New DotA Heo - Sun Wukong

Alright then! IceFrog has introduced yet another interesting hero! Don't forget to catch up.

Interesting Facts about Pudge's Hooks!

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Dota v6.79 Released!

The much awaited new map has now been released and Beta downloads are not avaliable after nearly 5 months of v6.78

Razor - Lighting Ravent's Ultimate Build guide

This is one of the most popular builds for razor out there.You better know this.

Dota2 is now Free!

Great news to all fellow gamers! Dota2 is now free and Ultra better than Dota!

DotA 6.79 Beta is now Available!

While we already know the DotA 6.79 changelogs from the Dota 2 developers, we're still anxious about the Warcraft 3 version of DotA 6.79. Many players are worried that IceFrog stop updating the Warcraft version of DotA. And today, we got a really great news from him. The DotA 6.79 is under development and IceFrog post a beta map in case you want to help finding a bug. Can't wait to try it?

DotA 6.79 Changelogs
DotA 6.79 Changelogs

DotA 6.79 Beta Map Download
DotA 6.79 Test 1 via GameWebZ

To make it more exciting, you can find some hint about the DotA 6.79 Quest by seeing Sun Wukong on the bottom right of this map ;)

Ah.. Can't wait to try the new (beta) map!

If you found some problem and want to help IceFrog fixing the map, you can post the bug in this forum.

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DotA 6.79 Map Released - Brings More Action in DotA!

Finally, the developer of DotA, IceFrog, manages to shock the community by releasing DotA 6.79 earlier than expected. But, this is just the beginning! You are about to be stunned just by looking at the changes. The entire gameplay has took a 180 shift. Not only the heroes have received massive changes but the in-game mehcanics too. The DotA 6.79 features a Hidden Quest inside, hint: check

DotA Sun Wukong Guide, Build and Strategy

Sun Wukong is the character that appears on the DotA 6.79 Quest. And while there's not so many information of him right now, here's what we think about him..

1. He is a melee hero.
2. He could have a skill which will make a duplicate of him as in the Sun Wukong legend.

What else do you think about him?

DotA 6.79 Quest, Sun Wukong!

As expected (or maybe we better say IceFrog is living up our expectation), DotA 6.79 contain a secret quest! Currently, there's not much to know from the DotA 6.79 Beta Map. We only know there's several creeps named Sun Wukong on the right bottom side of the map.

Do you know better than us? Share it on this post! :)

Dota 6.79 Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.79 Complete Changelogs

DotA 6.79 Changelogs! ChrisC from the Valve Developer has posted the changelogs for the Dota 6.79 updates in the Dota 2 forum. Even though the DotA 6.79 itself has yet available to download, it's really excited to see so many interesting changes in the DotA 6.79. Can't wait anymore? Check this out!

Dota 6.79 Changelogs


* Buyback prevents gaining unreliable gold (creeps, neutrals, etc) until your normal respawn time finishes
* When buying back, 25% of the remaining respawn time will be added to your next death
* Creeps now meet a bit closer to the tower in your offlane
* Ranged Heroes now get the same denied experience as melee heroes (instead of less)
* XP AoE increased from 1200 to 1300
* Non-Ancient Neutrals now split XP with all heroes in the AoE instead of just the team that killed them
* Swapped the medium pullable Neutral Camp with the small camp
* A neutral creeps camp will no longer spawn the same set of neutral creeps twice in a row
* Small reduction to the pull timing duration of the mid Radiant and mid-top Dire camp
* Satyr Mindstealer XP bounty reduced from 88 to 62
* Satyr Tormentor XP bounty reduced from 155 to 119
* Mud Golems XP bounty reduced from 119 to 88
* Mud Golems armor reduced from 4 to 2
* Dark Troll Summoner bounty XP reduced from 155 to 119
* Hellbear Smasher HP reduced from 1100 to 950
* Hellbear armor reduced from 5 to 3
* Satyr Trickster's Purge cast point improved from 0.5 to 0.2
* Dragon Ancient Neutral Camp now have flying movement capability
* Fixed Neutral Envenomed Weapons debuff dispelling regen items
* Day/Night length decreased from 6 to 4 minutes
* The following heroes now have the standard 800 night vision: Drow Ranger, Mirana, Puck, Leshrac, Enchantress, Ancient Apparition, Meepo and Treant Protector
* Roshan will respawn at a random time between 8 and 11 minutes after death
* When Aegis expires unused, it heals the hero fully over 5 seconds (regen dispels on damage from players or buildings)
* Starting gold increased from 603 to 625
* Random Gold bonus reduced by 50
* Gold for ending a spree changed from 75->600 (3x->10x) to 125->1000
* Your gold income is now 1 per 0.6 seconds, up from 1 per 0.8 seconds
* Tower last hit bonus gold increased from 100-200 to 150-250
* Melee Barracks HP regen increased from 2.5 to 5
* Ranged Barracks HP regen decreased from 2.5 to 0
* Ranged Barracks HP reduced from 1500 to 1200 and armor increased from 5 to 10 (same EHP vs physical damage)
* Evasion now stacks diminishingly
* Can no longer orb-attack while attack restricted (such as Ethereal or Frostbite)
* The following abilities no longer automatically ignore backswing time by default: Rupture, Malefice, Venomous Gale, Stifling Dagger, Flamebreak, Wave of Terror, Shadow Word and Power Cogs

- Base armor reduced by 1
- Myst Coil self damage increased from 50/75/100/125 to 75/100/125/150
- Aphotic Shield is now dispellable
- Borrowed Time no longer activates while Doomed

- Chemical Rage no longer provides 250/500/750 bonus HP
- Chemical Rage HP regen increased from 15/30/60 to 50/75/100

Ancient Apparition
- Ice Vortex cooldown reduced from 5 to 4
- Ice Blast cooldown reduced from 45 to 40
- The Chilling Touch buff is now always applied to Ancient Apparition even if he is not within the target area
- Chilling Touch cooldown reduced from 50/46/42/38 to 50/42/34/26

- Berserker's Call AoE increased from 275 to 300
- Battle Hunger duration reduced from 10/13/16/19 to 10/12/14/16
- Battle Hunger damage reduced from 15/21/27/33 to 15/20/25/30
- Battle Hunger movement speed slow/bonus increased from 8% to 10%
- Battle Hunger is now dispellable
- Counter Helix cooldown reduced from 0.55/0.5/0.45/0.4 to 0.45/0.4/0.35/0.3
- Counter Helix now hits siege units
- Culling Blade no longer goes on cooldown if it successfully kills a hero
- Culling Blade threshold reduced from 300/450/625 to 250/350/450 (Aghanim upgraded version is still 300/450/625)
- Culling Blade speed bonus increased from 25% to 40% and AoE from 600 to 900
- Culling Blade 40% speed bonus now applies to attack speed as well
- Culling Blade Aghanim allied buff duration increased from 6 to 10
- Culling Blade manacost reduced from 150/200/250 to 60/120/180

- Base damage reduced from 48-52 to 38-42
- Vision reduced from 1400 to 1200
- Flaming Lasso cast range reduced from 175 to 100

- Inner Beast AoE reduced from 1000 to 900 (standard aura AoE)
- Inner Beast attack speed rescaled from 18/26/32/40 to 15/25/35/45
- Call of the Wild now has two abilities for summoning each unit independently
- Call of the Wild manacost reduced from 25 to 15 and cast point improved from 0.5 to 0.3

- Base movement speed reduced from 305 to 300
- Thirst is now global instead of 6000 range
- Thirst bonus now stacks for each unit that is low HP
- Thirst HP threshold increased from 20/30/40/50% to 50%
- Thirst movement speed bonus reduced from 15/25/35/45% to 7/14/21/28%
- When Thirst is active, movement speed cap is removed on your hero
- Thirst no longer provides armor bonus
- Thirst provides bonus 7/14/21/28 damage
- Thirst no longer grants full hero vision around low HP targets, it only shows their model
- Thirst no longer lasts for an extra 3 seconds when the target is dead

- Base agility increased from 16 to 22
- Drunken Haze affects a 200 AoE around the target
- Thunder Clap is now dispellable
- Primal Split selection order is now Earth/Storm/Fire
- Reworked Primal Split Aghanim upgrade.
No longer upgrades any stats, cd, duration, etc on Aghanim.
Instead, it now grants Thunderclap to Earth, Drunken Haze to Storm, and Drunken Brawler to Fire.
The skills granted are at the same level as Brewmaster's skills.
Cooldowns are independent of the original Brewmaster.

