Rouge knight, Death Prophet, ClockWerk and Tauren Chieftain
5: Troll warlock Switch from Melee to Range to Avoid Dying to Rasta.
4: Nevermore Kills undying, Rasta, Pudge, Medusa and Vengeful For an Rampage. Then blinks from Vengeful Spirit’s Stun to avoid death
3: Enigma’s Perfect Black hole Caught 5 heroes Allow Witch Doctor to Land Maledict and his Ulti on the entire Sentinel team killing all of the for a Rampage
2: Tinker Timely Blinks’, Hexes and Ethereal Blade Allows him to Survive a long chase by Sentinel
1: Sentinel Manages to win the Game after Getting Their fountain Down By Scourge
Special: Earth Shaker Dying to Spectral

DotA - Burning Souls

DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.30

DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.31

DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.32

DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.33

Dota 6.74 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.74 Download (Released!)

Dota 6.74 Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.74 Download & Changelogs. Finally the map is out! And as IceFrog hints before, this map contains a lot of skill balances. Other than that, we got a skill remake on the Nerubian Assassin and Aghanim upgrade on Ogre Magi.

Dota 6.74 Changelogs
DotA 6.74 Changelogs

Dota 6.74 Download Link
Dota 6.74 Download - GameWebZ Mirror
Dota 6.74 Download - GetDota Mirror

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Enjoy the new map and don't forget to share your thought on the comment section! :)

Update: DotA 6.74b is released!

Dota 6.74 Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.74 Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.74 Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.74 Complete Changelogs. You can see the full changelogs of the DotA 6.74 here, if you wanna download the map, go to this post :) Let's check out the DotA 6.74 changelogs!

Dota 6.74 Changelogs


- Armor increased by 1
- Unstable Concoction max damage increased from 120/180/240/300 to 130/200/270/340

- Flame Break is now a targeted AoE spell

It no longer explodes on the first unit in a path. It travels towards the targeted destination and does its effect there. Projectile speed 900 (instead of 750)

Bone Fletcher
- Death Pact damage bonus increased from 4/6/8% to 5/6.5/8%
- Death Pact hp bonus increased from 50/60/70% to 50/65/80%

- Quill Spray damage cap increased from 180 to 220

Centaur Warchief
- Great Fortitude strength bonus increased from 12/24/36 to 15/30/45
- Return base damage increased from 16 to 16/18/20/22

- Power Cogs HP/Mana drain increased from 55/70/85/100 to 60/90/120/150

Crystal Maiden
- Freezing Field AoE increased by 100 (Explosion AoE adjusted to keep damage probabilities equivalate)

Dark Seer
- Wall of Replica illusions take 300% damage (up from 250%)
- Wall of Replica Aghanim bonus no longer creates allied illusions
- Wall of Replica Aghanim bonus now increases illusion damage from 70/80/90 to 100/120/140% instead

Doom Bringer
- Level Death bonus damage increased from 250 to 275

- Base Intelligence increased by 3
- Arcane Bolt bonus intelligence damage increased from 1.5x to 1.6x
- Arcane Bolt manacost decreased from 90 to 70
- Concussive Shot cooldown now scales from 20 to 20/19/18/17

Drow Ranger
- Silence AoE increased from 275 to 300

Ember Spirit
- Armor reduced by 1
- Base Strength decreased from 21 to 19
- Flame Guard health barrier reduced from 100/250/400/550 to 50/200/350/500
- Fire Remnant damage decreased from 140/180/220 to 120/160/200
- Searing Chains targets decreased from 3 to 2 random units

- Black hole now prevents heroes being Forced out with Force Staff

- Wrath of Nature manacost increased from 150/175/200 to 150/200/250
- Teleportation manacost no longer decreases per level (constant 50)

Goblin Shredder
- Timber Chain damage increased from 80/120/160/200 to 100/140/180/220

- Homing Missile maximum damage (at 2k range) increased from 100/200/300/400 to 110/220/330/440
- Rocket Barrage damage increased from 10/13/16/19 to 11/14/17/20

