Dota Hero Fun Name List (Updated to Dota 6.74c)

Recently, IceFrog adding a lot of fun names on some Dota heroes. The latest one is on the picture above, MeePwn for Meepo ^^ And after searching on the forums, i compiled most of the Dota heroes fun names on the below list:

MeePwn -> Meepo
MeePwn is a Dota player which is famous for his video, 1v5 action using Meepo. Check it out here.

Gollum -> N'aix
Gollum <-> Naix
From Lord of the Ring movies. N'aix is similar to Gollum.

Kal-El -> Kael (Invoker)
Kal-El <-> Invoker
Kal-El is Superman real name

Clinkz Eastwood -> Bone Clinkz
Clint Eastwood <-> Clinkz

Taken from Clint Eastwood, a famous cowboy actor

Bambi -> Enchantress
 <-> Enchantress
Bambi is taken from the famous cartoon movies

A'noob Arak -> Anub'Arak
A noob, just playing with word i guess ;p

Gilette -> Razor
Gillette<-> Razor

Gillete is a famous brand for razor

Fuzzy Wuzzy -> Ulfsaar
Taken from Fuzzy Wuzzy which is a bear with lots of fur

Gorzerk -> Darkterror
A tribute for Gorzerk, a France that making some tools for Dota. He is using Darkterror as his profile. Check his site here

Mogul Khant Touch This -> Mogul Khan
A parody of MC Hammer song, U Can't Touch This.

Kupu-kupu -> Puck
Kupu-kupu means butterfly

Puck! -> Puck
Taken from "F*ck!" ^^? Now already deleted though..

CoCo -> Kunkka
CoCo is his name on beta stage

Daelin Proudmoore -> Kunkka
Daelin Proudmoore is his name on the story

Captain Obvious -> Kunkka
A popular phrase joke on America, CMIIW

Trogdor -> Knight Davion
Trogdor is a mini game name, try it here ^^

i'm the juggernaut bitch! -> Yurnero (Juggernaut)(deleted in 6.63b)
Maybe it's too vulgar and got deleted -_-

Jackie Chen -> Chen
Jackie Chan <-> Chen
Taken from Jackie Chan, a famous actor :D

Chechen -> Chen
I don't know.. A tribe near Russia?

Gandalf -> Ezalor
Gandalf <-> Ezalor
Also taken from Lord of the Ring movie. Both is an old man with the same long white beard

YaphetS -> ShadowFiend
YaphetS is the famous ShadowFiend player. He beat Yamateh 1vs1 ShadowFiend on the WDC2010. Check the video here.

Merlini -> Zeus
Merlini is a pro player who famous for his Triple Kill scene when Raigor, Leshrac, and Vengeful Spirit tried to kill him. Check the video here.

Vasilij Zajcev -> Sniper
A Legendary sniper from Soviet during World War II.

Riki Martin -> Rikimaru

Taken from the famous singer name, Ricky Martin

Roadrunner -> Spirit Breaker

Roadrunner is a famous cartoon character which can run really fast like Spirit Breaker does.

Moose -> Witch Doctor
Taken from a pro player DL.Moose who played the Witch Doctor. Check the video here.

qwerty- -> Spectre
qwerty- is a legendary Dota player Zaven "Qwerty" Terminasov, famous for his dispersion video using Spectre. He passed away on December 5, 2010

Jumong -> Priestess of the Moon
Taken from a South Korean's legendary archer. Check his wikipedia here.

Taur Thunderhorn -> Tauren Chieftain
This name was in the IceFrog's polling when choosing Tauren Chieftain name (which is won by Cairne Bloodhoof, the name used now)

Kaz Stonebul -> Tauren Chieftain
Same as above

Giblet -> Shadow Demon
I really don't get this one..

Santelmo -> Wisp
Santelmo, or Santo Elmo, is a fireball seen by dozens of Filipinos, especially those living in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Weird Ball -> Wisp
Well, Wisp is a ball and he's kinda weird -.-

820 -> Vengeful Spirit
820 is a legendary DotA player which arguably the best Venge player

A Phoe Gyi -> Necrolyte
It means an old man in the Myanmar/Burmese language

Do you find another hero fun name that i haven't listed? Or do you know the reason why it got that fun name? Share it here ;)

Credits: Gusty, Qwertaz, ZyBEr.Z

PS: Please correct me if i'm wrong ^^