- Attack point improved from 0.4 to 0.3
- Viscous Nasal Goo is now dispellable
- Viscous Nasal Goo cast point improved from 0.4 to 0.3
- Warpath max stacks increased from 5 to 5/6/7
- Warpath stack duration increased from 10 to 14

- Spin Web AoE increased from 650 to 900
- Spin Web cast range increased from 600 to 1000
- Spin Web cast point nerfed from 0.2 to 0.4
- Spin Web no longer destroys trees
- Broodmother now has completely unobstructed movement when under the web (can walk over cliffs, trees, etc)
- Removed buffer time when leaving Spin Web (you now immediately lose your regen/movement/pathing/invis bonuses)

Centaur Warrunner
- Stampede slow duration increased from 1.25 seconds to 1.5

Chaos Knight
- Chaos Bolt damage and stun values are now inversely related

- Test of Faith teleport is now dispellable
- Hand of God cooldown increased from 140/130/120 to 160/140/120

- Searing Arrows damage increased from 20/30/40/50 to 30/40/50/60
- Searing Arrows manacost increased from 8 to 10
- Searing Arrows is no longer blocked by magic immunity

- Units knocked back by Power Cogs destroy trees in 100 AoE around where they land

Crystal Maiden
- Freezing Field AS/MS AoE slow increased from -20/-30 to -30/-30
- Freezing Field Scepter AS/MS AoE slow increased from -50/-30 to -50/-50

Dark Seer
- Vacuum cooldown increased from 24 to 28

- Weave duration rescaled from 12/18/24 to 20
- Weave armor per second rescaled from 1 to 0.75/1/1.25 (scepter is 1/1.25/1.5)
- Poison Touch damage increased from 8/16/24/32 to 14/20/26/32 (7 seconds worth)
- Poison Touch is now dodgeable
- Poison Touch slow timings reworked

Previous Poison Touch:
Lvl 1
Slow target by 33% for 1 second

Lvl 2
Slow target by 33% for 1 second, then slow target by 66% for 1 second

Lvl 3
Slow target by 33% for 1 second, then slow target by 66% for 1 second, then stun target for 1 second

Lvl 4
Slow target by 33% for 1 second, then slow target by 66% for 1 second, then stun target for 1 second

Ministuns for 0.01 seconds at the start.

New Poison Touch:
Lvl 1
Slow target by 33% for 3 seconds

Lvl 2
Slow target by 33% for 2 seconds, then slow target by 66% for 1 second

Lvl 3
Slow target by 33% for 1 second, then slow target by 66% for 1 second, then slow target by 100% for 1 second

Lvl 4
Slow target by 33% for 1 second, then slow target by 66% for 1 second, then stun target for 1 second

Ministuns for 0.01 seconds at the start.

Death Prophet
- Exorcism Spirit damage increased from 43-48 to 53-58

- Kinetic Field AoE increased from 300 to 325
- Glimpse cooldown reduced from 60/50/40/30 to 65/50/35/20
- Static Storm AoE increased from 375 to 450
- Static Storm max damage increased from 170/220/270 to 200/250/300
- Added Aghanim's upgrade: Static Storm silences items, and lasts an extra 2 seconds

- Doom cooldown reduced from 110 to 100
- Doom now removes positive buffs on the target before applying the debuff
- Doom Aghanim AoE requirement increased from 550 to 900
This is the AoE that is considered when freezing the duration of Aghanim upgraded Doom.

Drow Ranger
- Precision Aura damage ratio increased from 16/20/24/28% to 18/24/30/36%
- Precision Aura no longer affects creeps
- Precision Aura can now be manually casted to affect creeps globally for 30 seconds (120 cd)
- Marksmanship attribute negation AoE increased from 375 to 400

- Enchant Totem damage increased from 75/150/225/300% to 100/200/300/400%
- Fissure range increased by 100

Elder Titan
- Ancestral Spirit damage reduced from 120/160/200/240 to 80/120/160/200

- Midnight Pulse dps increased from 3/4/5/6% to 4/5/6/7%
- Added Aghanim's upgrade: Adds Midnight Pulse damage to your Black Hole. This damage stacks with Midnight Pulse.

- Untouchable attack speed slow increased from 20/50/80/110 to 30/60/90/120

Faceless Void
- Timewalk slow rescaled from 25/30/35/40% to 20/30/40/50%
- Chronosphere AoE increased from 400 to 450

- Agility reduced from 20 + 2.4 to 15 + 1.4
- Berserker's Blood is now disabled by Doom

- EMP restores Invoker for 50% of the mana it drains from heroes (excluding illusions)
- Invoke Max Spells rescaled from 1/2/2/2 to 2

- Tether now does a -100% MS/AS slow instead of a stun

- Liquid Fire is now a castable Attack Orb (same cooldown, no mana cost)

- Healing Ward movement speed increased from 300 to 450
- Omnislash Scepter cooldown reduced from 110/100/90 to 70
- Omnislash no longer stops if the target is Ethereal (it still doesn't do damage)
- Fixed not being able to use items during Omnislash

Keeper of the Light
- Blinding Light now destroys trees in a 150 AoE around where the target is pushed

- X Marks The Spot cooldown reduced from 16 to 13
- Ghost Ship damage increased from 350/450/550 to 400/500/600

- Diabolic Edict cast point improved from 0.7 to 0.5
- Pulse Nova scepter damage increased from 88/133/177 to 100/150/200

- Frost Armor has half effect against ranged heroes
- Frost Armor slow now stacks with the slow from Frost Nova
- Sacrifice cooldown increased from 35/30/25/20 to 44/36/28/20
- Sacrifice mana gain increased from 15/30/45/60% to 25/40/55/70%
- Sacrifice no longer denies enemy XP
- Sacrifice now converts your own creep for XP (shared in AoE as normal creep xp bounty)

- Rage cooldown increased from 17 to 19
- Open Wounds and Infest cast points increased from 0.01 to 0.2

- Attack range increased from 635 to 650

- Mana Drain duration increased from 4 to 5
- Hex cooldown increased from 15 to 30/25/20/15
- Hex duration increased from 1.75/2.5/3.25/4 to 2.5/3/3.5/4

Lone Druid
- Base movement speed increased from 315 to 325 (still 280 in True Form)
- Spirit Bear XP bounty increased from 196 to 300

- Moon Glaive can now bounce back on the same units if it already hit all other units nearby
- Moon Glaive bounce damage reduced from -30% to -35%
- Eclipse Scepter beam count limit per target removed

- Armor increased by 1 (Shapeshift total armor is still the same as before)
- Base damage increased by 5
- Howl bonus damage for non-hero units increased from 4/8/12/16 to 5/10/15/20
- Wolves magic resistance increased from 50% to 80%

- Turn rate improved from 0.5 to 0.8

- Mystic Snake now does Pure damage to units in Stone Form

- Base armor reduced by 1
- Turn rate improved from 0.5 to 0.65
- Earthbind cast point improved from 0.5 to 0.3
- Divided We Stand leveling rebalanced from 6/11/16 to 4/11/18
- Removed 30% stat sharing on non-aghanim Divided We Stand

- Leap AoE AS/MS speed bonus is granted at the cast location rather than the destination
- Leap AoE AS bonus increased from 4/8/12/16 to 8/16/24/32

- Morph level 4 shift rate improved from 0.25 to 0.2

Naga Siren
- Rip Tide AoE reduced from 450 to 350
- Ensnare manacost increased from 75/85/95/105 to 90/100/110/120

Nature's Prophet
- Treants' XP Bounty increased from 20 to 30
- Treants' Gold Bounty increased from 12-16 to 14-20

- Base armor increased by 1

Night Stalker
- Darkness causes enemy vision to be reduced by 25% (affects heroes, creeps and wards)

Nyx Assassin
- Spiked Carapace no longer stuns your hero when your summoned units proc it (the summoned units get stunned instead)
- Impale no longer has unit targeting, it is now only a point targeted spell

Ogre Magi
- Ignite duration increased from 4/5/6/7 to 5/6/7/8
- Ignite is now dodgeable
- Ignite can now multicast to cast at a random enemy unit in 1400 AoE (prioritizes ones that do not already have the debuff)
- Unrefined Fireblast cooldown reduced from 10 to 6

- Degen Aura AoE increased from 315 to 350
- Degen Aura stickiness increased from 0.5 seconds to 1.0

Outworld Devourer
- Base damage reduced by 3
- Items no longer trigger Essence Aura

Phantom Assassin
- Stifling Dagger shares the same crit chance/factor as Coup de Grace
- Stifling Dagger is now dodgeable
- Stifling Dagger damage rescaled from 50/100/150/200 to 60/100/140/180

Phantom Lancer
- Spirit Lance is now dodgeable

- Can now use Blink Dagger
- If you hook a unit onto an unpathable ledge, the unit gains free pathing for 5 seconds
- Flesh Heap magic resistance reduced from 4/8/12/16% to 6/8/10/12%
- Dismember Scepter strength multiplier increased from 0.75 to 1.0

- Decrepify damage amp on allies reduced from 40% to 25%
- Decrepify damage amp on enemies increased from 40% to 50%
- Nether Ward now requires 3 hits to kill instead of 75/150/225/300 HP (heroes hurt it for 1, others for 0.25)
- Life Drain restores mana if it tries to heal you while you are full hp when targeting heroes

