Dota 6.77b Map - Official DotA 6.77b Download & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.77b Download - Official Dota 6.77b Map. IceFrog has just released DotA 6.77b today to fixed some bugs in the DotA 6.77. He also remove the Christmas themed elements as well. Check out the changelogs and the download link below!

Dota 6.77b Changelogs
* Removed Christmas themed elements
* Fixed a death streak bounty bug
* Fixed Fire Spirits instantly kililng Forged Spirits
* Fixed Brilliance Aura's self effect on Crystal Maiden not working properly
* Fixed some tooltips

Dota 6.77b Download Link
Dota 6.77b Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Well, never expected that there will be another bug in previous map. Let's just hope that DotA 6.77b will be the latest revision before going to DotA 6.78. Enjoy the map guys!

Update: DotA 6.77c is released!