DotA 6.76c AI Un-Official Map English Version

DotA 6.76c AIDotA 6.76c AI Un-Official Map. This map actually already came out for some quite of time, but since it is un-official and i cannot find the original author, i'm hesitate to put it in this blog. But since several days already past and the author is still not coming out, i decided to put the map into this blog because there's no other DotA 6.76 AI map out there. If you are the author or know the author, please let me know so i can contact or put the credit for him :)
DotA 6.76c AI v1.1.3 Download Link
DotA 6.76c AI 1.1.3

DotA 6.76c AI v1.0.9 Download Link
DotA 6.76c AI 1.0.9

The only thing we know about the author is he is a chinese guy because the original map is on Chinese. Master.yawn  from PlayDotA is kind enough to translated it into English for us. Actually, i'm not even sure if the creator is a man, but what's the chance she is a girl right? ^^;; This map's AI is ported from DotA 6.74c AI 1.3b.  Anyway, despite the delay, enjoy the map guys :)

And let's pray that PBMN (the original AI map creator) can get an apartment soon in Munich.. :)

Another AI developer coming up and just added the new AI map, v1.1.3.