Queen of Pain
- Shadow Strike manacost rescaled from 80/100/120/140 to 110

- Smoke Screen cast range increased from 425 to 550
- Riki is no longer revealed out of Permanent Invisibility when he casts spells or uses items
When he starts his attack from Blink Strike, he will be revealed

- Telekinesis cooldown increased from 18 to 22
- Rubick can no longer steal the Aghanim upgrade of the enemy if they have Aghanim and he doesn't
- Added Aghanim's upgrade: reduces cooldown from 20/18/16 to 5, increases cast range from 1000 to 1400 and makes all stolen spells be considered to have their Aghanim's upgrade

Sand King
- Sand Storm dps increased from 20/40/60/80 to 25/50/75/100
- Epicenter attack speed slow is now same as movement speed slow (10%->30%)

Shadow Demon
- Shadow Poison AoE increased from 180 to 190

Shadow Shaman
- Mass Serpent Ward count increased from 8 to 10
- Changed Mass Serpent Ward placement structure

- Intelligence Steal is an innate part of the hero rather than an element of Glaives of Wisdom

Skeleton King
- Base Intelligence increased by 5
- Removed Mortal Strike active
- Vampiric Aura now provides full effectiveness on ranged units
- Reincarnation slow increased from 30% to 50%
- Reincarnation slow AoE increased from 700 to 900

Skywrath Mage
- Int growth increased from 3.2 to 3.6
- Added Aghanim's upgrade: reduces Mystic Flare's cooldown from 60/40/20 to 20/10/0

- Amplify Damage armor reduction increased from 8/14/20 to 10/15/20
- Sprint speed increased from 20/27/33/40% to 20/28/36/44%
- Sprint manacost removed (was 50)

- Shadow Dance duration reduced from 5.5 to 4
- Shadow Dance cooldown increased from 25 to 65
- Shadow Dance can no longer be revealed by Truesight

- Take Aim attack range bonus increased from 75/150/225/300 to 80/160/240/320

- You can now continuously use Reality on your illusions
- Reality cast point improved from 0.3 to 0

Spirit Breaker
- Base attack time nerfed from 1.7 to 1.9
- Greater Bash no longer works while doomed
- Nether Strike now uses 1.2 Cast Time instead of a 1 sec magic immune delay (can be interrupted as a result)

- Stormbolt cooldown reduced from 15 to 13
- Stormbolt is now dodgeable

- Kraken Shell damage block increased from 7/14/21/28 to 9/18/27/36

- Chakram manacost increased from 75/125/175 to 100/150/200

- Craggy Exterior chance increased from 6/12/18/24% to 10/15/20/25%
- Craggy Exterior stun duration increased from 1.2 to 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5

Treant Protector
- Leech Seed damage per pulse reduced from 30/45/60/75 to 24/36/48/60
- Leech Seed number of pulses increased from 4 to 6 (duration from 3 to 4.5)
- Living Armor cooldown rebalanced from 15 to 32/26/20/14
- Living Armor manacost increased from 25 to 50
- Nature's Guise cast point improved from 0.5 to 0.3

Troll Warlord
- Berserker's Rage movespeed bonus rebalanced from 20/20/20/30 to 10/20/30/40
- Whirling Axes (Melee) damage reduced from 125/175/225/275 to 75/125/175/225

- Frozen Sigil now requires a constant number of hits (3/3/4/4) instead of 200/220/240/260 HP (heroes hurt it for 1, others for 0.25)

- Decay steal duration increased from 25/30/35/40 to 40

Vengeful Spirit
- Can now use Blink Dagger
- If you Netherswap a unit onto an unpathable ledge, the unit gains free pathing for 5 seconds

- Poison Nova no longer ignores invis/fogged units
- Venomous Gale no longer ignores invis units
- Venomous Gale damage over time rebalanced from 15/30/45/60 to 0/30/60/90
- Poison Sting duration increased from 6/8/10/12 to 6/9/12/15
- Poison Sting dps no longer dispels healing or disables dagger
- Plague Wards now have Poison Sting for 50% of the damage at the current skilled level (When both Venomancer and a Plague Ward affect a target, only the highest dps is applied)
- Plague Wards XP bounty increased from 12/12/25/25 to 20/25/30/35

- Poison Attack cooldown reduced from 4/3/0/0 to 0
- Corrosive Skin no longer works while doomed

- Base armor reduced by 1
- Base magic resistance reduced from 25% to 10%

- Fatal Bonds now links the closest units to the initial target, instead of randomly choosing targets in its AoE
- Upheaval cast range increased from 700 to 1200
- Upheaval duration increased from 10 to 12
- Removed Chaotic Offering 100 impact damage
- Chaotic Offering Golem armor increased from 5/7/10 to 6/9/12
- Chaotic Offering manacost increased from 200/250/300 to 200/300/400

- Base attack time nerfed from 1.7 to 1.8

- Focus Fire remains sticky on the target you cast it on

This means that you can change targets and when you return to the original target, your attack speed bonus will resume.

Witch Doctor
- Death Ward cast range increased from 400 to 600
- Voodoo Restoration AoE increased from 350 to 500
- Voodoo Restoration manacost over time reduced from 8/14/20/26 to 8/12/16/20 (50% of the heal amount)
- Paralyzing Casks now lasts 5 seconds on illusions (same as creep duration)


Animal Courier
- Movement speed increased from 300 to 350
- HP increased from 45 to 75

Arcane Boots
- Movement speed bonus reduced from 60 to 55

Armlet of Mordiggian
- Unholy Strength STR gain is provided over 0.7 seconds
- Unholy Strength has no toggle on or off cooldown

Black King Bar
- Recipe cost increased from 1300 to 1375

Blink Dagger
- Damage disable no longer ignores self damage
This means stuff like Rot will trigger it, but HP loss like Soul Ring will not

- Now gives the +10 damage from its components

Boots of Travel
- Now prioritizes nearby structures first within 325 AoE from targeting position (when ground targeted)

- Gold cost increased from 600 to 650

Clarity Potion
- Is no longer shareable (but can still be used on a target ally)

Dust of Appearance
- Slow increased from 10 to 15%

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
- Cyclone cooldown reduced from 30 to 25
- Movement speed bonus increased from 35 to 40

Eye of Skadi
- Eye of Skadi MS/AS slow increased from 30/20 to 35/35

Flying Courier
- Cannot be purchased until 3 minutes after creeps spawn

Gem of True Sight
- Gold cost increased from 850 to 900

Hand of Midas
- Transmute no longer works against Necronomicon units

Healing Salve
- Gold cost increased from 100 to 115
- Is no longer shareable (but can still be used on a target ally)

Helm of the Dominator
- Dominate can no longer control Necronomicon units

- Gold cost reduced from 2100 to 2000

Linken's Sphere
- Linken's Sphere can now be cast on an allied hero to transfer the buff

When on cooldown it does not work on you. Goes into cooldown when cast and once the buff is used up.
If the cooldown ends and the buff has not been used up, the buff ends and does not trigger another cooldown.
700 cast range

- Chain Lightning AoE increased from 500 to 900

- Static Charge radius around attacker increased from 300 to 450
- Static Charge hit count increased from 3 to 5
- Chain Lightning AoE increased from 500 to 900

- Summoned units duration increased from 35 to 40

Observer Ward
- Duration increased from 6 to 7 minutes
- Killing Observer Wards now grants a 50 gold bounty

Phase Boots
- Movement speed bonus reduced from 55 to 50

Pipe of Insight
- Barrier AoE increased from 500 to 900

Power Treads
- Movement speed bonus reduced from 55 to 50

- Burn Damage AoE increased from 650 to 700

Refresher Orb
- Now gives the +10 attack speed from its components

Rod of Atos
- Cripple cooldown reduced from 16 to 12

Sange and Yasha
- Movement speed bonus increased from 12 to 16%

Sentry Ward
- Duration increased from 3 to 4 minutes
- No longer gives permanent vision around it
- Gives ground vision in a 150 area around it for 12 seconds when placed

Shadow Amulet
- Fade delay reduced from 2.4 to 1.8

Shadow Blade
- Shadow Walk cooldown increased from 18 to 28

Smoke Of Deceit
- Smoked units are now always hidden until the buff is removed (rather than being hidden only from minimap and partially from world)

- Charges increased from 3 to 4
- Gold cost increased from 90 to 125
- Is no longer shareable
- Tango can be targeted on an allied hero to create a 1 charge non-stacking tango item in their inventory. If the inventory is full, the item will be placed on the ground. This item has a 60s cooldown.

Tranquil Boots
- Reworked Tranquil Boots

Previous Tranquil Boots
Active Boots:
+ 75 Movement speed
+ 3 Armor
+ 3 HP Regeneration
Ability: Heal - Restores 250 HP over 20 seconds while out of combat. 60s cooldown. 25 mana cost.