- Chaos Meteor damage increased from 80+Exort*30 to 80+Exort*35
- Chaos Meteor land time decreased from 1.5 to 1.3
- EMP can no longer hit Invulnerable/Tornadoed units
- EMP cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds
- Sun Strike damage type changed from Magical to Pure
- Sun Strike now reveals the area it will hit before the damage impact
- Tornado cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds
- Tornado Damage decreased from 77.5+(Wex+Quas)*23 to 70+(Wex+Quas)*20

- Omnislash now gives Juggernaut 200 flying vision during its duration

Keeper of the Light
- Mana Leak stun duration increased from 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 to 1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2

- Torrent AOE increased from 200 to 215
- X Marks The Spot cooldown decreased from 20 to 16 seconds
- Ghost Ship stun duration increased from 1.2 to 1.4

- Psi Blades bonus range increased from 40/100/160/220 to 60/120/180/240

Legion Commander
- Moment of Courage cooldown increased from 0.9 to 1.2

Lina Inverse
- Fiery Soul attack speed bonus increased from 30/40/50/60 to 40/50/60/70
- Fiery Soul movement speed bonus increased from 3/4/5/6 to 4/5/6/7%

- Voodoo cooldown increased from 13 to 15
- Voodoo manacost increased from 110/140/170/200 to 125/150/175/200
- Voodoo duration increased from 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 to 1.75/2.5/3.25/4

- Moon Glaive damage decrease per bounce decreased from 35% to 30%

- Skewer will now cast in the direction you targeted if you cast it beyond the max range

- Split Shot now shoots 5 arrows instead of 4

- Morph passively grants 3/4/5/6 agility and strength
- Wave Form now properly dodges projectiles

Naga Siren
- Changed Rip Tide cast mechanism

Rip Tide now casts in a 450 aoe around naga and all of her illusions. Enemies can be fully affected by the Illusion's aoe. The effect does not stack. No longer uses cast point.

Ability Code: A2KU

Nerubian Assassin
- Urna Swarm replaced with a new spell

Urna Swarm will be reused for a future hero.

Spiked Carapace:
Temporarily enhances the Assassin's chitinous armor with organic barbs, causing him to prevent and reflect the next player based damage instance and stuns the target. Lasts 4.5 seconds.

Duration: 4.5 seconds
Damage return: 100% (after resistance on your hero)
Stun: 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4
Cooldown: 10
Manacost: 50

Note: Only triggers on player based damage, both physical and magical. Does not prevent status debuffs. Spikes visually grow out of the hero when he is in this state.

Ability Code: A2KO

- Heartstopper damage increased from 0.5/0.7/0.9/1.1 to 0.6/0.8/1/1.2
- Sadist level 4 mana regen increased from 48 to 60

Ogre Magi
- Added Aghanim's Scepter

Gives his other head the ability to cast a more primitive version of Fireblast. It has a constant (not modified by ultimate/level) 275 damage, 1.5 second stun, 20 cooldown, 400 manacost. It can trigger multicast. This is an independent 5th skill added to his ability card.

Ability Code: A2KQ

Phantom Assassin
- Phantom Strike cast range increased from 700/800/900/1000 to 1000
- Phantom Strike cooldown rescaled from 20/15/10/5 to 14/11/8/5

Priestess of the Moon
- Moonlight Shadow cooldown decreased from 180/160/140 to 160/140/120

- Ethereal Jaunt now dodges projectiles
- Phase Shift autocast removed
- Phase Shift manacost removed
- Phase Shift level 4 duration increased from 3 to 3.25 seconds
- Aghanim Upgraded Dream Coil no longer increases the manacost from the base spell

- Decrepify cast range increased from 550/600/650/700 to 700
- Life Drain damage increased from 100/150/200 to 120/160/200 (with Aghanim's from 175/225/275 to 180/240/300)

Queen of Pain
- Shadow Strike initial damage increased from 50/70/70/100 to 50/75/100/125

- Unstable Current damage increased from 40/60/80/100 to 40/70/100/130

Shadow Fiend
- Necromastery now gives 6 souls for killing a hero (instead of 1)
- Necromastery soul count increased from 8/16/24/32 to 12/20/28/36

- Headshot damage increased from 30/30/40/50 to 30/40/50/60

Storm Spirit
- Ball Lightning now properly dodges projectiles

- Attack range increased from 650 to 700

- March of the Machines duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds

Troll Warlord
- Battle Trance attack speed bonus increased from 60/100/140 to 60/120/180

- Poison Attack damage increased from 6/12/18/24 to 10/16/22/28
- Fixed Poison Attack damage not being lethal

- Familiar's armor increased from 0 to 0/1/2
- Gravekeeper's Cloak recovery time decreased from 14/12/10/8 to 12/10/8/6

- Infernal's Permanent Immolation damage increased from 20/30/40 to 30/40/50 per second
- Shadow Word duration increased from 8 to 9 seconds


Animal Courier
- Courier cost decreased from 170 to 150

- HP regen increased by 1 to equal the sum of its parts

Ethereal Blade
- Ether Blast slow increased from 60% to 80%

Eye of Skadi
- Cold Attack slow duration increased from 2/4 (range/melee) to 3/5

Flying Courier
- Flying Courier cost increased from 200 to 220

- Mjollnir's Static Shock can now be cast on non-hero units as well (like Infernals)

Tranquil Boots
- Can now be disassembled
- Damage instances before breaking increased from 3 to 4
- Rejuvenate heal increased from 150 to 170

Sange & Yasha
- Sange and Yasha can now be disassembled

Veil of Discord
- Discord duration increased from 15 to 20 seconds

Cosmetics and Gameplay

- Added Wisp, Disruptor and Rubick to CM
- Courier death team bounty can only trigger while no couriers are dead
- Courier death team bounty from 150 to 175
- Added a new ability on the courier to go to the secret shop
- Removed Unexplored Fog of War
- Cheese no longer requires 5 mana to use
- Range creeps mana pool increased from 300 to 500
- Harpy's Chain Lightning cooldown from 6 to 4 seconds
- Satyr Trickster purge manacost decreased from 150 to 120
- Satyr Hellcaller HP regen aura increased from 3 to 4


* Fixed a bug with Fire Remnant targeting and Essence Aura
* Fixed Moment of Courage not having a learn hotkey
* Fixed a fatal error possible with Tether
* Fixed a bug with Fire Remnant when cast on self
* Fixed Psi Blades not affecting a very small area right behind the initial target
* Fixed Forged Spirits dying instantly when affected by Smoke of Deceit

Note: This version will be marked as the new stable version after a week or so.

Enjoy the changes on the DotA 6.74!

DotA 6.74 | Official DotA v6.74 Map Download & Changelogs

DotA 6.74 is officially released by IceFrog. This patch was released earlier than usual patches because it is mainly focused on heroes balancing, items tweaks and bug fixes. However, a few heroes spells have been remade to make them effective. The v6.74 will be marked as stable tournament update within a month.DotA 6.74 Map Download:- DotA 6.74 (mirror 1)Download the zip file and extract

DotA 6.74 Changelogs - Read DotA v6.74 Map Change Log

The DotA 6.74 map is out with some interesting balance changes. Read the patch notes, Get yourself familiarized with the new changes:Heroes Changes:Alchemist- Armor increased by 1- Unstable Concoction max damage increased from 120/180/240/300 to 130/200/270/340Batrider- Flame Break is now a targeted AoE spellIt no longer explodes on the first unit in a path. It travels towards the targeted

WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.87 | DotA-Shadow Fiend (Kill them all) | DoTA Tinker The G

Enjoy This Weeks Dota Vids =)

WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.87

10: Venomancer Ward trap allowing him to use ulti and get an Ultra Kill
9: Mirana killing Blood Seeker and Pudge and killing Phantom Assassin With a Leap Backwards Arrow
8: Furion Manages to Tp out and use a Slave to avoid Death
7: Sand King gets A Triple Kill
6: Tinker avoids death from Invoker Centaur and Storm Spirit
5: Wind Runner gets a Triple Kill
4:Puck traps Spirit Breaker with Creeps and killing him
3: Timely Silence from Silencer and Rasta Wards Manage to allow them to pick opp their opponents 1 by 1 Granting Silencer a Rampage
2: Sank King Escapes Death and kills Shadow Fiend
1: Clock Werk Goblin and Ancient Apparition Kills the entire Sentinel team

Special : Lions Traps Phantom Assassin and Huskar killing both of them

DotA-Shadow Fiend (Kill them all)

DoTA Tinker The G