DotA 6.74c AI Fun v2.7 Map Download | More than 27 Fun Heroes!

DotA 6.74c AI Fun v2.7 has just released today! After several DotA versions, SuperWaitSum finally updates the Fun Map. On this new version we got some bug fixes and several changes which you can see on the changelogs below:

- Fixed some bugs, including Escutcheon recipe, bugs in Ramza abilities and Puff show less errors.
- Ramza gains no job points near the Fountain.
- Added up to 1'000'000 lives on DeathMatch mode (-DM).
- Added Old Dirge.
- Added new tavern with 5 new heroes.
- Formless can copy abilities of new heroes.
- Added Angelic Alliance

If this is your first time playing the fun map, here are the tavern list:
1. Remade Tavern. The old version of remade heroes.
2. Extinct Tavern. The heroes that no longer exist on the current DotA.
3. Concept Tavern. Fun heroes.
4. Tribute Tavern. Yet another fun heroes.
4. New Tavern. New Heroes Tavern.

Nice timing! This map will be a nice distraction while we are waiting for the DotA 6.75 :) It's been a few months without any updates on the official DotA map -.-

Anyway, here is the download link:

DotA 6.74c AI Fun v2.7
DotA v6.74c AI Fun v2.7 via GameWebz

To activate the fun mode, just type -dm (to prevent bug) followed with -fun in the start of the game.

If you love the map and wanna say some thanks, don't forget to visit SuperWaitSum's Blog :)

Enjoy! :)