DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.88 | DotA - Burning Souls | DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.30/31/32/33

Lets Take A Break From 6.74 and Enjoy Some Dota Video and distress yourself with 4 eps of WoDota Funny Time Enjoy =)

DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.88

10: Wind runner hits a Timely Shackle shot preventing Nevermore from dying and getting the Triple Kill
9: Axe Uses ulti on Creeps to for Movement Speed. Banes Saves Axe from Gondar’s Toss by casting nightmare on Axe and killing Gondar after.
8: Phoenix uses Sunray to prevent enemies from killing him. Omni knight Saves Phoenix with a Heal And Guardian Angel. Phoenix then uses Smoke to make Warlock invisible from Panda‘s Primal Split and then killing Panda Afterwards.
7: Nevermore Blinks from Sladar’s Stuns killing Clinks, Sladar, Goblin Shredder and Phantom lancer for An ultra-Kill
6: WindRunner Escapes Death w Force Staffs and Get a Ultra Kill from Rouge knight, Death Prophet, ClockWerk and Tauren Chieftain
5: Troll warlock Switch from Melee to Range to Avoid Dying to Rasta.
4: Nevermore Kills undying, Rasta, Pudge, Medusa and Vengeful For an Rampage. Then blinks from Vengeful Spirit’s Stun to avoid death
3: Enigma’s Perfect Black hole Caught 5 heroes Allow Witch Doctor to Land Maledict and his Ulti on the entire Sentinel team killing all of the for a Rampage
2: Tinker Timely Blinks’, Hexes and Ethereal Blade Allows him to Survive a long chase by Sentinel
1: Sentinel Manages to win the Game after Getting Their fountain Down By Scourge
Special: Earth Shaker Dying to Spectral

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