Broken Boots:
+ 25 Movement speed
Restores when the last 10 seconds don't have 3 instances of damage.

Can be disassembled

New Tranquil Boots
Active Boots:
+ 85 Movement speed
+ 4 Armor
+ 10 HP Regeneration

Broken Boots:
+ 60 Movement speed
+ 4 Armor
Restores when you haven't attacked or been attacked in the last 13 seconds.

Cannot be disassembled

Urn of Shadows
- Soul Release cooldown reduced from 10 to 7

- Damage Block chance increased from 70 to 80%

Veil of Discord
- Now uses Null Talisman instead of Robe of the Magi (from +12 int to +6 int, +3 str, +3 agi, +3 dmg)
- Magic weakness duration increased from 20 to 25 seconds

* Broodmother and Slark are temporarily disabled from CM, they will be added back shortly.

WOW! Such a nice change! Stay tune on the DotA-Blog for the official updates of the map!

DotA 6.79 Changelogs [Official]

The changelogs of the new map, DotA 6.79 are posted by DotA development team. The map will be releasing soon. Stay tuned. Dota 6.79 Changelogs (Patch Notes) GENERAL * Buyback prevents gaining unreliable gold (creeps, neutrals, etc) until your normal respawn time finishes * When buying back, 25% of the remaining respawn time will be added to your next death * Creeps now meet a bit closer

DotA IMBA 1.0 AI EN Download - DotA IMBA Map

DotA IMBA v1.0 AI EN Map is one more addition in the huge database of DotA based fun-mode maps. The term imba is derived from "Imbalance" word which is often used as online gaming slang. DotA IMBA is certainly an imbalance map, It has IMBA-fied abilities of every hero in DotA. Imagine meat hook with 3500 range and POTM's Elune arrow going through the whole map. DotA IMBA Features: Imba Hero

Warkey++ 6.8 Now Available! Support Windows 8!

Too late pressing the Mekansm because your Laptop doesn't have Numkeys? Or got killed while you're still typing missing lane in the chat? Don't worry, it won't happen again, because Warkey++ will help you cover that! All that problem are solved with this awesome tool. What's even more, this version is now support Windows 8!

Let's check out their main feature!

1. Numkeys Remapping
By default they are replacing Numkeys with [Alt] + [Q/W/E/A/S/D]
But personally, i like to replace it with Tab, Capslock, Shift and Ctrl key in the left area.
And the most awesome thing about this, it is automatically off when you are in chat mode.

2. Quick Chat
You can bind and pre-configure your chat and easily call it with [Alt] + [1] or [Alt] + [2] and so on.

3. Skill Key Remapping and Macro
You can remap the skill key as you like. There's also a macro tool which can help you using heroes like Invoker. But personally, i would never use this feature because it will give you unfair advantage.

So? Want to download it now? Get it in this link:

Warkey++ 6.8 Download

How to Use
1. Download the file and save it wherever you like.
2. Open the Warkey and you will see small icon in your right tray.
3. Configure the Warkey and you ready to go!

Enjoy the new version of Warkey! And thanks JiaJia for this awesome tool!

Dota 6.78c Map - Official DotA 6.78c Download & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.78c Download - Official Dota 6.78c Map. DotA 6.78c has just released with some minor balance changes. Some popular heroes like Na'ix, Gyro and Alchemist got the nerf stick pointed on them. IceFrog also made a slight change to the Captain Mode. Check out the full changelogs and download link below!

DotA 6.78c Changelogs
DotA 6.78c Changelogs

Dota 6.78b Download Link
Dota 6.78c Download - GameWebz Mirror

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It seems now the DotA map cycle are first map to introduce new contents, version b to fix the bug and version c to balance them. Looking on that, unless there's a major bug found, i think this will be the latest series of DotA 6.78 before DotA 6.79 released. Enjoy the new map guys!

PS: For AI map updates, please check the DotA 6.78 AI page!

Dota 6.78c 6v6 Map Download

dota 6.78c 6v6Dota 6.78c 6v6 obviously made for those who want more guys playing in the map. And GodTony has just updated the map after IceFrog released the DotA 6.78c. And here you go, a map with 12 players in it! Check out the DotA 6.78c 6v6!

Dota 6.78c 6v6 Download Link
DotA_v6.78c_6v6.w3x via GameWebz
DotA_v6.78c_6v6.w3x via 6v6DotA

I hope you will love the map! And don't forget to say thanks to GodTony in here.

Nerif, the Oracle Guide, Build and Strategy

Nerif, the Oracle Guide Build and Strategy. The Oracle is a Sentinel Intelligence hero which is released in the DotA 6.78, together with Earth Spirit. Oracle has a unique skill set which need you properly cast one skill after another to get the maximum output. Thanks to that, Nerif can be both fit a nuker or support role.

Few have the knack for plucking the strings of fate, let alone seeing them for what they are. Fate is as mysterious as it is fickle, but for Nerif it has always been a burden. Those chosen must answer the call, and since boyhood he has been raised into the hallowed role of Oracle, proclaiming destiny's path to those worthy to hear of it. Though many of his ilk have chosen more peaceful routes to serving fate, he never felt that the future must be passively proclaimed. With the view of fate before him, his powers were suited by nudging and pulling threads and, where needed, severing them to better the life of all. It was inevitable that his abilities would culminate in deadly battle - he knew would come to pass, and he is ready to cut lives short to lengthen others.

Alliance: Sentinel
Type: Intelligence

Total Starting Damage: 45-51
Total Starting Armor: 2
Range: 620
BAT: 1.4
Movespeed: 305

Agility: 15 + 1.7
Strength: 18 + 1.9
Intelligence: 23 + 2.9

Nerif, the Oracle Skill

Fortune's End (Channeling, Enemy Target)
Channels Nerif's power into a bolt of scouring energy for up to 3 seconds. When released the bolt strikes the targeted enemy, dealing damage and purging in an AoE around them. The purge duration is equal to the time spent channeling.

Cast Range: 650
Damage: 75/150/225/300
AOE: 215
Purge duration: Up to 3 seconds

Cooldown: 12
Manacost: 130

Note: The purge happens before the damage and also removes Fate's Edict and Purifying Flames.

Fate's Edict (Target Ally/Enemy)
Nerif enraptures the target, rendering them unable to attack, granting them 100% spell resistance, and increasing the damage they take from other damage types by 50%. Can be cast on both allies and enemies.

Duration: 3/4/5/6
Cast Range: 700
Cooldown: 14
Manacost: 50

Purifying Flames (Target Ally/Enemy)
Burns away impurities from the target, dealing heavy damage and causing them to regenerate life each second for 9 seconds. Can be cast on both allies and enemies.

Damage: 90/180/270/360
Regeneration per second: 11/22/33/44
Duration: 9

Cooldown: 3
Manacost: 30/45/60/75
Cast Range: 750

Note: Damage is nonlethal on allies.

False Promise (Target Ally)
Temporarily alters the target ally's destiny, delaying all damage, healing and regeneration effects on them until False Promise ends. Ally is granted invisibility while attacking and moving. Removes all negative status effects when applied. The delayed healing is doubled when it is provided at the end of the duration.
Even Fountain cannot hurt you! (but after 9 seconds, you take all that damage..)
Cast Range: 1500
Duration: 7/8/9

Manacost: 100
Cooldown: 20

Note: All damage and healing happen immediately once the buff ends. This damage is lethal and is credited to the original damage sources.

Nerif the Oracle Item Build
Dagon, Bracer, Bracer, Magic Wand, Arcane Boots, Town Portal

Oracle is a support hero by nature and have a very flexible build. But one of the most popular build is Dagon. Combined with Purifying Flames, Fortune's End and Dagon, you can get a huge burst damage which can instantly kill heroes with less than 1000 hp! Other than that, if you want to truly be a supportive hero, buy Euls, Force Staff or Mekans, depending on what your team needs.

And you should note that this hero is really squishy, so grab 1 or 2 Bracers to pump your hp!

Nerif the Oracle Skill Build
1. Fortune's End
2. Fate's Edict/Purifying Flames
3. Purifying Flames
4. Purifying Flames/Fate's Edict
5. Purifying Flames
6. False Promise
7. Purifying Flames
8. Fortune's End
9. Fortune's End
10. Fortune's End
11. False Promise
12. Fate's Edict
13. Fate's Edict
14. Fate's Edict
15. Stats
16. False Promise
17-25. Stats

Fortune's End taken first as the purge can help you net a First Blood. The first skill to be maxed is Purifying Flame, as it can be a deadly nuke combined with Fortune's End and can be a strong heal combined with Fate's Edict. One thing you should remember, the Purifying Flames cooldown is really short (3 seconds!). So you can cast it twice to your enemy before combined it with Fortune's End. Or if you have Fate's Edict level 2 or above, you can cast the flame 2 times to heal your ally.

