New DotA Heo - Sun Wukong

Alright then! IceFrog has introduced yet another interesting hero! Don't forget to catch up.

Interesting Facts about Pudge's Hooks!

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Dota v6.79 Released!

The much awaited new map has now been released and Beta downloads are not avaliable after nearly 5 months of v6.78

Razor - Lighting Ravent's Ultimate Build guide

This is one of the most popular builds for razor out there.You better know this.

Dota2 is now Free!

Great news to all fellow gamers! Dota2 is now free and Ultra better than Dota!

Dota 6.78c Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.78c Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.78c Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.78c Complete Changelogs. DotA 6.78c is a minor patch which contains some nerf to popular heroes. Don't have the map yet? Check this page! If you already got it, check out the full changelogs below!

Dota 6.78c Changelogs

* Lifestealer: Rage cooldown increased from 15 to 17 seconds
* Batrider: Flamebreak cooldown increased from 11 to 14
* Guardian Wisp: Tether movement bonus decreased from 20% to 17%
* Treant Protector: Living Armor damage block instances from 7 to 4/5/6/7
* Alchemist: Chemical Rage bonus HP reduced from 300/600/900 to 250/500/750
* Gyrocopter: Gyrocopter attack range reduced from 375 to 365
* Team 2 now bans second instead of first in Ban Phase #2. (All other phases and orders are the same)
Ban Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/B/A]

Ban Phase #2: Changed [From Team B/A/B/A to Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #2: No Changes [Team B/A/B/A]

Ban Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]
Pick Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]

Enjoy the DotA 6.78c!

DotA 6.78c Map Download and Changelogs [Official]

IceFrog has rolled out yet another short update in form of DotA 6.78c. It is a small patch which brings no bug fixes but some balance/tweaks to heroes that are frequently picked in competitive gaming. Batrider, Wisp and Alchemist have received noticeable nerfs. Captains Mode banning criteria is also changed a bit, you can check map's changelog for more details. DotA 6.78c Map Download

Dota 6.78b 6v6 Map Download

dota 6.78b 6v6Dota 6.78b 6v6 which made by GodTony last week is the perfect way to enjoy the weekend if you have lots of friends playing DotA. This map is the expansion of the DotA 6.78b, which is the latest map from IceFrog that providing us with lots of new stuff and less bugs. And here you go, the latest 6v6 DotA map!

Dota 6.78b 6v6 Download Link
DotA_v6.78b_6v6.w3x via GameWebz
DotA_v6.78b_6v6.w3x via 6v6DotA

Enjoy the map guys, have a nice weekend!

Dota 6.78b Map - Official DotA 6.78b Download & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.78b Download - Official Dota 6.78b Map. As predicted, the huge changes that happens in the DotA 6.78 are followed by lots of bugs. Don't worry though, this is a normal routine in the DotA cycle. Which is why IceFrog already released another map to fix that bugs. And here we go, DotA 6.78b, the bug patch for the DotA 6.78! Check it out!

DotA 6.78b Changelogs
DotA 6.78b Changelogs

Dota 6.78b Download Link
Dota 6.78b Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Yeah! That Earth Spirit bug really annoying me.. Thanks IceFrog! Enjoy the map guys!

PS: For AI map updates, please check the DotA 6.78 AI page!

Update: DotA 6.78c released!

DotA 6.78b Map Download and Changelogs [Official]

DotA 6.78b map, the sub-version as well as the second map of v6.78 series is now officially released. The v6.78b fixes dozens of bugs that appeared in the previous patch. Now, players can no longer use exploit to control two heroes, Attacking allied ward with quelling blade has been fixed along with other miscellaneous bugs. You can download the stable DotA 6.78b map and read it's changelogs