WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.87 | DotA-Shadow Fiend (Kill them all) | DoTA Tinker The G

Enjoy This Weeks Dota Vids =)

WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.87

10: Venomancer Ward trap allowing him to use ulti and get an Ultra Kill
9: Mirana killing Blood Seeker and Pudge and killing Phantom Assassin With a Leap Backwards Arrow
8: Furion Manages to Tp out and use a Slave to avoid Death
7: Sand King gets A Triple Kill
6: Tinker avoids death from Invoker Centaur and Storm Spirit
5: Wind Runner gets a Triple Kill
4:Puck traps Spirit Breaker with Creeps and killing him
3: Timely Silence from Silencer and Rasta Wards Manage to allow them to pick opp their opponents 1 by 1 Granting Silencer a Rampage
2: Sank King Escapes Death and kills Shadow Fiend
1: Clock Werk Goblin and Ancient Apparition Kills the entire Sentinel team

Special : Lions Traps Phantom Assassin and Huskar killing both of them

DotA-Shadow Fiend (Kill them all)

DoTA Tinker The G