False Promise is taken whenever possible. It's a very strong skill. The problem is, many players tend to cast this to their self in a team clash. If you do that, please don't, cast this skill on your carry hero instead. You will want him survive and carry your team to the victory. But if you play as a nuker, use False Promise to initiate, they won't know what hit them before too late. False Promise, Flame, hit, Flame, Fortune's End and Dagon if you have it. This combo usually will kill most of them.

Nerif the Oracle Strategy
Positive Combo
Combo 1: Healing! (Fate's Edict + Purifying Flame)
Cast Fate's Edict before the Purifying Flame to your allies to let them get the heal without the initial damage. You can do this as long as the Fate's Edict duration not yet ended.

Combo 2: Damage! (Purifying Flame + Fortune's End)
Cast Purifying Flame to damage your enemies and immediately cast Fortune's End to remove the heal.

Combo 3: Immortal! (False Promise + Dazzle's Shallow Grave/Abbadon's Borrowed Time)
Use False Promise and when the duration is almost over, use Dazzle's Shallow Grave or Abbadon's Borrowed Time. Can also work with Reincarnate.

Bad Combo (Don't do this!)
Bad Combo 1: No Damage! (Fate's Edict + your allies magical damage)
Don't cast Fate's Edict to your enemies if you know your allies will cast another skill (Lion's Finger, Lina's Laguna Blade). They won't do any damage!

Bad Combo 2: Can't attack! (Fate's Edict + your hitter)
While Fate's Edict can save your allies from magical damage, never ever cast it in your hitter! Mortred or Void will be useless if they cannot hit the enemies.

Do you have different way on playing Nerif the Oracle? Please share it here :)

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit Guide, Build & Strategy

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit Guide, Build & Strategy.

When the blight of the Scourge threatened the isolated peak villages of the Crag Lands, their pleas for aid went unanswered. The strong villagers climbing ever higher up the mountains to seek refuge, leaving those too young or old to their fates. When the forces of evil fed upon the helpless, their innocent blood wet the stones of the foothills. Seeing this, the heart of the mountains wept, and forged it's own champion to face off against the teeming hordes. Hewed from the cliff face, Kaolin was born into our world. Wielding the strength of the mountain, he bends stone and metal to his fierce will.

Alliance: Sentinel
Type: Strength

Total Starting Damage: 46-56
Total Starting Armor: 4
Range: 128 (Melee)
BAT: 1.7
Movespeed: 305

Agility: 17 + 1.5
Strength: 21 + 2.9
Intelligence: 18 + 2.4

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit Skill

Innate: Stone Caller (Innate, Level 0, Target Point)

Kaolin raises a stone from the depths of the earth to aid him in battle. Creating a rock consumes a Stone Charge, and charges replenish at a rate of 1 per 25 seconds. The rocks last up to 2 minutes with a max 6 rocks active at a time. Rocks provide no vision.

Cast Range: 1400
Cooldown: 0

Note: This hero has an Innate ability that doesn't do anything on its own but is used by his other abilities.

Boulder Smash (Target ally, enemy or rock. Melee range)
Kaolin slams an ally, enemy, or Rock with his mighty stone, knocking them away from him, and damaging enemies the slammed target collides with. Slammed Rocks travel farther than fleshy targets and also silence impacted enemies.

Damage: 100/150/200/250
Slam Distance: 800 (3x when utilizing a Rock, 2400)
Slam Speed: 1200
Silence Duration: 5 seconds (only with a Rock)

Impact AoE: 225

Cast Range: 150

Manacost: 100
Cooldown: 22/18/14/10

Rolling Boulder (Short Channel, Target Direction)

Kaolin turns into a boulder and begins spinning in place to build up momentum. After 0.6 seconds, he launches himself 800 distance in the direction he is facing, damaging units he passes through but stopping if he collides with an enemy hero or is stunned. Rolling over a Rock will add momentum, increasing roll distance, speed, damage, and adding a slow to the hero you collide with.

Damage: 90/120/150/180 (+50% when utilizing a Rock, 135/180/225/270)
Rock Slow: 80% AS/MS for 2 seconds (only with a Rock)

Roll Distance: 800 (+100% when utilizing a Rock, 1600)
Speed: 800 (+100% when utilizing a Rock, 1600)

Impact AoE: 150
Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 16/12/8/4

Note: This skill will always go the full distance, you cannot choose a shorter distance. It stops on the opposite side of the first hero it impacts. The Rock is consumed when used as a boost for rolling.

Geomagnetic Grip (Target Ally or Rock)
Kaolin runs a magnetic charge through the targeted ally or rock, quickly pulling them to him. Enemies struck by the target being pulled will be stunned, and will also be dealt damage if the pulled target is a Rock.

AOE: 180
Stun: 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
Rock damage: 125

Pull Speed: 1000
Cast Range: 1400

Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 13

Magnetize (Active, No Target)

Magnetizes units in a small nearby area, causing them to take damage over time for a short duration. Any magnetized heroes cause nearby rocks to become energized and explode, applying/refreshing the magnetize debuff on all units near the rock. This process can repeat multiple times. Rocks are destroyed in this process.

Magnetized heroes feel the effect of the Silence and Slow from Rock enhanced Boulder Smash and Rolling Boulder if one Magnetized hero is affected by them.

Cast AOE: 300
Rock Search AOE: 300
Rock Explode AOE: 600

Debuff duration: 6 seconds
DPS: 50/75/100

Cooldown: 80
Manacost: 100

Note: When a Rock is in an AoE of Magnetize, it doesn't immediately disappear, it becomes innert and then disappears after 5 seconds (can still be used by your other spells in the meantime)

Kaolin the Earth Spirit Item Build
Coming Soon!

Kaolin the Earth Spirit Skill Build
1. Rolling Boulder
2. Geomagnetic Grip
3. Boulder Smash
4. Rolling Boulder
5. Rolling Boulder
6. Magnetize
7. Rolling Boulder
8. Geomagnetic Grip
9. Geomagnetic Grip
10. Geomagnetic Grip
11. Magnetize
12. Boulder Smash
13. Boulder Smash
14. Boulder Smash
15. Stats
16. Magnetize
17-25. Stats

Kaolin the Earth Spirit Strategy
Coming Soon!

This guide is still on progress, if you have your way on playing Kaolin the Earth Spirit, please share it here :)

Warcraft 3 Manabars - War3MP Download

Warcraft 3 Manabars (War3MP) is a small yet powerful program intended for Warcraft 3 DotA based maps which lets you see Mana-bars of allied and enemy units while playing. Normally, Warcraft 3 does not have option to view the Manabars. This tool adds a blue bar underneath Hit-points (HP) bar which represents mana-points of heroes. It gives you tactical advantage over your opponents and helps

DotA 6.78c LoD v2g Map Download - Legends of DotA

DotA 6.78c LoD Map is now released. Legends of DotA is a modified version of IceFrog's DotA in which you play any hero with your desired skills combination or optionally you can go random. Currently, this map is only compatible with AP, AR SD and MD mode. However, you can enter additional modes for more restrictions/balance. The current version is v6.78c LoD v2g which brings tons of

Dota 6.78c Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.78c Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.78c Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.78c Complete Changelogs. DotA 6.78c is a minor patch which contains some nerf to popular heroes. Don't have the map yet? Check this page! If you already got it, check out the full changelogs below!

Dota 6.78c Changelogs

* Lifestealer: Rage cooldown increased from 15 to 17 seconds
* Batrider: Flamebreak cooldown increased from 11 to 14
* Guardian Wisp: Tether movement bonus decreased from 20% to 17%
* Treant Protector: Living Armor damage block instances from 7 to 4/5/6/7
* Alchemist: Chemical Rage bonus HP reduced from 300/600/900 to 250/500/750
* Gyrocopter: Gyrocopter attack range reduced from 375 to 365
* Team 2 now bans second instead of first in Ban Phase #2. (All other phases and orders are the same)
Ban Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/B/A]

Ban Phase #2: Changed [From Team B/A/B/A to Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #2: No Changes [Team B/A/B/A]

Ban Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]
Pick Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]

Enjoy the DotA 6.78c!

DotA 6.78c Map Download and Changelogs [Official]

IceFrog has rolled out yet another short update in form of DotA 6.78c. It is a small patch which brings no bug fixes but some balance/tweaks to heroes that are frequently picked in competitive gaming. Batrider, Wisp and Alchemist have received noticeable nerfs. Captains Mode banning criteria is also changed a bit, you can check map's changelog for more details. DotA 6.78c Map Download

Dota 6.78b 6v6 Map Download

dota 6.78b 6v6Dota 6.78b 6v6 which made by GodTony last week is the perfect way to enjoy the weekend if you have lots of friends playing DotA. This map is the expansion of the DotA 6.78b, which is the latest map from IceFrog that providing us with lots of new stuff and less bugs. And here you go, the latest 6v6 DotA map!

