Dota 2 is Free to Play! The Dota 2 Store Now Open!

Well, usually we posted the Dota 2 news on the Dota 2 Blog, but since this information is quite important, we decided to share it here too. Today, Valve has confirmed that the Dota 2 will be Free to Play. And when they say free, it means you won't need to pay any single cents to play all the heroes. For your information, HoN (Heroes of Newerth) and LoL (League of Legends) only allow several heroes played for free while the rest will need your credit card (HoN) or game point (LoL).

And i'm sure some of you will be thinking, where the hell Valve will get their money then?! The answer is also revealed today. The Dota 2 Store! In that store you can buy cosmetics for your heroes, unique courier and some gifts. Valve however, ensure that those cosmetics won't affect the game play in any way.

Moreover, if you're an artist, you can also submit your own cosmetics in the Dota 2 Workshop. If your items got lots of vote and Valve decided to include your masterpiece into the game, you can even gain some real cash!

Curious? These 2 pictures (above and below) is the example on how you can customize Juggernaut's cosmetics. Currently, there are only several cosmetics available. But i'm sure it will grow on the following days. Check out our post if you wanna see more of them.

Can't wait to play Dota 2? Fill the Dota 2 Survey to get your invitation for free.

1. Download and install the Steam Client (Link)
2. Create Steam Account (Link)
3. Fill the survey (Link, you will need the above steps first)

Or if you got some money, you can also buy the Early Access  Bundle which will  give you some cosmetics bundle along with the invitations for $39.99.

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