Dota 6.78b 6v6 Download Link
DotA_v6.78b_6v6.w3x via GameWebz
DotA_v6.78b_6v6.w3x via 6v6DotA

Enjoy the map guys, have a nice weekend!

Dota 6.78b Map - Official DotA 6.78b Download & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.78b Download - Official Dota 6.78b Map. As predicted, the huge changes that happens in the DotA 6.78 are followed by lots of bugs. Don't worry though, this is a normal routine in the DotA cycle. Which is why IceFrog already released another map to fix that bugs. And here we go, DotA 6.78b, the bug patch for the DotA 6.78! Check it out!

DotA 6.78b Changelogs
DotA 6.78b Changelogs

Dota 6.78b Download Link
Dota 6.78b Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Yeah! That Earth Spirit bug really annoying me.. Thanks IceFrog! Enjoy the map guys!

PS: For AI map updates, please check the DotA 6.78 AI page!

Update: DotA 6.78c released!

DotA 6.78b Map Download and Changelogs [Official]

DotA 6.78b map, the sub-version as well as the second map of v6.78 series is now officially released. The v6.78b fixes dozens of bugs that appeared in the previous patch. Now, players can no longer use exploit to control two heroes, Attacking allied ward with quelling blade has been fixed along with other miscellaneous bugs. You can download the stable DotA 6.78b map and read it's changelogs

DotA 6.78 Map Download and Changelogs [Official]

The long awaited DotA 6.78 is now officially unleashed by the developer IceFrog. The v6.78 adds 2 new heroes, Oracle and Earth Spirit to the Sentinel pool and brings tons of balance/nerfs to heroes such as Phantom Lancer, Lone Druid and Necrolyte. Aghanim Scepter is now supported by 3 more heroes. Also, Items and gameplay mechanics are significantly changed. This map has some really

DotA 6.78 Changelogs (Patch Notes)

DotA 6.78 changelogs are as follows. For those who don't know, this map brings 2 new heroes (STR and INT) to Sentinel side and massive number of changes to heroes and items for balance. Captains mode is reworked. The v6.78 surely revamps the current scene of DotA and will surely allow room new strategies for tournaments and public games.You can read the full changelog below: DotA 6.78

Dota 6.78 Map - Official DotA 6.78 Download & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.78 Download - Official Dota 6.78 Map. DotA 6.78 finally released with 2 new heroes, Kaolin the Earth Spirit and Nerif the Oracle. Massive changes also happens on the old heroes and items. Wow! The long await is over guys! Download the map now and check the changelogs below!

DotA 6.78 Changelogs
DotA 6.78 Changelogs

Dota 6.78 Download Link
Dota 6.78 Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Wohooooooo! Enjoy the new map and let us know what you think about it!

PS: For AI map updates, please check the DotA 6.78 AI page!

Update: DotA 6.78b is Released!

Dota 6.78 Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.78 Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.78 Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.78 Complete Changelogs. DotA 6.78 is having huge changelogs! If you're not having it, download it from this page. If you're done, let's check out the huge massive changelogs of the DotA 6.78!

Dota 6.78 Changelogs


- Added Kaolin, the Earth Spirit
- Added Nerif, the Oracle

Arc Warden
- Magnetic Field AoE decreased from 325 to 275
- Tempest Double unit is now visible to the enemy players as the fake

- Counter Helix cooldown decreased from 0.65/0.6/0.55/0.5 to 0.55/0.5/0.45/0.4

Ancient Apparition
- Ice Vortex cooldown decreased from 6 to 5
- Ice Blast base AoE increased from 225 to 275
- Added Aghanim's Scepter
Ice Blast duration increased from 8/9/10 to 17

- Vision decreased from 1800/800 to 1400/800
- Flamebreak manacost increased from 80/100/120/140 to 140

- Greater Hawk invisibility fade time decreased from 5 to 4

- Strygwyr's Thirst now gives you bonus 3/4/5/6 armor when active
- Bloodrage dispels the target before applying its buff
This would cause it to remove things like Ethereal
- Rupture damage is now HP loss
This causes it to go through Magic Immunity now

Bounty Hunter
- Track manacost from 70/60/50 to 50

- Quill Spray hit memory increased from 10 to 14 seconds

- Incapacitating Bite miss chance from 10/20/30/40% to 30/40/50/60%
- Spawn Spiderlings unit count increased from 1/2/3/3 to 1/2/3/4

Centaur Warchief
- Added to Captain's Mode

- Strafe cooldown decreased from 60/50/40/30 to 45/40/35/30

Clockwerk Goblin
- Power Cogs no longer knock back magic immune units

Crystal Maiden
- Brilliance Aura mana regen increased from 0.5/1/1.5/2 to 1/1.5/2/2.5
- Freezing Field explosion AoE increased from 215 to 230
- Aghanim's Freezing Field's attack speed reduction aura increased from -20 to -50

Dark Seer
- Vacuum cooldown increased from 22 to 24

- Shadow Wave target count increased from 3/3/4/5 to 3/4/5/6
- Shallow Grave can now be cast on magic immune allies

Death Prophet
- Movement speed decreased from 285 to 280
- Silence AoE increased from 200/275/350/350 to 350
- Witchcraft move speed bonus increased from 4/8/12/16% to 5/10/15/20%

- Thunder Strike from 3 strikes over 4 seconds to 4 strikes over 6 seconds
- Thunder Strike damage per strike decreased from 50/75/100/125 to 40/60/80/100
- Thunder Strike AoE increased from 200 to 240

Doom Bringer
- Doom now disables Feast, Backtrack, Dispersion, Juxtapose, Bristleback and Blood Bath
- Aghanim's Scepter upgrade duration reworked
Aghanim's Doom duration doesn't count down while the target is within 550 range of Doombringer

Dragon Knight
- Corrosive Breath passive from Level 1 Elder Form now carries over to Level 2 (the DPS)

Drow Ranger
- Trueshot Aura increased from 14/18/22/26% to 16/20/24/28%

- Turn rate improved from 0.4 to 0.6
- Fissure range increased from 1200 to 1300
- Echo Slam now considers illusions as heroes
This affects Aghanim's Scepter upgrade as it does extra damage for each hero in the area.

Ember Spirit
- Flame Guard DPS increased from 30/35/40/45 to 30/40/50/60
- Added to Captain's Mode

- Aghanim's Scepter bonus attack range increased from 165 to 190

- Malefice scaling reworked

Old Malefice:
Duration: 2/4/4/6 (1/2/2/3 ticks)
Damage: 40/40/65/65 (total dmg: 40/80/130/195)
Stun Duration: 1

New Malefice:
Duration: 6 (3 ticks)
Damage: 25/40/55/70 (total dmg: 75/120/165/210)
Stun Duration: 0.25/0.5/0.75/1

Goblin Shredder
- Base Strength increased by 3
- Int growth increased from 1.8 to 2.4
- Chakram initial manacost rescaled from 125/150/175 to 75/125/175
- Chakram move speed increased from 800 to 900

- Flak Cannon cooldown increased from 20 to 30

- Base Strength increased by 3
- Burning Spears DPS increased from 4/8/12/16 to 5/10/15/20
- Life Break HP cost increased from 35/30/25% to 40/35/30%
- Berserker's Blood Reworked

Old Berserker's Blood:
Huskar feels each of his wounds and channels the pain, increasing attack speed and damage for each 7% missing health. First bonus starts at full health.

Attack Speed: 3/6/9/12 IAS per stack
Damage: 2/4/6/8 damage per stack

New Berserker's Blood:
Huskar feels each of his wounds and channels the pain, increasing magic resistance and attack speed for each 7% missing health. First bonus starts at full health.

Magic Resistance: 4/5/6/7% magic resistance
Attack Speed: 8/12/16/20 per stack

- Removed from Captain's Mode

- Alacrity manacost decreased from 100 to 75
- Ghost Walk slow increased from 20/23/26/30/33/36/40 to 20/25/30/35/40/45/50
- Ghost Walk cooldown decreased from 60 to 35
- Tornado damage rescaled from 70+(Wex+Quas)*20 to 70+(2*Wex+Quas)*15

- Spirits no longer provide vision, except temporarily when they collide with an enemy hero
- Overcharge hp/mp cost increased from 3.5% to 4.5%

- Omnislash no longer jumps on Tombestone Zombies

Keeper of the Light
- Base Strength decreased by 2

- Ghost Ship damage increased from 300/400/500 to 350/450/550
- X Marks The Spot manacost decreased from 80/90/100/110 to 80
- X Marks The Spot vision from 1000 flying to 400 ground vision

Legion Commander
- Duel bonus damage per victory increased from 10 to 10/14/18
- Added to Captain's Mode

- Chainfrost bounce count increased from 7 to 10

- Open Wounds cast range decreased from 600 to 200/300/400/500

Lina Inverse
- Attack range increased from 625 to 635

- Mana Drain break and cast range improved by 100 (750/1100 -> 850/1200)
- Aghanim's Finger of Death CD decreased from 160/100/40 to 100/60/20

Lone Druid
- Spirit Bear now has its HP drained by Armlet when active
- Spirit Bear bounty increased from 100 to 300

Lord of Avernus
- Movement speed increased from 300 to 310

- Armor increased by 1 (Shapeshift total armor is still the same as before)

- Reverse Polarity damaged decreased from 150/225/300 to 50/125/200

- Stone Gaze Reworked

Old Stone Gaze:
Any unit facing Medusa has its attack and movement speed slowed by 100%. Dispels enemy units and deals 500/1000/1500 damage to illusions and summoned units.

Lasts 5 seconds. Attack and Movement speed is slowly regained over the duration.

View Angle Spread: 75

AOE: 800
CD: 140/100/60
Manacost: 200/100/0

Note: Once a unit is affected, it retains the negative buff until the spell is over, regardless of facing direction.

Stone Gaze:
Any unit facing Medusa will have its attack, movement and turn rate reduced by 50% until the end of the spell. If you accumulate 2 seconds time (in total) facing Medusa, you will turn to stone.

Stoned units are disabled, have 100% magic resistance and take extra damage from physical attacks.

View Angle Spread: 85

Gaze Duration: 6 seconds.
Stone Duration: 3 seconds
Bonus Physical Damage: 30/40/50%

AOE: 1000
CD: 90
Manacost: 200

Note: Kills illusions instead of petrifying them

- Removed from Captain's Mode

- Innate magic resistance increased from 25% to 35%

- Elune's Arrow now deals up to 100 extra damage based on distance the arrow traveled
- Moonlight Shadow cooldown decreased from 160/140/120 to 140/120/100
- Starfall will choose a new target for the second star if the first died before impact

- Base attack time improved from 1.7 to 1.6

Naga Siren
- Rip Tide cooldown rescaled from 19/16/13/10 to 10

- If a unit dies under Reaper's Scythe, it will be credited to Necrolyte
- Aghanim's Reaper's Scythe causes buyback to be disabled on heroes it kills for that death

Nerubian Assassin
- Mana Burn drain and damage decreased from 5x Int to 3.5/4/4.5/5x
- Mana Burn manacost rescaled from 130/120/110/100 to 100

- Hunter in the Night attack speed rescaled from 30/45/60/75 to 45/55/65/75 (MS remains 20/25/30/35)

Obsidian Destroyer
- Movement speed increased from 310 to 315

Ogre Magi
- Ignite DPS increased from 26/32/38/44 to 26/34/42/50

- Added Aghanim's Scepter
Guardian Angel AoE becomes global and affects buildings (including regen)

Pandaren Brewmaster
- Aghanim's Primal Split units now gain your current level of Drunken Brawler
- Fire Panda no longer upgrades damage with Aghanim's Scepter
It has roughly same damage with Drunken Brawler now

Phantom Assassin
- Blur level 4 evasion increased from 35% to 40%

Phantom Lancer
- Spirit Lance, Dopplewalk, Juxtapose and Phantom Edge illusions damage dealt decreased from 25% to 20%

- Sun Ray HP cost per second increased from 3% to 4%

- Flesh Heap strength bonus increased from 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 to 1/1.5/2/2.5

- Nether Blast structure damage increased from 33% to 50%
- Decrepify can now target Tombstone

- Eye of the Storm duration increased from 20/25/30 to 30
- Eye of the Storm strike interval decreased from 0.75/0.65/0.55 to 0.7/0.6/0.5 (Aghanim's to 0.55/0.45/0.35)
- Unstable Current movement speed bonus increased from 3/6/9/12% to 4/8/12/16%

- Permanent Invisibility fade time decreased from 3/2.25/1.5 to 3/2/1

Sand King
- Invisibility fade delay when exiting Sand Storm improved from 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.5 to 1.5
- Sand Storm now has a smoother damage interval (1->0.5, total damage is the same)

Shadow Demon
- Base Intelligence decreased by 3
- Shadow Poison no longer gives vision over the targets with the debuff
This still reveals the projectile path, but no longer locks on vision to units with the debuff on them for 10 seconds

Shadow Fiend
- Requiem of Souls slow rescaled from 15/20/25% to 20%
- Requiem of Souls damage reduction increased from 15/20/25% to 50%

Shadow Shaman
- Aghanim's Mass Serpent Wards damage increased from 53-59/74-79/94-100 to 85-90/105-110/125-130
Basic version damage numbers also normalized a bit from 39-43/54-58/69-73 to 40-45/55-60/70-75

- Global Silence now affects sleeping units
- Added Aghanim's Scepter for Silencer
Applies the current level of Curse of the Silent to all units and increases ultimate duration by one second.

Skeleton King
- Reincarnation slow now affects attack speed as well
- Reincarnation slow happens immediately upon death rather than after reincarnating
- Critical Strike Reworked

Mortal Strike:
Has a passive and active component. Passively gives you a chance to land a critical strike. Can be cast to temporarily steal HP from a target enemy hero. When the active is used, the critical strike is temporarily disabled for the drain duration.

Passive Crit Damage: 1.25/1.75/2.25/2.75
Passive Crit Chance: 15%

HP Drain: 20% of Max (Not Lethal)
Drain duration: 7
Cast Range: 550
Manacost: 30
Cooldown: 25

Note: This doesn't affect max hp, just temporarily drains then returns it.

- Bash damage type from magical to physical
- Sprint cooldown decreased from 40 to 28

- Shrapnel AoE increased from 360 to 400

Spirit Breaker
- Charge of Darkness will now also Greater Bash its target
Instead of only affecting those it runs through, it now also affects the target as well.
The Greater Bash portion of Charge of Darkness will go through BKB, since Greater Bash goes through BKB.

Storm Spirit
- Electric Vortex cooldown decreased from 20 to 21/20/19/18

Tauren Chieftain
- Ancestral Spirit vision type from Flying to Ground
- Natural Order aura increased from 20/40/60/80% to 25/50/75/100%

- Conjure Image illusion duration increased from 25 to 32
- Sunder minimum HP exchange decreased from 33/28/23% to 25/20/15%

- Ravage AoE rescaled from 825/925/1025 to 1025

- Toss cooldown decreased from 10 to 9
- You can now Toss units to Runes

Treant Protector
- Leech Seed slow increased from 24% to 28%
- Leech Seed's healing effect no longer ends when the target dies

Troll Warlord
- Battle Trance cooldown increased from 20 to 30
- Battle Trance duration decreased from 10 to 7

- Snowball cooldown decreased from 24 to 21

- Soul Rip cast range increased from 650 to 750

Ursa Warrior
- Fury Swipes duration increased from 6 to 15

Vengeful Spirit
- Strength increased from 16 + 2.3 to 18 + 2.6
- Nether Swap cast range rescaled from 600/900/1200 to 650/925/1200

- Poison Sting duration increased from 6/7/8/9 to 6/8/10/12

- Corrosive Skin affects any damage source not just regular attacks
- Viper Strike is no longer removed by Dark Pact or Kraken Shell

Winter Wyvern
- Intelligence growth increased from 2.4 to 3.1
- Arctic Burn no longer provides flying vision

Witch Doctor
- Death Ward cast range rescaled from 300/350/400 to 400
- Maledict cast range increased from 400 to 525


Ancient Janggo of Endurance
- Recipe cost increased from 750 to 800

Armlet of Mordiggian
- HP regen decreased from 8 to 7

Assault Cuirass
- Positive armor aura is no longer prevented from stacking with other items
This means that it works with items like Vladmir's Offering

Black King Bar
- Magic Immunity now has a 6th level of decrease
So it decreases on usage until it gets to 4 duration and 50 CD. Previously the lowest level was 5 duration and 55 CD.

Blade Mail
- Armor increased from 5 to 6
- Damage Return cooldown decreased from 22 to 17

- Initial charges increased from 6 to 8
- Can be activated to instantly kill yourself
This will cause it to trigger the AoE heal that always happens when you die with Bloodstone. 300 second cooldown. Targets the ground to be used, to help prevent accidental usage.

- While empty, Bottle causes couriers to move 30% slower

- Courier no longer block neutral creeps from spawning
- Courier Speed Burst from 100% to 50% MS bonus (still reaches max speed)
This primarily a factor when carrying an Empty Bottle. Without an extra slow, Couriers will still reach maximum speed.

- Recipe cost decreased from 1300 to 1250

Dust of Appearance
- Now stacks in inventory
- Now slows heroes with an invisibility buff on them by 10%

Ethereal Blade
- Self or ally cast duration increased to 4 seconds

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
- Movement speed bonus increased from 30 to 35

Force Staff
- Recipe cost decreased from 1000 to 900

Gem of True Sight
- Gem can no longer be destroyed
- Gold cost increased from 700 to 850

Headress of Rejuvenation
- Regeneration Aura AoE increased from 500 to 750 (now equal to Mekansm's active)

Kelen's Blink Dagger
- Cooldown decreased from 14 to 12

Linken's Sphere
- Cooldown decreased from 20 to 17

Lothar's Edge
- Damage decreased from 30 to 22

Medallion of Courage
- Cast range increased from 800 to 1000

- Regeneration Aura AoE increased from 500 to 750 (now equal to active)

Nathrezim Buckler
- Armor bonus AoE active increased from 700 to 750 (now equal to Mekansm's active )

- Warrior and Archer armor type changed from Heavy to Hero
This causes them to take a bit less damage from creeps, but same damage from heroes.

Null Talisman
- Recipe cost decreased from 145 to 135

Observer Ward
- Initial Stock now starts at 1 instead of 2 (max stock is still 2)

Quelling Blade
- Can now target Observer or Sentry wards dealing 100 damage (wards have 200 hp)
- Cast range increased from 100 to 350

- Burn damage increased from 45 to 50

Sange and Yasha
- Minor changes to stats

+16 Agility
+16 Strength
+15 Attack Speed
+15% Maim chance
+12 Damage
+12% Movement Speed

+16 Agility
+16 Strength
+16 Attack Speed
+16% Maim chance
+16 Damage
+12% Movement Speed

Sentry Ward
- Sentry Wards AoE decreased from 950 to 800

Shadow Amulet
- Fade time decreased from 2.6 to 2.4

Shiva's Guard
- Shiva's Guard aura AoE decreased from 1000 to the standard 900
- Shiva's Guard AS reduction increased from -30 to -40

Stygian Desolator
- Corruption armor reduction increased from 6 to 7

Veil of Discord
- Discord AoE increased from 550 to 600


* Captain's Mode bans changed from 2/3 to 2/2/1
* Captain's Mode picks changed from 3/2 to 2/2/1
* Adjusted ban/pick/reserve times Captain's Mode

Old Captain's Mode:
Team 1: Ban [40 sec]
Team 2: Ban [40 sec]
Team 1: Ban [40 sec]
Team 2: Ban [40 sec]

Team 1: Pick [40 sec]
Team 2: Pick [40 sec]
Team 2: Pick
Team 1: Pick [40 sec]
Team 1: Pick
Team 2: Pick [40 sec]

Team 1: Ban [50 sec]
Team 2: Ban [50 sec]
Team 1: Ban [50 sec]
Team 2: Ban [50 sec]
Team 1: Ban [50 sec]
Team 2: Ban [50 sec]

Team 1: Pick [40 sec]
Team 2: Pick [40 sec]
Team 1: Pick [40 sec]
Team 2: Pick [40 sec]

Total Pick/Ban Time: 780 (not counting Reserve time)
Reserve Time: 90 seconds (per team)

New Captain's Mode:
Team 1: Ban [30 sec]
Team 2: Ban [30 sec]
Team 1: Ban [30 sec]
Team 2: Ban [30 sec]

Team 1: Pick [40 sec]
Team 2: Pick [40 sec]
Team 2: Pick [40 sec]
Team 1: Pick [40 sec]

Team 2: Ban [30 sec]
Team 1: Ban [30 sec]
Team 2: Ban [30 sec]
Team 1: Ban [30 sec]

Team 2: Pick [40 sec]
Team 1: Pick [40 sec]
Team 2: Pick [40 sec]
Team 1: Pick [40 sec]

Team 2: Ban [30 sec]
Team 1: Ban [30 sec]

Team 2: Pick [40 sec]
Team 1: Pick [40 sec]

Total Pick/Ban Time: 700 (not counting Reserve time)
Reserve Time: 110 seconds (per team)

* Deny XP and Bonus XP/Gold AOE is now the same as regular XP AOE (1000->1200)
* 4 hero XP bonus changed from 15+6*Level to 20+5*level
* 5 hero XP bonus changed from 10+5*Level to 15+4*level
* Level 11 XP requirements reduced from 6500 to 6000
* Level 12 XP requirements increased from 7700 to 8200
* Gold for ending a spree changed from 50->400 (3x->10x) to 75->600
* Buy back cooldown increased from 5 to 6 minutes
* Level 1 and Level 2 towers armor increased from 18 to 20
* Towers no longer have separate bounty values when creeps or allies get the last it, it now gives the same reliable bounty to all players as if a creep killed it.
* Hero getting last hit on tower gives 100-200 bonus gold. Does not affect team bounty in any way

Previously if you get the last hit:
- You would get no team bounty
- Allies get slightly less gold

- Allies always get the same amount regardless of who last hits
- A hero last hitting gets roughly the same overall amount as before

* Backdoor protection now also reduces incoming damage by 25%
* Siege units HP increased from 500 to 550
Now always requires 4 hits from tier 1 towers instead of sometimes 3 and sometimes 4

* Repicking a randomed hero now re-adds the hero to the pool
* Swapping a hero that you randomed now costs you 100 gold

* Fixed a bug with Call Down slow sometimes lasting too long
* Fixed Call Down inaccurate tooltip
* Fixed Echo Stomp stun sometimes ending too early
* Fixed Ancients not having backdoor protection
* Fixed the left range rax not upgrading the siege units properly for the Sentinel
* Fixed the active component of Tranquil Boots being enabled on Illusions
* Fixed an inconsistency with mana sharing on Tether
* Fixed an issue with Primal Split's Level 2 Storm interaction with Smoke
* Fixed Shadow Amulet not working when you are Magic Immune
* Fixed Rod of Atos sell price
* Fixed Smoke of Deceit not working on Familiars
* Fixed suicides causing aoe bonus XP to be given out
* Fixed attack speed with Armlet on Spirit Bear
* Fixed level 3 Skeleton King Reincarnation scoreboard
* Fixed Rupture sometimes remaining on you when you revive
* Fixed a very minor damage inaccuracy with Eye of the Storm

Enjoy the massive changes of the DotA 6.78!

Kaolin, Earth Spirit - DotA Strategy Guide

Kaolin, Earth Spirit is a Sentinel strength hero added in v6.78 patch update. Earth Spirit is a unique concept semi-carry/support hero based entirely on precision skills (Meat Hook, Elune's arrow etc.). Earth Panda relies on Stones (innate skill) to make use of his other spells. He can smash stones/units with his 1st spell to damage and silence the opponents. His second spell turns him into a

Dota 6.78 6v6 Map Download

dota 6.78 6v6Dota 6.78 6v6 has just released today! DotA 6.78 surely provided us a great excitements with two new heroes and lots of heroes & items change. And i'm sure adding 2 more players into that map will make the clash even more interesting. Enjoy the brand new 6v6 map, DotA 6.78 6v6 from GodTony!

Dota 6.78 6v6 Download Link
DotA_v6.78_6v6.w3x via GameWebz
DotA_v6.78_6v6.w3x via 6v6DotA

Hope you'll enjoy the map! And don't forget to say your thanks to GodTony in this post!

Dota 6.78b Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.78b Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.78b Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.78b Complete Changelogs. Wanna know which bugs is fixed in the DotA 6.78b? Check the complete changelogs below!

Dota 6.78b Changelogs


- Fixed a bug that allowed some players to control two heroes
- Fixed being unable to easily tell when Tombstone was Decrepified
- Fixed False Promise interaction with Shallow Grave
- Fixed Quelling Blade doing damage to allied wards
- Fixed the passive regen missing on Spirit Bear's Armlet
- Fixed Empty Bottle courier slow lasting a couple extra seconds after it is filled
- Fixed Buyback cooldown display not always being accurate
- Fixed Rupture hurting couriers
- Fixed some issues with targeting near units with Stone Caller
- Fixed Flak Cannon vs Gem
- Fixed Panda with Bloodstone being unable to revive
- Fixed swapping costing you an extra 100 gold if you swap after repicking a new hero
- Fixed multiple swaps costing you more gold
- Fixed Bloodrage removing Doom and stuns from allies
- Fixed Bloodrage removing Elder Dragon Form
- Fixed various tooltips
- Fixed a bug with Courier haste speed when interacting with slows
- Fixed Bloodstone charges being slightly inaccurate when activating the item manually
- Fixed Rupture piercing Shallow Grave
- Fixed False Promise interaction with Armlet and Power Treads
- Fixed Shadow Demon base int
- Fixed Mortal Strike interaction with Linken's Sphere
- Fixed an Aghnaim's Scepter droppability issue
- Fixed aoe XP/Gold with deny/neutral/suicide
- Fixed Aghanim Reaper buyback not being prevented properly if someone else gets the last hit
- Fixed some minor issues with the values on Eye of the Storm
- Fixed Geomagnetic Grip being wasted if targeting ground and no nearby Rock is found to pull

Enjoy the new map! And if you're looking for download link, check it in this page.